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5mm lug depth ; Molded nylon arch shank ; Bellows, closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out ;Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability

Vibram sole


Removable Insole. Breathable mesh lining

Merrell M Select FIT.ECO+ blended EVA contoured footbed with added zonal arch and heel support

100% suede leather and mesh

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot Reviews

I bought the Merrill Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking boot because I felt they would be perfect for hiking across the Grand Canyon. The boots did not really need any breaking in, but I did not know that and I hiked in them almost every day for about 6 weeks while getting myself in shape for the Canyon. The boots loosened enough that I had to lace them fairly tight in order to keep my toes from jamming on long downhill stretches.Just before heading to the Canyon, I replaced the Merrill insoles with aftermarket footbeds and gave them the oven treatment. This worked very well, and the Merrills were remarkably cool, extremely comfortable, slightly supportive for my ankles, and pretty protective on sharp rocky surfaces. I hiked across the canyon rim to rim, and also hiked top to bottom to top with side trips. All combined, with hikes in the Pacific Northwest and Arizona, I now have about 600-800 miles of occasionally very rough terrain in my Moabs, and I consider them my most comfortable boot. They are terrible for wet areas, so I bought a pair of waterproof Merrills that I will review when I get enough experience in them.There are more expensive boots on the market, but I would not trade the Merrills for them when my goal is foot comfort. Overall, I am surprised that I like them so much because I am usually struggling with foot problems. Merrill will be my summer hiking boot until they disappoint me or I find something better. I have boots that cost twice as much, but I just don’t wear them.

My original MOAB lasted me nearly 3 years, so I figured the 2 would be the same or close enough.I got them June 1st and it is currently July 21st, the soles of both are coming off. The right one is significantly falling off, the left one just started. Thats what finished the MOAB One by the way.Ill buy some Shoe Goo, but I shouldn’t have to.I expected more from a company like Merrell. Ive owned several pair of their shoes and always been quite satisfied.Having said all that, they are very comfortable, and I will be having them repaired in the hopes they last another 5 or 6 hundred miles.Edit: the rubber sole was coming apart from the foam cushion, but now, only two days after my original review and not even two months after purchasing them, the foam itself is coming off the shoe.Im changing my review to one star. There shouldn’t be multiple failures in a pair of shoes. What happened to you Merrell? My three year old MOAB 1s are in better shape than the 2s.Edit 2:I was contacted by Merrell. They had me cut the tongues off my broken shoes and they sent me a new pair. These ones are going strong for 4 months now with no issues. Changing my rating to 4 stars. The first shouldnt have broken, but perhaps I got a lemon.Edit 3:It’s been two years now. No issues. Love your gear Merrell! This is the quality I expected. Chalking it up to a rare flaw.

I bought this hiking boot to replace my old brown Moabs, which had pulled apart right at the toe flex point on both sides of the boot. . Don’t get me wrong, I like this boot, but here’s some differences between old and new that you should be aware of. The tread of the older boot did not retain dirt at all – the grooves were wider and tapered. One walk thru the lawn or one scrape thru the boot brush and I could enter the house without the wrath of my wife for spreading "boot turds" all over the house. This boot tread has narrow grooves that retain dirt for hours. The boots gotta come off to enter the house. The padding on this boot is thicker than the prior Moab – comfortable fit but HOT in the summertime. The top lace-up cleat in the old Moab "cinched" the shoe laces – this one does not. I still like these boots, but you should know the differences.

Got these for Mount Whitney, honestly I was underprepared and blessed by these boots.Put them on a day before to walk and ensure a good fit, took off after 10 minutes. Next time I wore them was with heavyweight wool socks at 3 in the morning of the hike. These rocked the entire way, others were complaining 6-10 hours in their feet were sore and hurt, these kept them comfortable for the entire hike! We started at 4am ended at 8:30pm full day never did anything other than tighten them up a bit once. I highly recommend these.

An excellent take on the lightweight hiking boot. If you’ve ever had to slog miles wearing heavy mountaineering boots, you won’t believe how light these are. I can’t attest to their durability, as their construction makes them only a single /shoulder season boot and they required no break-in period whatsoever. Your feet WILL get wet if you wear these in wet conditions or bushwack through marshes or tall grass, but they dry quick.The weakest link in these is the lacing system. After fussing with where to tuck the unruly mess of laces and trial & error cinching, I threw away the stock laces and put in elastic laces with cord locks which work much better and faster. The other gripe is the insoles are pretty rigid and get slick with sweat.For the cost, Merrel shouldn’t have skimped on the laces and insoles.

I wear these boots daily at work and I am on my feet 6 to 7 hours a day on concrete and these boots are some of the best I have owned. They are lightweight and with the orthotic inserts which were a separate purchase provide comfortable support for my feet. I have tried athletic shoes which were almost the same price, they did not provide any where near the support and comfort that these Merrell Moab 2 provide. Do your feet a favor and get them some Merrell boots or shoes.

Finding a quality non Gore-tex boots is difficult in Europe but finding a wide fitting version is impossible. It’s a shame that I had to import the wide variant of this boot from the USA which added 30% to the cost.

Bought these as a warm, dry weather boot after being very impressed with comfort, fit & durability of the GTX version.Great boot, but this is the Vent version, so not suitable if you are wanting waterproofing.

Good quality and max comfort