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LUXURIOUS DESGIN. Crafted with high end materials including titanium, lambskin leather and memory foam, our extremely comfortable over-ear headphones are enhanced by an elegant, foldable design.

PROTECTION INCLUDED. Beoplay H95 includes a robust hardcase to store your headphones in plush security as you travel and experience life to the fullest. Lined with matching textile on the inside, the headphones and accompanying accessories are safely preserved while not in use.

LONG-LASTING BATTERY. With up to 38 hours of playtime on a single charge with ANC, Beoplay H95 push the boundaries to give you more time to enjoy your music.

NOISE CANCELLED. Beoplay H95 offer exceptional sound quality through customised titanium drivers and our most advanced Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation yet.

POWERFUL SOUND. Two 40mm titanium drivers with neodymium magnets have been carefully selected and customised for Beoplay H95 to improve sound precision and increase the low frequency response.

Beoplay H95 Premium Comfortable Wireless Active Noise Cancelling ANC Over-Ear Headphones with 38 Hours Battery Life and Protective Carrying Case Reviews

H95 are super premium headphones. Construction is top notch, design is superb, sound quality is world-class. Very comfortable, but if you are coming from H9, please note that they squeeze a bit tighter on the ears. Outstanding design of the control wheels – no more touch volume control, a super tactile wheel controls volume and another on the left headphone controls amount of noise reduction. Good configuration options on iPhone (not sure about Android). These headphones will last for years and years, like most B&O products. A fantastic product not in the same league with Sony, Bose and others…

Top notch headphones, impeccable build quality, large sound stage with crisp differentiation and full, dad-bodied bass. If you don’t care about the price, these are a great choice for audiophile level quality for wireless headsets.

Honestly the best headphones I’ve ever had. Build quality is top notch and so is the sound quality. I’ve been listening to them for hours a day for about two weeks and the battery is only down to 40%. They are pricey but worth the investment

The sound is VERY PLEASING, in its default settings. I’m very happy I decided to take the plunge!

There is no denying that B&O is all about luxury, unique design language, and quality. With the H95, B&O is celebrating its 95 years in the audio industry, which places a rather high bar on expectations.Upon opening the packaging, the level of care taken is immediately apparent. In the box, you are met with a hard aluminum case with the B&O branding. While great-looking and obviously highly protective, it makes it less portable, especially when carrying it in a backpack. Included are a soft cleaning cloth, an airline audio adapter, a braided 3.5mm, and a USB-C to USB-A power cord. These are high-quality accessories as expected. It might not be important, but I loved the brand-new smell coming from the case.The H95 headset itself is certainly a piece of art. The light grey and aluminum design scream premium aesthetics, and the build quality is unquestionable. I appreciate that there is no stitching on the headband this time and is quite flexible. The aluminum arms are easily adjustable but still retain a good level of rigidity and are totally foldable. The swirl-brushed aluminum sides pleasantly reflect light. Breaking away from the traditional B&O round cup design, the (thankfully) removable earpads have an oval shape and are made of lambskin, which in my experience, gets better with use (I still own and use the original wired H6). If there is anything to nitpick, is that they may be susceptible to getting dirty quickly.The H95 features a combination of touch and physical controls. Typically, this can be confusing but I think B&O has a good balance here. Power, pairing, and the voice assistant are assigned to buttons. While B&O is not the first to do it, the volume and ANC levels are controlled by a rotatory dial on either cup and feel intuitive in my opinion. Play, pause, and call answer/reject are controlled by tapping the right cup, which feels natural. Controlling tracks works by swiping back and forth and works faultlessly.I found the H95 very comfortable. The headband padding is enough to ease head soreness and the incredibly soft lambskin feels like pillows on my ears -even when wearing glasses. There is good depth in the ear cup, which allows my entire ear inside. I did notice a bit of clamping force, especially on the upper jawline, but went away soon. Although they are a bit heavy, I was able to wear them for about 3 hours at a time (I do not like to keep headphones on for too long) without fatigue.The battery life is impressive. B&O claims up to 38 hours of playback with ANC on and a whooping 50 without. Since I got them over a week ago, I have not charged them once, which should take about 3 hours.Featuring Bluetooth 5.1, the H95 is future-proof. Pairing is super easy with the “Google Fast Pair”, iOS pairing, and “MS Swift Pair”. They also support SBC, AAC, and aptX Adaptive so I was not able to pick up any lag when watching videos or playing games. I was able to maintain a good connection at decent distances while walking around my medium size apartment. I am very pleased that this headset has a multipoint function, as I was able to go from my iPad to my phone seamlessly with no hiccups.Most importantly (to me at least) is the sound quality. Sure, the sound signature is subjective, but I am happy to say that the H95’s 40mm drivers do not disappoint. The bass response is well defined, punctual, but still felt. There’s restrained sub-bass that adds body without getting muddy. The midrange takes center stage as vocals, rhythm instruments, and dialog comes in clearly. The treble soars without being harsh or fatiguing. There was no noticeable sibilance. The 20-22000Hz frequency response allows for sounds to come through that usually fade in other headsets. The soundstage and channel separation are also impressive. I was able to pinpoint where the sound is coming from and even depth, giving the impression that I was in a large open space. I must say that it is quite the experience no matter the music genre or content, as I found myself looking for nuances and detail that I might have missed before, especially with lossless/HD sources.The adaptive Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes work very well. With a neutral ANC setting, I was able to drown an annoying neighbor’s lawnmowing to the point where I had to pause the music to see if he was done. Switching between ANC and transparency modes, and adjusting levels is as easy as rotating the left dial (nice!)Just in case you are not fully satisfied with the sound, it can be further customized with the B&O app. Speaking of the app, you can adjust the ANC, update firmware, and other settings. It is not as robust as I would have liked but gives enough options to make it a worthwhile companion.So, is the H95 worth the higher-than-premium price tag? For the casual listener that is looking for something more affordable with similar features, perhaps not. For the person that wants exceptional build quality, jam-packed features, intuitive controls, functionality, and a Hi-Fi sound signature -all within the unique and luxurious B&O design, absolutely!

The best of the best, the best sounding, best looking, top notch quality headphones on the market. Sound quality is as close to perfect as I have ever experienced, no matter how loud or quietly I listen to music. It is immediately obvious that the highest quality materials went into building these headphones. From the beautiful aluminum storage case that these headphones come in, to the lamb skin leather, these headphones are well worth the price. Bang & Olufsen H95 headphones are the epitome of amazing sound quality combined with luxury and build quality. Noise cancellation is perfect, whether I am using it at the gym, while running at the park, or while walking downtown, I hear only what I want to hear, Bang & Olufsen got it right!These Bang & Olufsen H95 headphones are a culmination of 95 years of advancement, and it shows. These headphones are simply a large step ahead of any other headphones I have ever listened to.

The product is amazing. Each aspect is designed to give a superior experience. The ANC is amazing. The sound is for people who prefer quality and refinement. Materials are luxurious and you will not feel it even after wearing for a long time. It just blends in you. This can be used for hours without giving you any problem.