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Programmable LCD digital display with delay baking timer 15-hour delay timer & automatic keep Warm (max 1 hours) You can eat fresh bread the next morning because it can make Reservation for up to 15Hr in advance with 60 minutes of warm-keeping

Electricity disconnection memory & diagnostic error code system if the appliance malfunctions the corresponding error code will appear in the LCD readout display The unit will resume working if power is restored within 15 minutes of power loss After reconnecting electricity The timer will resume counting down

Features an add-in ingredient reminder and a convenient view window The bread maker will “beep” to remind you to add final ingredients such as nuts and fruit during the working cycle Just open the lid and add the ingredients into the bread pan The handy viewing window allows the baking process to be observed at all times The non-stick bread pan is dishwasher safe

Maximum capacity of 2 2 pounds select your loaf size (1 1lb 1 7lb or 2 2lb) and choose from light medium or dark crust setting This is your bread maker/machine recipe

Developed with nutrition exclusive custom mode 19 preset menu settings & 3 loaf sizes & 3 crust Colors for making a variety of breads pizza dough cakes yogurt and jams Now you can create gluten free cake

Secura Bread Maker Machine 2.2lb Stainless Steel Toaster Makers 650W Multi-Use Programmable 19 Menu Settings for Home Bakery Silver Reviews

Update:This machine was a lifesaver in 2020. We went from making dough/bread once a week to 2-3x per week with occasional 2x daily depending on need. It continues to produce excellent results. I am amazed by the consistency and durability. We have had no problems with paddles or temperature. 😎👍Love this machine. I am a lifelong baker seeking a quick solution for the days I don’t want to bake or clean up the mess. I’ve never been a fan of bread machines until now.I waited until I had baked at least 2 dozen loaves of bread and made pizza dough at least 6 times before reviewing this product. The machine is excellent when making different sizes and types of bread especially my versions of various multigrain breads.Regardless of the recipe everything exceeded expectations when rising, air pockets were consistent in size, baking cycles were well timed and mixing/adding ingredients was a breeze. Clean up took only a few moments. The mixing fin/paddle has not gotten stuck in the loaf nor is it difficult to release from pan after baking. Dough making is a breeze and I no longer need to proof the yeast.I intend to purchase one for my daughter at the end of the school term because she can opt to multitask if she desires. I love being able to walk away while the machine works.Low price point and multiple features makes this a great start for anyone seeking homemade bread. I look forward to making a fruit jam later this month.P.S. I lost my operation manual. Customer service was prompt to respond and sent me a file to download containing the manual. The factory is in Wisconsin if made in the USA is important to you.

Everything is great so far.I would suggest that Manufacturers use the English measurement in the instructions. Converting some of the ingredients can be somewhat confusing.

