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Made in US

Plastic frame

Plastic lens


– closure

Grilamid Frames,Polycarbonate

UV Protection Coating coating

Men's Oo9102 Holbrook Polarized Square Sunglasses Reviews

My husband bought a pair of these a couple years ago (red and black polarized) and he LOVED them! Unfortunately his car was stolen recently and the glasses were in them. He liked them so much that he bought the same pair again, this time in blue and they’re still just as great as before. This is a nice departure from Oakley’s usual look. These are very understated but cool and my husband has a wide head and is sensitive to sunglasses pinching his noggin. These don’t pinch at all and he says they’re super comfortable. I think they look great and they’re is favorite sunglasses. Worth the price to get a really good pair.

First, I apologize for the length of this review but I just have to explain how incredible these glasses are and why. I bought the Holbrook Ruby Prizm Polarized and the very second I put them on my entire world changed. I have been totally and completely color blind my entire life and the only colors I have ever been able to identify are bright yellow and bright orange. All other dark colors are simply deeper or lighter shades of black or dark blue, or dark green or dark brown. They’re all the same to me. Pastels are nothing more than lighter shades of the above colors. Traffic lights are the same color to me except that I know that green is a lighter shade than red. A few years ago my wife and I drove over 90 miles to get to a glasses shop which claimed to sell sunglasses that permitted color blind people like me to distinguish different colors from one another. They cost almost $1,000 and after trying then for 30 or so minutes they did absolutely nothing so we drove home.All the above said the moment I put on these Oakley’s. it was as though the entire world came to life. I still had no idea what colors I was seeing but I was seeing a huge variety of colors that I had never before seen in my life With my wife’s help identifying what colors I was seeing I could see different colors rather than darker and lighter shades of blacks, browns, greens and browns. I could tell the differences between pastel colors even though I had no idea what colors they were as I had never seen them before. I am NOT saying these sunglasses in anyway cure color blindness. But I am stating emphatically that the Prizm lenses are no marketing ploy. I am stating that they bring a world of crystal clear colors in a wide spectrum. I love them so much I ordered another pair of custom made glasses from Oakley direct this very morning but this time with light grey Prizm, polarized lenses Are these glasses worth the price? TEN TIMES over and it’s not possible for me to rate them high enough.

Lightweight sunglasses. But instead of a case, I got a sack. Seriously? You couldn’t spring for a real case?

There are many things that I like about the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses. They are built remarkably well in the United States. The polarized chrome iridium lenses are amazing. I didn’t know if I would like the lighter colored leases, but they are just as good as the black iridium lenses that I normally buy. The dark ink fade frames are very sharp looking, and they are lightweight and comfortable. They are absolutely perfect! I will admit that I was nervous after reading some reviews on Amazon. I made sure to buy directly from Amazon and not a third party vendor. The pair I purchase are real Oakleys. This is actually the fourth pair of Oakley sunglasses that I’ve purchase from Amazon, and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. Genuine Oakley sunglasses are well built and are worth what you pay for them. I know I will get many years of use out of them.

Very nice sunglasses…very lightweight and they are definitely genuine oakleys…i like how they are putting the USA on the earpiece so you know you are not getting some China Rip off! When buying these sunglasses i would never buy from any seller other than Amazon because i simply do not trust other sellers because of past issues of not being “Authentic”. This is a big deal to me cheap lenses give me enormous headaches and I drive alot in my line of work…these Polarized sunglasses take away most of the road glare and make a bright day very easy on your eyes…also I love the Holbrook style it fits my face well. 5 stars!!!!!

I’ve used Oakley’s for years and was super excited to try the new Prizm lenses. I love the frame, lightweight, covers my eyes well, looks good, and not too tight. Some past models usually hurt behind my ears after awhile not these. Second, I was blown away by the Prizm lenses. While taking them off and on all the bright areas around me are darkened and colors seem to pop!! It’s pretty remarkable. I tried to show thru my phone camera what I mean. It’s so cool to see the asphalt darkened but the greens of grass still. I LOVE these!!

