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Powered by Bulova’s proprietary Precisionist eight-hand quartz chronograph movement with a 262kHz vibrational frequency—eight times greater than standard timepieces—for unparalleled accuracy. Stainless steel and blue IP steel screw-back case with screw-down crown, black carbon fiber chronograph dial with date feature and red accents, curved mineral crystal, textured blue polyurethane strap with three-piece buckle closure, and 300-meter water resistance.


Curved Mineral Crystal

Dress Watch Reviews

I consider myself a watch guy with watches from Seiko, Citizen, Movado, ESQ, Casio G Shock, and another Prescionist. That said, this is going to my crown jewel of watches. It is truly a beautiful piece of masculine jewelry and it will definitely get noticed because of its size and its bling factor. I posted pictures of my Casio G-Shock G Steel next to this one and they are very close in thickness but the Precisionist is just a little thicker. I also compared it to my other Prescionist for size comparison. As you can see by the picture of it on my wrist, it sits pretty high. You will definitely have have spatial awareness when you wear this beauty because this is one hunk of a watch! It doesn’t have it on the watch back but they put a removable sticker on it that states the movement is made in Japan, and the band from China. You won’t be disappointed!

Beautiful watch but I returned mine because it came with broken bezel nuts. Somehow along the way , some fool must have tried to add torque the nuts and tried to cover it up with the broken off bolt tips bonded back. They broke off when I put the watch on and wiped the bezel clean. UnbelievableI returned it and Amazon was good with the return after I explained the situation. TOTAL BUMMER because I had only just opened the watch and put it on for all of 2 minutes before discovering the problem.For what its worth, its still a beautiful watch , I ended up getting ANOTHER Precisionist model 98b312 … all is good with the replacement watch …. just hated the bulky rubber strap so swapped that out with a whole bunch of 24mm NATO straps ….This watch demands a tanned hairy wrist to do it justice wornJan 23 2021 : I synched this watch last May 2020 …. checked it again against vs the Atomic Clock today … the watch ran just 5 sec faster after 8 months untouched. Just incredible . The stop watch functions also work perfectly without any need to re-align. Also the watch has been beaten around abit since I bought it but the crystal is still spotless . The NATO straps have been a total BLAST as I switch out the colors every few weeks …. ABSOLUTELY great

I like the watch, but reading the time is difficult. It’s difficult to read because the tips of the long and short hand are basically see through with white tips. The tips are hard for me to find and I truly can’t tell the time at a glance, but find myself taking 3-4 seconds to find the hands

Right away I knew this one was the one for me. A good, dependable watch with a utilitarian strap. Not too big and gaudy, but not a teeny weeny whimpy one, either. Some complain about being able to read it, but the white luminous tips work for me just fine. Not that I have a lot of watches, but I don’t think I’ll be buying another for a long, long time.

I received the watch both on time and as promised! It is truly n amazing looking watch and I have received numerous accolades regarding how sophisticated and classy it looks. For me, personally, I am extremely happy for the design, maintenance, and craftsmanship of the watch. I I didn’t particularly care for the watch band as a seems it is made of plastic/vinyl however, I can easily rectify that purchase by replacing it with a leather or nylon band.

A thick, heavy and obviously extremely well made authentic watch that is amongst the most accurate ever made. For the price it’s unbeatable, despite not being the most easily read face. A little better design for utility and readability would not have been amiss with this watch, but despite this singular shortcoming, it’s a fantastic watch!

Awesome Bulova quality, for me its really an “Easter” watch as it doesnt really go with anything since its all blue. But when i wear all blue, which is only on Easter it looks awesome 🙂 Keeps perfect time as do all Bulova Precisionist models. VERY hard to read the dials on the face.

Item arrived as promised. In new condition. Watch is large but not overpowering in the wrist. Expected to return due to large size but like the fit and size. Good wrist presence but not too big for average wrist. Like the watch ! Impressive look !