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2-lb. Loaf Capacity – White/Ivory – 2 lb

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Large LCD display and intuitive button controls for easy operation, 40 inch cord length

13 hour programmable baking timer for fresh bread anytime

650 watts oster bread maker with upto a 2.0 pound loaf capacity is ideal for larger families

12 bread settings and 3 crust settings for making a variety of breads, dough, and jams

Expressbake setting bakes bread in under an hour

Oster Expressbake Breadmaker Reviews

In this review I will compare Oster CKSTBRW20 and Zojirushi BB-PAC20.Background:For the last six months I have been making various type of breads using my Oster bread maker.Since getting a bread machine I have stopped buying bread.I use the machine every 2-3 days to make 1.5 loaf to my family. Bakes such as bagel`s for example require me to take the dough out, shape it and etc.In my opinion to much work and therefore I have not used the machine for these bake goods and I purchase those.The recipes I used are turnkey where I put all ingredients in the machine and press a button. Any recipes which require additional steps (with exception to sourdough are not my forte)So far I had excellent results, however I was tempting to see if there is added value in a “better” machine which should produce better results.Two key things which were of interest for in in the Zoj were;1. Preheat of ingredients prior for mixinga. In many cases I make breads which require milk and/or eggs. These I keep in the fridge and when added they are COLD. When using my Oster I would add a 30 min extra to timer to allow ingredients to come to room temp , however in many cases they are still cooler than they should2. Long shapea. It is a pain in the A## to cut the bread Oster produce. The shape does not allow for easy to produce and consume sandwich slices. In addition it is hard to find a decent bread box which will fit the 1.5 loaf let alone 2lb loaf. When making soft fluffy loafs this is becoming a real issue.Today I got the new BB-PAC20 and my initial impression compare to Oster:• Zoj is heavier then Oster• Zoj is twice and take twice the counter space as Oster• Due to size of Zoj it is there to say where Oster can be stored and be used when and as needed.• Zoj stops when lid is opened, which can be bothersome (my kid like to watch the bread getting mixed)• Zoj seems to be better constructed.• Zoj does not shift on counter when mixing due to its weight (My Oster already crushed to the floor once which required me to take it apart and put all the buttons and display back where they should be)• Zoj have much better handles the Oster ( I removed the handle from my Oster , as in some cases high raise breads will “stick” to the handle and will challenge the loaf removal as the bread will stick to handle )• Zoj looks “better” as its stainless and black finish vs white (which look dated).Baking;I took a basic sweet bread (with egg`s) recipe and prepared the same recipe side by side on both units.For both recipes I used same ingredients and same measurement cups, all in all beside the machine all other parameters are identical.This test would allow me to test and see if there is added value for the high premium of the Zoj ($200 more the Oster) and see if the money and counter space are well spent here.** See pictures for difference between Zoj and Oster during mixing and baking, as well for product produced **This test is for BASIC functionality and used basic cycle with medium crust settings.Results:Crust – Both units were set to medium. Zoj product a thicker darker crust. Zoj crust is more consistent where Oster has lighter top then its sides.Shape – As expected Zoj products longer and “lower” loaf which is easier to cut. Zoj loaf had two “bumps” due to its design of two mixing blades.Texture – Zoj have more consistent texture where air “bubbles” are spread more evenly. Blades leave smaller hole in bread due to lower profile .Taste – better “crunch” in Zoj , beside this both taste same to me.My $0.02 :If you children like bread with no crust Oster might be better, where if you like thicker crust with more crunch Zoj would be better.If you intend to keep the bread machine on your counter Zoj will be more appealing due to design and color. If you plan to keep it in cabinet Oster is a better choice due to size and weight.Zoj product a better product but by a very small margin, is it worth the extra $200 is all depend on the value of $200 to you.If I will keep Zoj it will only be due to the loaf size and shape, all other to me is relative equal.

This is basically a very good little machine; BUT, if you do happen to get a defective machine that lasts past the Amazon return date (30 days) and have a problem Jardin, the parent company will basically do NOTHING for you. I bought my SECOND, identical bread maker to replace an older unit that had served well for a couple of years but had finally failed, on June 11, 2017. The new unit failed yesterday, November 9. About 10 minutes into the mixing cycle, the machine stopped, beeped continuously and displayed Error code EEE, temperature sensing circuit failure.I called Jardine on their 800 number and after some troubleshooting, was told that the problem was that the room temperature was too high and that this caused the error. We re-set the error code by holding down the on/off button; something that I had already tried unsuccessfully when the unit initially failed. Because I felt the problem was intermittent failure and not room temperature (at the time 70 degrees on sunny fall, California day), I asked them to replace the machine because the problem was obviously intermittent and the machine was only five months old. I was politely told no.

