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Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation

100% Polyester

Belt closure

Offset belt loops allow proper holster placement

Machine Wash

UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability

Men's Tactical Enduro Pants Reviews

I have 2 other pairs of the same pant that I bought in major stores and the ones I just received are made of a slightly different fabric. The previous ones were made in Indonesia, but these were made in Bangladesh. The material is louder and not quite as soft as the others. Side by side, there is a noticeable difference in feel and sound.If you were bow hunting, it might be an issue, but if just wearing around town, probably not. Like I said, it’s just not as soft as the Indonesia pair. However, the fit is about the same.

I own about 15 pair of Under Armour pants and this style is my favorite to date. They are very comfortable and move with you. The fabric is stretchy but not skinny jean stretchy (sorry Millennials). Yes, the knees have a pleat in them but I find that this adds to ones ease of movement. They look at home with a hoodie, at T-shirt or a button down shirt. The pockets are nice and high to conceal carry a flashlight and a pocket knife under an average length shirt. Great for those who conceal carry as well as the waist band has some give in it. I wear one size smaller in the waist and the inseam is spot on. Here’s my only complaint. The zipper. If it is not all the way up and covered by a belt it tends to open up. I still give them a five star review for fit, comfort and look. I own 4 pair and I they have become my every day go to.

I almost never review w/o wearing for awhile yet, but I just tried em on and I must say something…First of all… outside of a “Seam-Side-Zipper” there is nothing about these that said “Tactical”.However,The side pocket is large enough for an iPhone plus .. depending on your case.Not invisible but not obvious either.The pants do feel AMAZINGly light compared to jeans, and have some stretch to em.They feels like a really dutiable pair of golf pants or … almost dress slacks.They taper toward bottom, but not a lot.So if you’re one of these new age-fem-bots that’ wants to express your manliness by wearing supper skinny pants.. these aren’t it.The pockets are similar to Jean Pockets, again taking away from the “tactical” image… so if you like sticking hands in pockets… sorry.They feel like stretchy-chinos. Yes… that’s it.I got in Dark blue… and I will likely purchase another pair.

Been looking for a good working trousers and these were the best choice. Very stylish and fashionable, they are strong, comfortable and repels water. The only ”down side” is that I couldn’t find a 33W/34L model, just a 32W/34L, which is just a little tight on my waist, but no big deal and not a deal breaker. Other than that, very good quality trousers for work or everyday use.

Good value, comfortable work trousers. unfortunately the colour fades after a few washes