[45% OFF] Cuisinart SS-5P1 Single Serve Brewer Coffemaker (As of 08/29/2021)


08/29/2021 02:30 EST

40 oz – Silver

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Push button control for 3 beverage sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz.

K-Cup-compatible brewer makes one cup at a time

Compatible with ground coffee filter (not included). NOTE: Refer user manual before user for better understanding

Actual unit dimensions: 10.7” D x 7.25” W x 12.1 ” H

Removable 40 oz. reservoir

30-minute auto shut off. Refer User guide below for Troubleshooting steps

Cuisinart SS-5P1 Single Serve Brewer Coffemaker Reviews

My Keurig finally broke so I shopped around for a new one. This time I wanted a smaller machine. Additionally i was looking for the "look" of stainless, more modern than the typical black machine. I found this one when my intent was to purchase the Keurig mini that was on sale. However, when i looked at the Keurig mini in the store, it seemed cheaply made. Then I saw this maker. I really liked the look of it and it seemed well made. Usually, I look at reviews before I buy, but I was already in the store and the thought of going home empty handed did not site well with me. I purchase the Cuisinart Single serve and I Love it! Glad I didn’t read the reviews before, because I may not have purchased, it if I did. I like my coffee hot not scolding. My machine gave me a medium hot cup of coffee. This machine is fast too! No waiting. I have not had a problem with the different cup size settings either as some posters have said. Whatever size i press, i get. I drink organic brews and never felt like they were weak in taste. Everyone who has tried a cup, liked it. Granted, anytime you can turn a machine on and it immediately brews, it is not going to be really hot to the point of having to wait to drink it. I don’t want my coffee that hot. My cup never sits around long enough to get cold.I suppose if you are the type that slowly drinks your coffee, then this machine would not be for you. It is not in the same league as a Bunn coffee maker but the price isn’t either. Pros:Modern design, easy to set up, clean, change filter, different size cup settings and fast! Cons: temp of coffee is not as hot as a full pot of coffee or a more expensive machine. I would recommend it!

I really like the size, style and color; the brew strength is right on to my liking. That said, I’m tired of finding a small puddle of water under the machine each day and a large puddle following each brew. I would definitely exchange the machine for the same, if and only if mine is the only one with this problem; I didn’t see this problem in any reviews prior to my purchase.

I have had this machine for about 10 months now and it runs perfectly fine. But that wasn’t the case when I first got it. There were some reviews with customers who had issues dealing with water leaking from the bottom of the unit. I also had the same problem but realized why it was happening ( to my machine anyways ), I was filling my tank past the over fill line. It must cause the internal tank to overflow some how. It takes awhile of not filling the tank full before the water stops leaking out the bottom. Now I have no issues with any leaking.

I’ve purchased this coffee maker on Ser/01/2019,and paid extra insurance for this item.Why do I have to contact Cuisinart for part replacement?Amazon should send me a new water reservoir…..

Been a great machine, have had one for a couple years. Though I better get a back up in the case it goes extinct.