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ECCO Men's Soft 7 Fashion Sneaker Reviews

I discovered the Ecco Soft 7 while on a business trip. These shoes are very comfortable AFTER A FEW USES…not right out of the box (for me anyway…I get each person will have a different experience, just sharing mine).I have other brands in my rotation of business casual comfort shoes. This one hits the spot…clean, classy, comfortable and with a great variety of colors. The insole is a big part of the magic…they are soft and comfortable. I also have tried on the newer Soft 8….I think the outersole on those is harder and not as pliable which I believe might take away from some of the comfort. My humble opinion…stick to the Soft 7.1) Not 100% comfortable out of the box…wear them around the clean house/carpet several hours before giving up on them…or ply them by twisting and folding and pressing in the back support.2) Laces are AWESOME…much higher quality than many of the other laces I have seen on these style of shoes3) Outer sole seems solid and should last for at least a few years….assuming you rotate a few shoes throughout the week.4) The upper is simply BEAUTIFUL…the dyes and finishes are very well done. One of the few shoes I am considering using some form of a protection spray to maintain the look.5) The fit for my feet…Instep was great…toe box a little wide for my need…arch is good for my feet and the heel fits well….unlike so many of this style, the heel is usually a bit wider than I need which results in my needing to ply and mold the heel a bit narrower so they don’t slip. (this of course is not a ding on the shoes, but rather my narrow heels)

I ordered the 9-9/12 in the ECCO Men’s Soft 7 Fashion Sneaker. As a guy with wide feet, (my true foot size is an 8 -1/2 to 9 in length and double E in width,) I thought I was forever limited to just Brooks and New Balance which are great for comfort, but let’s face it, they aren’t “cool” or really fashionable. Fortunately I discovered ECCO and while the toe might be a little long for me they accomodate the width of my feet well. So if you are a gentleman with the same issues, and you want something that is comfortable and fashionable, I’d say give these a shot. One other note, the color “dark shadow” is really “grey” which I wasn’t able to discern in the product photo, (I thought they were dark blue) but pleasantly, they look good in real life.

I initially purchased the ECCO Men’s Soft 7 Sneaker which actually appears as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ if you search for these ECCO fashion shoes, but they did not feel as good or wide in the toebox especially. The difference in the outer material makes a big difference; these feel considerably wider.After surgery from a sportsball injury I have terrible knee pain in most all footwear, but amazingly it subsides entirely when I wear these. They’re great for posture and hip and knee alignment. My hip muscles all activate when I put these on because they are flat on the bottom and without any mushy foam or cheap material. They offer the perfect amount of arch support, not too much or too little. I will be buying these for years to come, and I hope to see a vegan version as well.

I have been an ECCO fan for many years. Their product is superior to any of the other casual shoes. Formal shoes are another matter (Allen Edmonds). For casual shoes, ECCO is the only brand that is in my shoe inventory.I would have given this review 5 stars but there is one thing that ECCO needs to improve: Their Shoe Laces! These laces do loop through all of the eyelets, but there is very little left for tying a shoelace knot! The shoe lace tying length is <2 inches. The shoe lace needs to be AT LEAST 3.5 inches.That aside, buy these. You will not regret it.

Heed the advice of others that a size 43 in this shoe does not correspond to a 9.5, even if you ordinarily wear a 9.5EEE shoe and have a high instep like me. Get a size smaller than recommended. The good news is that the shoe has ample width even for a wide foot, it looks great, and it is easy to exchange for the right size.

I wear an 11 in US sizes and a 45 in this Ecco. It fits a bit loose but that beats too tight. Impressions: thick yet supple leather upper, good arch support, white soles get dirty so careful not to wear them in the mud, uppers are smooth VS rough leather so they can be cleaned fairly easily. I am lazy so it is good that the laces are long enough to allow loosing and tucking under the laces without tieing so I can slip them off/on without tieing/untieing. They become a slip on. This is my 5th pair of Eccos and one of the most comfortable so they get worn – a lot.

I previously had a pair from the Ecco Store and went back to buy some more, but they didn’t have my size in.I somewhat agree with a comment below from Darren P: “ I already had a pair purchased from an Ecco shop. However when I received the shoes from Amazon they were quite shiny and looked cheap and had a different finish to the one bought from Ecco” – I may be paranoid but the quality doesn’t feel the same. The original were really soft leather feeling, these feel plastic’ish, maybe the length of time I’ve had my previous ones has softened the leather.Just suspicious the ones in the shop are £45 more expensive!! The serial number is the same but my original ones have N in front of it and these B, maybe for budget…

Really comfortable shoe that you can wear all day. The quality of the leather is great as are the shoes in general. They some with a removable insole for size adjustment and even without I found them to be a snug tight but not uncomfortable . Only quibble (and I see others mention it) is that white soles do stain easily and it does not come out.

Had read a few reviews about these and a little concerned about both fit and if they would be to shiney. No need to worry fit great and not shiney, have worn them in house and out and comfortable and so far not picked up dirt. Clearly white soles will get dirty at some point, though so far so good

I’ve had about 5 pairs of the Ecco Soft 7 trainer. They’re awesome. Classically styled, comfortable and long lasting. However, these have a texture to the leather that wasn’t easily noticed on the product photos.You may well like them, but they’re just not to my taste, that’s all.So, I’m giving five stars because they are top quality. Just be mindful that the “whisky” colourway is a bit “old mannish”.