[15% OFF] Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds Headset/Headphones with AlexaVoice Control And Mic For Phone Call (As of 08/12/2021)


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24bit Audio signal processing delivers dramatically improved sound quality

Digital noise canceling: Industry leading anc lends a personalized, virtually soundproof experience. Phone call: A built-in mic enables you to take hands-free calls

Truly wireless design with uninterrupted L/R simultaneous Bluetooth transmission

Alexa enabled for voice access to music, information, and more. Activate with a simple touch

Smart listening by adaptive sound control automatically switches to ambient sound mode based on your activity

Easy and clear hands free calling; Leave your phone where it is, just speak with a double tap to the earbud

Battery life up to 24 hours with carrying case (with 10min quick charge for 90min of play time)

Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds Headset/Headphones with AlexaVoice Control And Mic For Phone Call Reviews

I’ve had these headphones in my possession for a couple days, and I have to say they live up to my expectations. I was looking at getting a WH-1000XM3 (the full-sized headphones) to use in my office, where I have both noisy neighbors and a loud HVAC system to deal with, but when I saw these come up for pre-order I thought they might work better for my use case (aka, not on an airplane).So far, here’s the pros:Battery life is directly on the mark with what’s advertised. I used it in my office with noise cancelling on, volume at mid-levels from 11-5 before the left earphone actually died. The right still had 20% – maybe using the touch controls for playback a lot causes quicker battery drain?Along with battery levels, charging from the case also seems on the mark. After the earbuds died, I threw them in the case and left for a quick walk. 20 minutes later, my right earbud went from 20%->100%, and the left from 0%->70%. Excellent imo, this more or less means I can just recharge my earbuds whenever I have a brief conversation with a coworker and never have to worry about the battery dying on me.Music quality is great. These sound excellent on the “Excited” EQ preset to me, and I rotate through all kinds of genres, from (electronic) hardcore, 80s city pop, 00’s nu and death metal, pop and R&B and rap.The noise cancelling – honestly, on a first wear, I was slightly disappointed. I had read the pre-release reviews about how great it was, but when I started to use it out the box, I could still hear people talking to me. Really, these won’t block out loud/direct conversations, but that doesn’t diminish their usefulness. It completely eliminates the fairly loud HVAC noise in my office, and makes mouse clicks/non-mechanical keyboard usage fade out. And that’s without music playing. Once you add music to the mix, these really do block out the world really effectively, even on low volumes. I actually had a coworker today try to get my attention for a minute, of which I noticed nothing, before they resorted to a loud knock on my desk, which I actually thought was a part of the ambient soundtrack I was listening to at first. Very impressed with the noise cancelling when combined with music, and even on its own with my tempered expectations. They’re not earplugs, but they’re pretty darn close.A quick note: Using full noise cancelling when walking outside results in some annoying wind noise, but there’s a preset called “wind noise” one step below full noise cancelling in the app that will completely kill that wind noise and still block other noises very well.Connectivity is great. No issues connecting it to my TV, computer, Android phone, or iPad. Protip: Hold the touch sensitive button on both ears for 7 seconds to enter pairing mode for connecting to a computer or non-Android/IOS device easily.The cons (aka, why I’m saying 4.5 stars):No wireless charging. It’s a shame with the bulky case, and would make things way more convenient.No volume controls/option for volume controls. Having to open use my device to change volume all the time is kind of more annoying than I originally thought it would be.No way to quickly change noise cancelling modes without the app.Those last two points are fairly understandable given the small(ish) size of the buds, but still would have been nice. The ambient pass-through mode does work perfectly once you enable it in the app though.Overall, I really like these things and I’m super satisfied with the risk I took ordering them before reviews came out. If you’re on the fence, I’d buy these. I’ll update this review in the future if I have any other complaints/issues, but I’m honestly really happy with these.EDIT 8-12-19: Two weeks have passed since I wrote this and I have a couple updates. One, you actually can quickly change the noise cancelling level by setting one of the touch controls to “ambient sound control” in the app. This lets you toggle between a couple different noise cancelling modes with a tap. I’ve also started to use the adaptive sound control option, which I’ve found to be pretty accurate and useful. I have mine set up so it’s in full noise cancelling when I’m sitting still, wind noise reduction when walking, ambient sound level 10 when running and full noise cancelling when on transportation. I’ve only really tested the first two options since I don’t run nor commute by public transit, but the app switches modes pretty quickly and it’s convenient when I decide to go for a quick walk while working.I’ve also noticed that every so often I do lose sync between sounds/video when connected to my tv, but it often fixes itself pretty quickly, or a pause-play will fix it as well. I haven’t noticed it on my phone, so it’s likely a mix of distance and the Bluetooth chipset on the TV.

