[35% OFF] Men's Grand Crosscourt Sneaker (As of 08/17/2021)


08/17/2021 15:30 EST

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Rubber sole

Sleek and simple, the Grand Crosscourt Sneaker is the perfect way to add some tailored casual style to your every day look.


Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

Classic sport inspired oxford in leather, suede or textile uppers

100% Leather

Injection molded outsole with rubber pods in heel and forefoot

Men's Grand Crosscourt Sneaker Reviews

Shoes are very nice and seem to be of good build, but the back part of the shoe protrudes way too much and gave me aweful blisters to the point where it was unwearable even with thick socks.

These are great shoes but I wish I treated them better. In case this is gonna be your first pair of white leather sneakers be ready to shell out some extra moneys if you want these to last more than 6 months and you a careless person like me.- Get shoes trees, Moneysworth are solid, wooden and pretty good.- A shoe repellent, Let me cut the crap so don’t have to research for hours in. Jason Mark’s shoe repellent.- A sneakers cleaner, you need something natural to avoid discoloration and marks or any sort of damage, again Jason Mark’s Cleaner and their premium brush.- A leather polish, it expensive but you’ll probably never gonna run out of it, Honey Leather Conditioner.- Mr Clean magic eraser. For when you get something on your pristine white sneakers.Do’s and Don’ts-Do clean your shoes after every wear using a dry soft cloth or magic eraser is required.-Do use shoes trees to save form and prevent crease lines that look absolutely disgusting.-Do condition your shoes are every wash or once every 2-4 weeks.-Do use the repellent spray every month or after every wash.-Do take the laces and throw em in the normal clothes if they are dirty-Do use a shoe horn-Do not wear them on a rainy day, avoid wetting them.-Do not put them out in sunlight when not in use.-Do not throw em in a washer dryer that a ruin these so quick-Do not use them as skating shoes+Do not rub the leather against rough surfaces+Do not rub magic eraser to hard or dry, I know contradiction but again getting them dirty k?Things to know.Not super sure if this happens with everyone.- The letter on the inside on insole are gonna rub off pretty soon maybe one wear.- The shoes when new cool off-white but that some layer that fades away revealing white leather. Be sure to condition and then coat it with repellent. (at least 2 coats)- They look better if you don’t see a knot, look up you find what I mean- You don’t need no show socks, ankles work.- They will last just don’t be complacent.- Cole Haan isn’t Common Project but it’s not a bad sneaker (it’s super under rated) by any margin unless you can afford common projects.- Almost forgot main point THESE ARE EXTREMELY COMFY, I have had them on 18 hour long days unless you don’t wear socks these are amazing in comfort.I think that’s all. If I remember anything else I put it here.

The item received was a pair a ladies black high heals….on returning them, import tax for the US was deducted and so I received 56 pence as the total refund!

Was very surprised how light these shoes are. They look good with jeans and generally really pleased.Regular size 8 have a wide feel and the fit is really good, order your usual size.

Great looking shoes: nice soft leather, quality details, very comfortable and very light. I use them as casual shoes with shorts and jeans.