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100% Fabric or Textile


Mesh Upper- Allows air to penetrate the fabric for a cool, comfortable environment.

Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

Vibram sole

M-Select FRESH- Antimicrobial agents reduce shoe odour for a fresher for longer feeling.

Hyperlock TPU Film Heel Counter- Locked-in, secure feel.

Men's Fitness Shoes Reviews

I’m a big fan of Lems, regularly wearing Primals and Boulder Boots. Have had a few other brands of minimal shoe – softstars, xero sandals, VFFs and gave the Vapor Glove 2 a shot a couple years ago. I don’t run in these shoes; I’m a yoga guy and appreciate how much more solid my feet feel using minimals as every day shoes.The VG2 was way too narrow in the toe box, and I have just slightly narrow feet. I had read that the VG4 addressed this problem, so I was willing to give them a try. Could always send them back.They feel like magic out of the box. The Primals are really lightweight and airy, but the VG4 feels like, well, vapor. They have that classic vibram cupped heel that lets your foot play correctly (the Primals have this feature too). The ground feel is phenomenal. I imagine they would only do so much again sharp rocks, but I think for my for foot shape there’s really no closed-toe shoe that will feel less present than the VG4.My only concern is that they’re so lightweight, I’m not sure how long they will last. I don’t beat them up too bad. If they fall apart quickly I’ll come back and dock a couple stars.

Great minimal shoe for the price. The sole is excellent. The upper is a bit cheaper and seems like it wouldn’t as long as the sole though. My main issue is its an overall narrow shoe, especially at the arch. If you have flat feet I’d recommend a different shoe.

I am a size 8 wide (actual foot size) and usually size up to a 9 for my running shoes (Road- Asics Nimbus). I got these to replace a totally worn out pair of New Balance Minimus. These Merrell Vapor 4 shoes looked really, really, really wide in the product pictures and I didn’t want them to look like “clown shoes” on me! In any case, I took the risk and ordered them in 9D.The shoes looked fine. The 2-D pictures do make them look wider than they actually are.Width was pleasantly snug but not tight. They did seem a little long when I first put them on, but after 12 hours of wear, I wouldn’t change the size and the length is fine. If you have a normal ‘svelte’ foot then you could likely order to actual foot size with no issue!One thing of note is that these shoes are even quieter than my worn-in Minimus shoes, so give folks fair warning if you are moving up behind them!!I am happy to be back in Merrell shoes!p.s. they were about $20 cheaper on Amazon compared to other online outlets, and about $50 cheaper than the Minimus at my local shoe shops.I think a belly slide is in order!!

I don’t like buying shoes online but I could not find what I wanted in the shops and Amazon had literally dozens of different makes/styles and colours of these barefoot-type of shoes. I chose Merrell, because I had owned a pair of conventional trail shoes from them several years earlier and I knew the quality was excellent.I wanted very light and flexible trainers for the gym that I could pack in a travel bag as I work away from home a lot and I did not want to take up valuable weight/space in my bag with conventional trainers.Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 4 Fitness Shoes fitted the bill and if anything they are better than I had hoped for. Incredibly comfortable and feel like slippers rather than trainers. They have good grip and have held up well in the two training sessions I have had so far (1 boxing and 1 circuit).