My original Oakley sunglasses purchase was handled by Black Flag Outfitters, and they have excellent customer service.BEWARE: Oakley Chrome iridium polarized lenses have to be stored in a hard case with soft lining. Oakley recommends storing them in the soft material pouch that comes with the glasses. That’s not enough. These lenses are delicate and are very easily scratched, even when stored in the pouch. On a recent long drive, I removed my glasses, placed them in the pouch and put them in my cars’ cupholder. Several hours later, when I put them on again, there was a scratch on the lens over the left pupil. I contacted Black Flag Outfitters and they refunded 50% of the purchase price as a commitment to satisfying their customer OEM replacement lenses are $75 to $100, and Oakley’s customer service is non- existent.

I bought the Holbrook with Ruby Prizm polarised lenses. I’ve watched all the videos online of people raving about them, but dismissed it as mostly marketing hype as most of those “reviewers” were people selling them and repeating the talking points Oakley’s sales team gave them.I liked the look of them and fancied trying a nice pair of sunglasses for once in my life though. This site had them for £50 less than direct from Oakley and far less than I pay for Specs, so I took a punt.As soon as I put them on I was really impressed. Rather than just “turning the lights down” like most glasses do, these did enhance contrast and seemed to blow up the greens. On a late and sunny May day it looked awesome.I really like these glasses as I find those that “turn the lights down” can make me feel a bit cold and depressed when the clouds cover the sun, whereas these work just great as sunglasses, and do greatly reduce the brightness, but crucially they don’t make everything too dark.The frames feel good quality too and I have had Oakley spectacles before and they were bullet proof and last donkeys years. Eventually the prescription went out after a decade or so, but whilst they were no longer useful from a lens perspective, the Oakley frames were still A1 condition.As for VFM, that’s a tough one. We all know these cost a fraction of the price to make so they are selling at a massive markup. You pay for the name. You can buy no-name Chinese imports from Amazon for £15 (I have a few pairs) and they do the job really well. Some people report coatings coming off the lenses of those cheap ones though and that doesn’t happen with Oakley.So I give them 5/5 overall, but the VFM can only be a 3/5. That’s a personal thing though. If mine were stolen tomorrow, I’d buy another pair. Make of that what you will.

Great sunglasses for lots of use. They do not comply with road use regulations though but I have no idea why as colours are more vibrant and contrast is improved. The polarising lens is effective. I bought them purely because I noticed a sight anomaly and I didn’t want to take a chance on alternatives.They grip the side of the head securely and are both comfortable and well made. However, there is no spring on the arms to permit accidental opening more than 90 degrees. They feel reasonably sturdy yet are light weight. I expect many years of use from them.Are they really with it? Not really. The price is probably mostly for the name though as a back to back comparison against Polaroid glasses and cheaper Q-Queen glasses indicated Oakley are a little better but they are the innovator in prismatic colouring. The Prizm makes colours more vivid and richer. I’d check the Oakley website though as I’d have saved £50 as I bought from Vistaexpert but prices seem to change or may that was a Brexit thing. Nonetheless, look at the Oakley website to ensure the correct choice is made as Prizm is only available with some lenses.

This review is for Oakley Holbrook Aero 009102-F255 sunglasses, in Matte Grey Smoke with Prizm Sapphire lenses.Wow, I really like these sunglasses. The frames look great and are simple, with no rubber bits/padding; in my experience that can wear away after a year or two anyway and render sunglasses unwearable. When you close the sunglasses, the arms sit on the rims at the bottom of the lenses, so the lenses are protected – I’ve had sunglasses in the past where the ends of the arms sit against the insides of the lenses when folded, in time rubbing wear marks on the insides of the lenses. This can’t happen with these. The clarity through the lenses is excellent, I’m really impressed with their quality.I only received these today so I can’t speak for their longevity as yet…….

One of the great Oakley frames and one of the best and most stylish every made (IMO).Light, durable, comfortable and they look great at an amazing price point. Lovely finish in the Aero Grid style which looks unqiue with a great frame/lens colour combo.Thumbs up Oakley…keep em’ coming.

Great sunglasses! The fit is perfect for an average sized face and they look great.The green lenses are also really comfortable to wear for long periods. They are very light, and therefore very comfortable, they sit on the face perfectly, with no pressure areas.I would say my face is small / medium and they’re perfect.Recommended!