I am convinced that these are the best earbuds that are on the market right now, with a couple of modifications. I have compared these against the Jabra Elites as well as Bose Soundsport Frees and these win hands down. I also have a large collection of over ear headphones, and the sound quality from these are easily on par, if not better. Here is a subjective list of pros/cons:Pros: sound quality, noise isolation, noise cancellation, passthrough quality, touch controls, battery/quick-chargingCons: stock tips/fit, microphone quality, lack of multipoint (NFC workaround)Sound Quality :First off, the sound quality is amazing on these, but you need to play around with the equalizer. I had the most success by setting the equalizer to “mellow” and then adjusting from there. The reason for this is because the treble and highs on these are fairly harsh out of the box. Music with loud vocals or high hats, etc. are EAR PIERCING without modification. Toning down the high ends significantly gives are more flat sound. The funny thing is that I found the opposite to be true for the WH-1000XM3s (headphone version of these earbuds). Another benefit is due to their isolation/noise canceling properties, you barely have to turn the volume above 50% to drown out ambient noise. This lends itself to much cleaner sounds and lower distortion.Noise Isolation/Cancellation:For the Sonys, I found the noise isolation to be significantly better than any other headphones that I have tried. They offer both silicone and soft foam tips out of the box, both of which successfully isolate outside noise. However, they didn’t offer the best fit, but I will touch on that later. As far as noise canceling goes, these are comparable, but not as foolproof as the over the ear version. Things like loud talking, water faucets, crickets chirping, are not drowned out as easily as other sounds. Things like fans, hums, etc. will disappear almost completely. What they lack in NC, they make up for in noise isolation. A dash of increased volume helps drown out any other noises.Passthrough Quality:Compared to the Jabra Elites, the passthrough quality is far superior. By default, the left earbud controls ambient/noise cancelling controls, and a long press and hold on the left earbud allows passthrough of outside sounds. The sound quality is very natural, with almost no hiss or hum. The Jabras on the other hand sound like an old tape deck with lots of hiss in the background and had a much sharper tone.Battery/Quick-Charging:Any reasonable person will have no issue with battery on these. I have worn them for multiple hours at a time and the battery has not even dipped below 70%. Toss them in the case for a quick charge and you are back on the go.Touch Controls:I am a huge fan of touch controls as they don’t involve you pushing the earbuds any further into your ears, which I don’t find that comfortable to begin with, coming from the comfort of Bose “stayhear” tips. The left earbud cycles through ambient/noise cancelling modes and also allows for passthrough. The right earbud handles play, pause, skip/previous track. For phone calls, it’s two double taps to answer, and two double taps to end. To enter pairing mode for a second device, press the touch sensors on both the left and right units for about 7 seconds. You can swap the controls among the earbuds as well as change it to google assistant or no effect. The only thing missing here is volume control. I get around this on my Apple Watch so it’s not a huge deal breaker for me.Fit:I have never been that big of a fan of earbuds, but had success in the past with Bose due to their “stayhear” wing tips. Unfortunately, you can’t put similar tips on these as they would no longer fit in the charging case. That being said, the Bose tips don’t offer much noise isolation. I have small ear canals and even with the smallest tips, these would eventually fall out after light jostling, chewing, walking, etc. To get around this, I bought some Comply tips that also fit the Sony WF-1000x (Comply TrueGrip Pro Memory Foam Earphone Tips for Jabra Elite Sport, Master & Dynamic MW07, RHA TrueConnect, Sony WF-1000x, Sony WF-SP700N – Secure Fit Tips with SweatGuard) and now these are fantastic! They have a great fit and won’t fall out. I can barely hear myself typing at my computer with the volume hovering around 50-60%.Microphone Quality:For calls, the incoming audio is great, but I have had many people tell me that I sound robotic or static-y. I’ve had others tell me that I sound fine. It seems to vary based on the environment, but I am still testing. On the plus side, call sound comes out of both earbuds to give you stereo sound, something that the Bose Soundsport Frees do not offer.Update 5/2020: Sony pushed a firmware update that had significantly improved call quality according to others I’ve talked to while using the earbuds. No longer having issues with static sounds or robotic sounds.Lack of Multipoint (NFC workaround):Coming from Bose, the lack of multipoint was my biggest gripe. If you don’t know what multipoint is, it allows you to not only pair to multiple devices, but to also connect to multiple devices (usually two) at the same time. You can play music from one source, say your phone, and then you can start playing music from another source, maybe your laptop, and the transition is seamless. You don’t have to disconnect/connect to switch audio sources. This is not true for the Sonys. On the bright side you do have a couple of options.If you have an Android phone, you can hot swap by tapping the NFC logo on the earbud case. From Sony (on Android)”If you touch an NFC-compatible smartphone to the charging case while the headset is connected to another Bluetooth device, you can switch the connection to the smartphone (One-touch connection switching). However, the connection cannot be switched when talking on a headset connected to a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone.When an NFC-compatible smartphone is connected to the headset, if the smartphone is touched by another NFC-compatible Bluetooth device (headset or speaker), the smartphone is disconnected from the headset and connected to the Bluetooth device.”If you have an iPhone, you can setup a shortcut that will easily get you to your bluetooth menu when you tap the case and then you are just one tap away. The shortcut is as follows: When NFC tag detected > URL – prefs:root=Bluetooth > Safari – Open URL.Using these approaches in tandem with the earbuds being hot swappable means that you do not have to disconnect/reconnect each time, as long as you have previously been paired with that device. You also get audio alerts saying “bluetooth disconnected, bluetooth connected” although it would be nice if it told you which device was being disconnected/connected on the audio prompt.Please rate this review as HELPFUL if you found any of the information of use!!

