[12% OFF] mens Slim Fit Dress Pant (As of 08/31/2021)


08/31/2021 07:00 EST

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Tailored around your body’s natural silhouette.

90% Polyester, 10% Rayon

Tapered leg in a stretch comfort fabric for ease of movement.

Dry Clean Only

Button closure

Ready to wear. Arrives with a finished hemmed to avoid extra tailoring.


mens Slim Fit Dress Pant Reviews

I ordered these pants for my fiance who 1) never wears anything but cargo shorts or sweats and 2) has athletic but very long/thin legs. THESE LOOKED GREAT! His nickname at the wedding became “arm candy” thanks to some very intoxicated bridesmaids checking out his butt. These fit and looked better than the $200 pants I originally bought from a nice department store. The fabric is lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap. They fit perfectly and looked as pictured. The only bad thing was that the waistline kept wanting to fall to his hipline despite him wearing a belt. Would size down next time.

These are truly slim fit and they seem to be quality. I work a job where I wear dress pants 5 days a week/60 hours. I seem to purchase 5-8 new pair a year just from normal wear and tear. So when I say I’ve tried dozens of brands, I mean it! These are definitely superior and worth the little extra bit of money. I would recommend and will definitely buy again in the future!

Fit pretty well, though the length was longer than I wanted it to be but that was a quick fix. Casual or dressy it will do. Would recommend!

Great deal, good fit, nice material. The con is that the stitching is a hit or a miss. Some pairs have very good stitching but 3 out of 10 have had horrible stitching to the point where I was only able to wear them once or twice at most. The remaining pairs have been holding up well. Do better quality control after the pants are stitched maybe even test the stitching on each lot of the final product. For the price however I will give it 4 stars

Just got these today and they fit and feel good! Makes a perfect gift and will look to get another colour in the near future.