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256 GB – Mystic Black

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SYNC AND SEND FROM ANY SPACE: Sync up multiple devices and double down on your to-dos with Galaxy Tab S7|S7+ WiFi. Use it as a hotspot, add a second wireless screen for your PC and create share-ready content all at once. Easily sync and share with compatible Samsung devices.

REDESIGNED S PEN INCLUDED: With improved 9ms pen latency, the redesigned S Pen can control presentations, take notes and mark up papers effortlessly.

ENTERTAINMENT, UPGRADED: Experience cinematic viewing in your hands with larger edge-to-edge displays, TFT LCD screen and quad speakers tuned by AKG with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

CHANGE THE WAY YOU GAME: Bring console gaming to anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available with an immersive screen and Bluetooth-enabled controller.

CAPTURE AND CONNECT: Stunning brightness and clarity with the wide 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual back, and 8MP front-facing cameras.

PC PERFORMANCE. TABLET PORTABILITY: Transform your tablet into a PC experience with DeX mode and the optional keyboard¹ with expanded trackpad.

CHARGE FAST. POWER FOR HOURS: Go for hours on a single charge, and back to 100% with the fast-charging USB-C port. CAPTURE AND CONNECT: Stunning brightness and clarity with the wide 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual back, and 8MP front-facing cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi Reviews

I’m a firm believer that portable devices should be just that…portable. I don’t need a gigantic cell phone or a laptop that requires its own walker. I like devices that are lightweight and easy to manipulate. The Samsung Galaxy S7 pushes the limits of what a portable device should be. The processor is fast the screen is sharp and bright but my fingers can barely reach all the keys on the keypad and that’s with the thing in portrait mode. I’ve come dangerously close to dropping it a few times while trying to type. When it comes to tablets, I think eight inches is just about enough (Am I right ladies?).

EDITED.I will be selling my ipad pro 12.9. what’s to say, gorgeous screen, very very fast, pen is great, beautiful design, expanded storage , 256 version has 8gb of ram, speakers sound much better than ipad.My use is music, lots of sketching in concepts app, reddit, basic surfing.Been using it for a while now no real complaints. Will update if that changes.Edit: month ish in- daily use for writing, youtube etc.. has been fantastic!! My only complaint is that some android apps have not caught up to the power of it. Regardless. Concepts app is fantastic, google keep etc.. still very much into it. WRITING is better on this tablet over the ipad. the pen has a rubber tip that makes a massive difference. I use the tab for 80% drawing/notes. I know the CPU is a bit slower than the ipad pro but it is very much quicker over the ipad pro in everyday tasks.

I’ve had Android tablets since Honeycomb and back then (2011), it was a very marginal experience at best. Things are so much better these days and Samsung is really doing a great job at continuing to improve the experience.This tablet is peppy and premium, with a great screen and terrific 4-speaker audio system. I also bought the Samsung keyboard/touchpad cover and I HIGHLY recommend anyone to do the same. Sure, there are plenty of less expensive keyboard cases out there, but this one is just perfect and integrates so fluidly.My primary use case is to have something small and lightweight to take to business meetings, where I can connect an HDMI dongle to the conference room TV/projector, turn on DeX, and basically have a fully functional laptop/desktop mode (as shown in review photo). I use TeamViewer to remote connect to my primary work computer (with all of the horsepower, but waaaay too heavy/cumbersome to lug around) when I need to demo some software that is still in development.Side note about TeamViewer if you’re using the touchpad built into the Samsung keyboard cover: The touchpad supports a full press/click (beyond a finger tap). When you’re remoting to another computer, you need to perform the full click press to send a left click to the remote PC. However, this was an unexpected surprise as this means I can easily click and drag!Outside of my specific usage, this tablet is just great and I cannot think of anything to complain about. Everything works as expected, the sound is superb as is the screen. The S Pen is very nice, though it’s not something I will use very much, it’s still nice to have – and with the Samsung case, it keeps it nicely secured and always charged.

Feel asleep working a while ago and ended up kickng my laptop off the bed. While it didn’t suggestion much damage I learned to leave the laptop in the office and figured it’ll be best to get a tablet. Did research on the surface line, ipad pro, tab s7. This is by far the cheapest because it comes with the pen. It’s seriously impressive. The screen is gorgeous and responsive and it’s the perfect size. I chose this over the plus because I absolutely hate the in display fingerprint readers as they’re a hit or miss.The design is attractive; I got the bronze and it’s really beautiful.Sound is punchy and quality is amazing.I wish the screen could get a hit dimmer at night though.Now for the pen. This thing is a huge productivity booster. I’m trying to move my laptop practice away from paper particularly in the digital court and so need something primarily for note taking on PDFs and this is perfect for the job particularly when used with the native notes application.Likes. Portable, versatile, cheap, amazing s-pen is bundled, battery life is good atm, DEX.As for the complaints. I could never justify $200 for a plastic keyboard that attaches magnetically and doesn’t protect from drops but I like staying in a particular ecosystem so that was a bummer. The white screen has a yellow tone when viewed at an angle. Black isn’t very black but then again this isn’t AMOLED. No headphone jack and no adapter included in box.Overall. Excellent display, attractive design, perfect work from home device, excellent media consumption and reading device, fast.BEWARE: the pen is not properly constructed. My nib broke within a few weeks so that I had to purchase replacement nibs. You’re likely to run into the same issue so if the main purpose is to take notes during meetings I suggest you invest in another brand as Samsung does not include replacement nibs and tool.