9/12/19 UpdateIt’s close enough to the 9 month mark that I thought I’d give a quick update. It’s still going strong and is a really nice bread machine.I use the soft bread cycle the most. Although, I think I actually prefer the french bread cycle because the crumb actually comes out a little softer than the soft cycle. Go figure lol. Adding gluten to the recipes also helps with a softer and stretchier crumb. And no, it’s not going to make the same types of loaves you get from making bread by hand. But for a machine it does a really good job. I still highly recommend it.Original ReviewI decided to review this product, because at the time of writing this, it only has two reviews. I took a chance on buying it because of the price and settings it offers. I’ve had a cheap Magic Chef since the early 2000’s that’s still going strong, but it lacks the ability to customize, only takes 1.5 lb loaves, and I’ve never liked how every cycle overbakes the crust.This unit is stainless steel with a plastic shell on the lid. It looks very nice. The display glows blue when pressing buttons. It turns off quickly, but pressing the menu button lights it up again. The display will show the time for each cycle as well as each step of the baking process it’s in. It’s sturdy enough to not walk while kneading dough.As for how it functions, time will tell if the machine is durable. So far it makes better loaves than my Magic Chef. I’m really glad I purchased it. It’s way cheaper than similar machines sold on Amazon and works great. As I try out the cycles I’ll update this review.As for the pictures, the white loaf is the quick bread cycle using all purpose flour. The brown loaf is the multigrain cycle (recipe below).The manual lacks information and clear instructions. Below is an explanation for each cycle.Soft BreadThis is your basic white bread cycle. It’s the one you’ll use for most recipes that call for white bread flour.Sweet BreadThis is for breads high in sugar or fat that will burn if baked at a higher temperature.Natural SourdoughThis is for recipes containing sourdough.French BreadIt lacks a separate European bread cycle, so this one can probably be used for all European type breads.Whole WheatThis is for breads with a high whole wheat content.Quick BreadDeceiving name. This is actually the rapid/express bake cycle. The settings and times as it counts backward are, stir1: 3, stir2: , ferment3: 1:18, bake: 50, keep warm: 30. This makes a decent semi quick loaf. I actually recommend activating the yeast first for this cycle. Just mix the sugar & water a recipe calls for, pour it into the pan, add yeast and stir again. Let it sit for 10 minutes. The yeast should have bubbled and expanded. Pour in the rest of the ingredients, with salt going in last, and start the cycle.Sugar FreeThis is for breads that use sweeteners like sucralose, xylitol, stevia, etc.MultigrainThis is for breads that are made with multiple types of whole grain cereals. This can be actual flour such as rye, or cereal grains normally eaten as hot cereals (oats, quinoa, etc).This recipe makes a delicious loaf of multigrain bread. It’s good with butter, peanut butter & jelly, sandwich meat, etc.1 1/2 c water1/4 c honey2 1/2 tsp yeast2 tbs oil1 1/2 c bread flour1 1/2 c whole wheat flour1 c 5, 7, or 10 grain cereal1tbs + 1tsp vital wheat gluten1 1/2 tsp saltIf using instant yeast, add the wet ingredients, dry ingredients, and yeast last. If using regular yeast, measure out the water, stir in the honey, then yeast. While it’s bubbling, measure out all the other ingredients. Pour the water mixture into the pan followed by the oil and dry ingredients. Select multigrain, 2lb loaf, light crust.Gluten-freeFor breads made with gluten free mixes that contain ingredients such as corn & potatoes, and lack gluten.Buttermilk BreadFor breads that contain buttermilk.Bread Dough & Pizza DoughBread dough has an extremely short cycle of 23 minutes. Pizza dough will go through the entire 1 hour and 25 minute process since it’s not going to have another rise once it’s taken out.Pasta DoughThis is a default 23 minute stir cycle. The ‘Knead’ button on the machine’s interface goes directly to this menu setting. The time can be adjusted up & down in 1-minute increments.Leaven DoughThis one is perplexing. Bread and pizza dough are leaven doughs, so why the need for another one? The manual says the time is 1 hour and 24 minutes. I don’t understand the point of another separately named setting that does the same thing as Pizza Dough.CakeCake is for wheat batters containing baking powder and/or baking soda. This can be actual cake or quick breads like banana.JamI tried the jam cycle using mashed strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, and pectin. It came out more like syrup, but it was my first time and I probably didn’t use enough pectin. It cooked the strawberries down and tastes amazing. I highly recommend giving this a try.YogurtFor yogurt.BakeThe manual says this is for premade dough. The increments are 10 minutes up to 1 hour and 10 minutes.Custom ModeThis allows you to set times for each default step. The steps to program are stir 1, rest, stir 2, ferment 1, 2, & 3, bake, keep warm, reservation.I tweaked the quick bread cycle slightly to have a shorter bake time, stir1: 3, rest: 0, stir2: 10, ferment3: 22, bake: 40.The recipes in the manual probably aren’t worth trying. The pizza dough recipe calls for sugar the same as the bread dough recipe. Real pizza doughs don’t have sugar. If they can’t even get a pizza dough recipe right, I don’t trust any of them. The recipes are also in grams, so without a food scale, they’re best ignored.

Bought this to replace a Cuisinart breadmaker (the CBK200), that I was very pleased with. This Secura machine is even better. I like the way the bread pan locks into the oven; much more robust than in the cuisenart. Wish this machine didn’t use quite so much pot metal, but I’ll see how it fairs. If there’s any trouble on that front, I’ll let you know.

I’m very happy with this bread machine. I haven’t had any difficulties, and it’s pretty straightforward on use. You do have to make sure your ingredients are correct on the measurement without much deviation, because if it’s too wet or to dry it will not mix properly. Occasionally I do have to do a little bit of hand kneading during the 1st rest cycle to make sure it’s mixing properly (pause it), but it hasn’t been too much trouble. I suspect any bread maker of this type would be the same.The only thing I would warn anyone purchasing it about is the writing on the top that gives you a list of codes for the bread type WILL wash off. Just from lightly wiping it down, mine is disappearing. Snap a photo of it, write it down, something… I think it’s in the book as well, so don’t lose that.

I really like this bread machine. It seems for me, that using bread flour is the best way to get a great loaf of bread. It took a little time to figure out how to get a great loaf since it was not like my old machine. I wish the machine came with a better recipe book.

My first bread machine. I did the research and this is as good as I expected. Sturdy construction and easy to use controls. The pan cleans easy and the finished loaf slides out easily.

This is my 3rd machine. I use mostly to make pasta dough Nd bread dough. It’s amazingly. Everything is perfect. It’s light, easy to use and very consistent. Bread pan does make a nice loaf. One thing I love is that you can put all ingredients together in bread pan THEN put pan in baker unit. Less messy!!!

This is my first bread maker whch I bought Sept 6.2020, it was a good price and a nice looking machine , I make bread once a week I put the machine on and go about other house work I have to do or sit down and watch my program s on TV , when supper time come s there is a fresh loaf of bread , the bread maker comes in so handy now that it s winter and can’t get out to the store , I made jam in the bread maker in the fall and pleased the way it turned out I have 4 type s of jam , also pleased with the pizza dough and the short time it takes to make it , In all I have to say buying this bread maker was a wise choice and good thinking on my part.

This is an al round good machine Bread is done to perfection. Loaf is easy to get out of pan. Wipe out and ready for the next loaf. Would certainly recommend this item.