[9% OFF] Paddle Board Pump: 0 -100 Adjustable PSI Electric SUP Air Pump Inflation and Deflation for SUP (As of 08/22/2021)


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Kayaks – Mountain Bike – One Air Pump – 12V Vehicle-Mounted Power Supply – Balls

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Safe and Silent: Electric sup pump for paddle board adopts independent heat dissipation system, fast heat dissipation, the device can automatically activate the overheating protection function to avoid damage to the machine. During use, the sound is less than 70 decibels to avoid being overly concerned.

Inflation and Deflation Function: LCD digital display real-time pressure monitoring, the pressure unit is PSI or Bar. When the preset pressure is reached, the inflation will be automatically closed. The deflation function makes it easier to fold and pack the pulp board. Inflatable pump electric can be filled in as fast as 8 minutes, and the continuous use time can reach 30 minutes and it can be filled with 3 SUP paddles continuously.

Inflatable Equipment Use: High pressure sup air pump, 0-100PSI, up to 8 air nozzles (including a C7 and H3 valve), one 2.3FT air pipes, suitable for sup, inflatable tents, inflatable boats, kayaks, inflatable beds Pads, balls, tires, an air pump meets most of your inflation needs.

Multi-Purpose Use: Electric air pump for inflatable with portable handle design, 3 meters power cord, LED lighting, the electric sup pump does not shake when inflated, convenient for the night and outdoor use. And make your water sports easier.

Easy Plug-in Design: SUP air pump has a simple electric plug-in design with an integrated, heavy duty wired power cable. Powered by car power outlet with jack. Two-stage pump, the maximum speed of the first stage is 350L/min, the maximum pressure of the second stage is 40L/min, and the high power is 180W.

Paddle Board Pump: 0 -100 Adjustable PSI Electric SUP Air Pump Inflation and Deflation for SUP Reviews

I am old school, whenever I go on a long driving trip, I always have a tire inflator and a tire patching kit in the vehicle. I am an avid water sports enthusiast and am therefore looking for a multifunctional air inflator that can also inflate SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), Kayak, Air Mattresses, and such.I was searching for such products on Amazon when I came across this isup, found it reasonably priced, and the reason for trying.The case is plastic rather than ABS but appears to be sturdy. The cable/hose (one cigarette lighter power cord, one air hose for tire inflation) is stored in the recessed compartment underneath the unit. Different connectors are nicely stored inside a trap door at the back of the unit. Apart from an extension hose, there are no loose parts, everything tucked inside the unit, so nothing gets lost.A test run filled to 18psi in 8 minutes, and the unit was not particularly hot to the touch, therefore possible to fill at least 2~3 more panels, so be able to save the labor of friends from using a manual pump.All things considered, I am very satisfied and will keep it in my vehicle always.

Super easy to set up. The connections feel a bit cheap but work well. Like the idea of all the parts being self contained in unit. Found with the Jeep Wrangler have engine running it filled up faster than without it running.

Used this pump to blow up a inflatable water tube and also an inflatable boat. Worked flawlessly!

Great for pumping up my paddle board

I’ve been using for about 4 days, and now no it’s so easy to fill up my SUP. Whoever needs convenience for any inflatables this is the product to help!

This worked great for blowing up my kayack! It was way faster then the other pump I have and it was really easy to use. I bike ride a lot so I’m sure this will be great for blowing up my tires too.