Honestly guys if you want to go for premium, take airpod pro. If you want a set of decent pods, go for Jabra 75T but this pair of sony leaves you nowhere.Why shouldn’t you buy it?Size of the case- It is huge, the main reason you use pods instead of headphones because they are convenient to carry. This case does not go into your pocket or even if it does, takes a large space.Call quality- The natural bass is so high that even if you have slight disturbance of network quality or call quality, you will get a hazing and irritating sound. This piece if very good for music but not good for calls at all.No IP rating- In Indian condition we will sweat a lot, having no IP rating can be dangerous – especially if it starts drizzling or effect of sweat.Does not fit into your ear- The size of the pods is huge, it is not convenient for running or exercise.Summary- If you are listening to music and you are a huge fan of Sony sound, calls are not important for you or you are not using this primarily during exercise- Go for it.If you are looking for a multipurpose pod with good for calls, exercise companion, value for money- this is not your choice.At this price point- airpod pro is 10 times better, JABRA 75 T is much cheaper and does a decent job as well.

Very Premium Design, Comfortable Fit, Can use for running or gymAmazing and Crystal Clear Sound Quality.With the software update sony has really improved the bass and max volume levels. Great Job. Now the sound is truly premium.Noise Cancelling is just top notch in its class. Keep in mind you can’t compare it with the over the ear headphones WH-1000XM3. But as per the earbuds are considered it has best noise cancelling. You will definitely feel the difference.Many sound and control customisations options available through Sony headphones connect app.One of the best products from sonyCall quality is awesomeCan control volume using earbudsUpdate:After sony gave an update the performance increased significantly but the battery is worst it cannot last even 2-3 hrs with noise cancelling on and just watching movie or so with 50% of them replaced but still prob persists

I own several pairs of really high-end (and expensive) headphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs), but have been unable to carry them with me when moving around due to size and weight (and the fear of damage of loss). Since I tried the original Air Pods I have been looking for wireless IEMs that give me the audio quality I want on the move, with the comfort I need for hours-long listening, and noise cancellation for office hums and buzzes or train noise. I have about a half dozen wireless earphones I have tried and disliked for one reason or another in my closet, but now I have tried these Sony WF-1000XM3s I am a happy boy!The Sony earpods are available in two colours that I am aware of; I bought the silver because it didn’t look as obvious as the black (your mileage may vary). They come with a charging carry packet that charges with the supplied USB-C cable, a set of six ear pads (plus the two already on the earbuds), and some documentation. It’s a nicely packaged product, and after downloading the free app from the Apple Store, I started in listening. The earbuds twist in for a tighter fit, and I had to downsize them after a week’s first listening to get a better seal, but the supplied ear tips are soft and easy to swap. Gestures on the earbuds control functions, which take all of about five minutes to get comfortable with.There’s two aspects to these Sony earbuds that stand out for me: audio quality and noise reduction. The noise reduction is controllable and quite effective, as long as the seal on the ear pads is tight (otherwise noise leaks in, obviously). As to the audio quality, when commuting or at the office I do most of my listening from satellite radio, or from lossless FLAC files on my iPhone. Of course, the lossy streaming of satellite radio is not where near the quality of the FLAC files, but both sound really good on the Sony earbuds. I compared the Sonys to some of my expensive IEMs in my living room, and there, critically listening, the Sony is simply not as good as the IEMs I tried, but keeping in mind the IEMs cost ten times the price of the Sony earbuds, there’s nothing embarrassing about that. I also compared these Sonys to my older Apple Air Pod, and like the Sony audio quality much, much more. I have yet to try the latest generation of Air Pods, so can’t speak about them in comparison, but now I won’t be buying the Air Pods at all!I am really happy and pleased with these Sony earbuds. They are not cheap, bvut they are not expensive either (compared to some IEMs on the market). I use these Sonys almost every day and am delighted with the sound and the battery life. Definately recommended.Follow-up: I have now compared these Sonys to the new Air Pod and the Sony wins in terms of sound quality by a considerable margin. Also, to answer peoples questions about fit, the interchangeable tips should allow you to customize the fit for your needs. I end up using a different size tip in each ear for a perfect fit and to hold them in place when exercising. I still love these Sonys, and use them far more than my ten-times-the-price IEMs.