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STYLE: These are the perfect flat front dress pants for going to work or a formal family event. They are a classic fit, meaning they are relaxed throughout the hip and thigh. They sit at or below the waist and have a straight leg opening.


Machine Wash

100% Polyester

COOL 18: This collection combines classic Haggar styling with a revolutionary technology to enhance fabrics on a molecular level. The result? Fabric that resists wrinkles, wicks away moisture, and resists static without sacrificing comfort.

COMFORT: Without a doubt, these dress pants will not hinder your comfort throughout the day. They feature a hidden expandable waistband that stretches up to 3 inches, so your pants will stay secure.

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Haggar Men's Cool 18 Stria Hidden Expandable Waistband Plain Front Pant Reviews

I have fallen in love with the Haggar Cool Pro 18 series. They look nice, feel nice and are wrinkle resistant. They also have a nice expanding waist line that makes them extremely comfortable to put on and wear while still fitting securely. My favorite feature of these pants is the band that helps keep shirts tucked in. Being a larger guy I often have trouble with my shirt coming untucked, especially when reaching up, but with these pants I have no problem keeping my shirt tucked in as the pants hold them shirt in with the slight adhesive nature of the band.These may cost more than my normal slacks, but they are well worth it. I now own 6 pairs of these slacks (black, brown, grey, navy, turquoise, and khaki), and I love them all. My original black ones have held up nicely over time, as I am sure the rest will because they are high quality slacks.

I LOVE THESE PANTS. Extremely comfortable but they look so professional and I don’t have to iron them. Really, great all across the board. I feel like they have a slight 1-up to other "golf pants" in terms of looking slightly more professional. The only issue for me is the length was a bit too long, I would recommend going a size smaller on the length maybe. I guarantee you will love these pants though, unless you’re morbidly obese in which case I’m not sure about the fit. I’m 6ft/180lbs and they fit well, with a little bit of room. Also, the whole waist and crotch area seems to stretch if you want it to, it holds its position well but stretches some which is pretty awesome. So much better than the regular cotton crotch destroyer dress pants.- update, after owning these for a few months, these are hands down my favorite and best pants purchase ever. These are the most comfortable pants I own yet they look extremely classy. Have not had to iron them once. I am slim but I do have leg muscle and these fit perfectly, unlike other pants which are tight and hug the crotch or too baggy. I love how the waist crotch area stretches so they dont ride you when your sitting at a computer for 12 hours. I can squat and move around comfortably. Like I said, they length is a bit long but thats it. I wear a size 33 or 34 in jeans but went with a 35 waist in these so I have a little more room. Glad I did. They are holding up well. One or two very minor signs of wear but I wear them 3 times a week.

Bought these pants for my son who works at a country club as a waiter. He has to have nice black pants that have to be comfortable to work long shifts as well as setting up for events.These pants are lightweight, wash great, stay nice looking enough right out of the dryer to not have to iron them. My son Loves the expandable waistband! It’s hidden so know one but him is aware of it. They are lightweight and breathable and since he sweats at work, they are great! I will certainly purchase these again when he needs more pants.

These are really comfortable pants. After trying Dockers, Haggar’s Repreve, Kenneth Cole and Louis Raphael, I have to say that these fit me the best. I’m normally a 33×30. I’m 5’9" and about 175 lbs. In all pants, 32" waist is impossibly too tight and in most pants 34" waist will really bunch at the waist with a belt. Dockers were way too loose in the hips. Surprisingly Haggar’s Repreve series was too loose in the hips. The Kenneth Coles and Louis Raphael were too tight at 33"waist and too loose at 34" waist.I wanted these pants to wear with or without a blazer. So, I want smooth, straight lines through the hips… no bunching in the crotch or knees. These hang really nicely. They feel very loose in the hips but the crease is strong which helps to keep them from flaring out or bunching. The material feels really nice. It’s Winter now, and these feel great outside. I haven’t noticed static cling yet, but it’s early in Winter, so I don’t know if this will be an issue. I can tell that these will feel great in Summer as well.They’re a little longer than I expected, but I like the length… 30" length hits about 1/4" above ground at my heel (barefoot). For reference, the length from center of my belly button to ground (barefoot) is 41.5". I tend to wear the top of pants at about 40" above ground (barefoot).The waist is perfect for me without expanding, but I’ll probably enjoy the expandable feature during the holidays.I’ve bought these in light kacki, tan (tan kacki) and dark gray.My only slight complaint is that the material is really plain. I would have preferred a little vertical striation in the gray pair to add a little "interest". But, for the fit, feel and price I’m thrilled with these pants.

These are excellent pants! I’ve owned a pair for two years prior to purchasing another two recently in different colors. I wear these for work and find they look high quality but feel incredibly comfortable and feel very cool in an office environment. I live in a hot climate and they are perfect for year-round use, but if you live in a colder area, they might only work well in the warmer months. Quality is superb as that 2-year old pair looks good as new. I find the waist is off about a half size from most of my other pants, so you may want to order a size up.

The trousers are well made and very good value.Bought the same brand when in the US.Excellent delivery time

Excellent cut waist inside leg fitted perfectly, material and stitching bloody good quality and they are cool in a hot climate, whether casual wear or formal suits any occasion.

I recently bought a pair of shorts in the same material, and was very pleased with the quality and fit. The same goes for these pants, just right for strolling the deck on my next cruise.

Bought to replace other, excellent Haggar pants that I wear for indoor bowls. Just the right fit for that and, like most American men’s pants, so easy to launder.

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