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Lightweight Cordless Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Red – For Carpet and Hard Floors – BD22052

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WHAT’S INCLUDED: Battery Charger, Filter, & Built-in headlights

REDUCE AND MINIMIZE PET ODORS: With odor trapping carbon filter

XL DIRT CUP: .7L dirt cup capacity means less trips to empty the dirt

EASY TO USE: Lightweight & compact design with swivel steering for efficient cleaning and easy storage

PERFECT FOR CARPET AND HARDFLOOR: On/Off brushroll helps effortlessly transition from carpets to hard floors with the touch of a button

FASTER CHARGING, FADE FREE POWER: With 16V Lithium Battery and battery indicator

Dirt Devil Power Swerve Pet Reviews

Holy catfish, look what this vacuum picked up in just two vacuumings!! This is a very lightweight vacuum with lots of power and a beater brush as well. Very impressed so far!! picks up my dog’s hair wonderfully.Update: This vacuum is amazing six months later. I use it every day and bought one for my son’s housewarming gift.Update 2: A year later. Be careful of the charging cord. I’d been pulling it out from the cord instead of the base and the cord broke which was my own fault. Ordered a new one which was easy.

Updating review after 2 months of use:- Suction power got worse, does not pick any dust. I had to use broom instead.- Spend additional money and buy a better brand- Recommend NOT TO BUYI got this product for hardwood and Carpet. Suction is not that great. Easy to move around and light weight.I am been using for few days now and seems to do its job OK. Will continue to keep and see if it gets worse over time.Recommend not to buy if you looking for medium/high suction power vacuum.

Perfect weight, wonderful not having a cord. Only complaint is about the assembly….hope you have small fingers. When attaching the handle to the body you have to thread a flat 1/4 wide wire several inches into a tiny slot. So while one hand is holding back the handle, the other has to reach in a very small space and try to feed the wire into the slot. Move either hand at the wrong time and you will start over again. Took me 5-6 tries, but I would buy again just because of how light, powerful and cordfree the product is.

I don’t know if technology has improved, but this is a better battery operated vacuum than I’ve grown accustomed to. It’s so good at picking up dust and dirt, I find myself using my big, clunky vac far less often. The beater bar makes a big difference. The battery life is fantastic and it really does swivel nicely. Note: I have almost entirely hard floors, it is best suited to those.

Does everything I need it to do, which would be cleaning around my wood stove and catching anything my Neato misses around the house. I have laminate/vinyl planks around my house so I can’t comment too much about it on carpet, but on the solid flooring it picks up everything easily.Only downside is if you have small chunks of stuff (like bark from firewood) and lots of hair being sucked up at once it can clog. Painless to fix, but if you notice suction a bit down or it’s dropping stuff when turned off that would likely be why. Pop off the cannister and the squareish hole can be easily cleaned out by hand.

Great for light, and quick jobs and for taking to another floor for a quick clean up. I have arthritis in my hands so I can lift and maneuver easily. Great swerve in the head. Lasts a good length of time. Feels a bit plastic-y. I always use the brush option. I don’t find cleaning effect as good without it. I think a Hoover or an electrolux although more expensive may have been a better choice. My sisters have those and I tried them but couldn’t find a sale. But overall I’m pleased

Bought a Dyson at 6 times the cost and it didn’t match this little vacuum. Great for a quick run around the house to pick up animal fur and grit. Easy to manouver and battery lasts quite awhile. It doesn’t have a hand accessory but for the price, can’t beat it!

We have two cats and the Power Swerve is handy for quick vacuuming. The serve feature makes it easy to vacuum under furniture. The dirt cup and washable filter eliminate the need for vacuum bags.