I use this on average once a week. It replaces an old Oster which was over 10 years old, which I took as a recommendation for the brand. It is clearly more cheaply made that the old one – lighter overall and with a much thinner pan, and the kneading motor really sounds like it’s straining (but it does the job OK). I bake a couple of different but basic loaves – one with raisins added during the rise cycle. I am very pleased with the results.Note: for the bread with raisins, I add them gradually immediately the second mix/knead starts, and do not wait another 5+ minutes for the beeps; I found that they did not mix into the dough very well when I waited for the beeps, and they do not get mashed up due to me adding them sooner.However, after only a few months the paddle lost its non-stick quality. Originally it just slipped out of the loaf when removing the loaf from the pan or came out very easily if it stayed in the loaf. Now (6 months old) it just seems to have almost no non-stick quality at all – see pictures. It does not appear to have lost its surface coating. It has never been scoured or mistreated – only washed with a sponge, as recommended. The same problem also applies to the studs at the bottom of the pan, although this is not really any problem from a bread removal or usability viewpoint.UPDATE: Customer service is first class; everything replaced with no question. I’ve up-rated the product to 5 stars on the assumption that I had a 1-off issue, and will revise again in future if the problem recurs.

J’ai dû changer ma machine a pain (black and decker 2200) que j’ai eu pendant plusieurs années parce qu’elle avait brisé. Attention, mon ancienne machine à pain, je l’aimais beaucoup et elle a duré plusieurs années à être utilisée régulièrement (2-3 pains par semaine). Je voulais avoir la même machine mais elle n’était pas disponible. Alors j’ai décidé, à contre coeur, de choisir cette machine (Oster) parce qu’elle avait d’excellent reviews. OMG, je suis réellement contente de mon choix!!! La Oster est beaucoup plus supérieur que mon ancienne. Mon ancienne faisait du bon bain mais le pain de la Oster est beaucoup BEAUCOUP plus moelleux (note que je fais la même recette). J’ai découvert que cela était dû au fait qu’elle faisait un meilleur pétrissage que mon ancienne. Je recommence fortement cette machine. Je viens de l’acheter (J’ai fais environ 10 pains à date) maintenant, espérons qu’elle durera plusieurs années aussi.Décembre 2019 : Après 6 mois d’utilisation régulière, c’est une histoire d’amour qui continue. J’adore ma machine à pain et je la recommande à tous fortement!3 Novembre 2020 : Ma machine vient de briser 🙁 Je suis triste car elle faisait un excellent pain.Pour ceux qui voudrait plus de détail : Peu de temps après l’achat, le “basket” ou contenant pour retirer le pain (lorsqu’il était prêt) à commencé à être très difficile à enlever, et avec le temps, c’était impossible de l’enlever de la machine. Ensuite, plus le temps passait, plus ma machine était bruyante et je me doutais que les “crochets” qui faisait tourner et pétrir le pain avait de la difficulté à tourner. (Je parle des 2 “crochets” sous le “basket” et attachés directement à la machine à pain et qui servent à faire tourner la pièce dans le “basket” pour faire pétrir le pain). Et bien, aujourd’hui, un des deux crochets vient de briser! Il a carrément fendu! Présentement, ma machine tourne encore, mais maintenant avec un seul crochet, donc cela demande plus de force sur le crochet et je m’attend à ce qu’il brise d’un moment à l’autre.Pour donner une idée de l’utilisation, je dois faire environ 6 ou 8 pain par mois.Donc mon opinion sur cette machine : Elle fait un excellent pain, mais la qualité de la machine (les pièces) est vraiment minable.

The size is just perfect, very compact. The features are basic but all that anyone should ever need when baking bread. I’m a former owner of a $300 bread machine and I’ve discovered that this much cheaper one does the exact same job without extra features I NEVER used anyway. Best bang for you buck right here people.

Works great. I wanted a small machine so this is perfect. This is my 4th bread machine so I am experienced using a bread machine. Have had it about a month now and had no trouble making bread or dough. I find it quiet compared to our last machine. Amazing quick cycle, bread in an hour. It is quite compact and the small loaves are perfect for the 2 of us.