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Electric Grill – Black – 4 Servings

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EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Extra-Large Heating Elements provides consistent heating across the entire cooking plate for perfect grilling results.

CUSTOMIZABLE COOKING AND TRUE SEAR FUNCTION: 5 different temperature settings suit all types of meats including beef, chicken, fish and seafood. Powerful heating element goes as high as 455°F and offers 5 preset temperatures for all your cooking needs: Keep Warm, Low, Medium, High, and Sear.

DISHWASHER SAFE AND EASY-TO-CLEAN: disconnect the cord and put the whole unit into a dishwasher! Non-stick cooking plates, housing and stainless-steel drip tray are all dishwasher safe.

EASY-TO-STORE: Removable magnetic power cord for easy cleaning and easy storage.

SMOKE-LESS: Smoke-Shield Technology features newly designed non-stick cooking plates directing the grease and crumbs away from the heating plate into a removable drip tray.

T-fal TG403D52 Compact Smokeless Indoor Sear Capability Reviews

Been relying on this grill for a few months now, a few days ago it decided to stop for no reason, sausage button keeps blinking along with an annoying sound, basically it’s bricked.Tefals website is outdated and there’s no information about local centers, their support didn’t pickup the line after being on hold for an hour. Think about that before buyingUpdate 1/14/2017!!You will need something to use as a 1-1/2" spacer in the recalibration process. An oven mitt or hot pad, a rolled length of aluminum foil, or even a wooden spoon can serve as this spacer. The height of the spacer needs to be at least 1-1/2" and no more than 2" to properly align the plates:For model GC7021. Plug the unit in.2. Press and hold for the following buttons at the same time for 3 seconds: Burger + Fish + Manual and release the buttons.3. The Steak button will flash 3 times.4. Once the Steak button is solid, open the grill, place the spacer between the grill plates and close the lid.5. Press the Steak button once and let it go, it will flash 3 more times.6. Open the Grill and remove the spacer, then close the grill.7. Unplug the grill for 10 seconds.8. Plug the grill back in and it should operate correctly.If you have the OptiGrill with Ceramic Plates or the OptiGrill Plus – models GC704 & GC712 – please follow these additional instructions:1. Press and hold the following buttons at the same time Burger + Poultry + Manual until the unit beeps and shows the blue light.2. Open the lid.3. If the unit light turns red open the grill and insert the spacer, close the lid until the light goes off.4. Open grill and remove the spacer, close the grill and unplug for 10 seconds.5. Plug the grill back in and the unit will be reset.If in step 3 the light turns off, follow these additional steps:1. Insert spacer2. Close lid3. After 3 seconds the unit light will turn green then beep.4. Open lid, Light will turn red and the unit will beep.5. Remove the spacer and close the lid6. Press the power button 3 times, with each press the light will change from Yellow – Orange – Red.7. Unplug the unit for 10 seconds.8. Plug the grill back in and the unit will be reset.

Very lightweight and easy to clean. Heats fairly well