[8% OFF] Lenovo ThinkPad USA Ultra Dock With 90W 2 Prong AC Adapter 40A20090US (As of 08/13/2021)


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COMPATIBLE with select 65w and 90w Lenovo laptops – NOT recommended for laptops with 170W AC adapters

A475, L570, L470, L460, L560, L450, ThinkPad 25, T470p, T470s, T570, T470, T460s, T560, T460, T460p, T550, T450, T450s, P51s, X270, X260, X250

2x DisplayPort 1.2, 1x DVI-D, 1x HDMI 1.4 and 1x VGA (max two displays, including laptop screen)

Comes with ThinkPad US AC adapter (90W) Does not support ThinkPad T460p quad-core models with discrete graphics. Please use the ThinkPad Ultra Dock 170W.

3x USB 2.0 and 3x USB 3.0

Lenovo ThinkPad USA Ultra Dock With 90W 2 Prong AC Adapter 40A20090US Reviews

tl;dr: • multimonitor works on Linux • 75-85% off makes it a hell of a deal • Lenovo cheaped out on the AC adapter, but it’s fineI picked this thing up because it’s compatible with my personal laptop, which despite having a Thunderbolt port, doesn’t support my existing TB3 docks. (I think this is for want of PCI-E bandwidth; my TB docks are dual 4k but the laptop’s TB3 lane is only 2x.)My first complaint about this thing is that it didn’t actually come with a slim-tip AC adapter. Instead, it came with the old barrel-type and a very short adapter cable. That adapter cable caused problems for me, but I only noticed the problem after I had dropped and stepped on it, so that may not be Lenovo’s fault at all. The problem is that due to slight tweaks or a will o’ the wisp, the power would get cut to the device, and when it powercycled, my monitors didn’t come back. I picked up a very cheap, third-party, aftermarket slim tip adapter with decent reviews, and I’ve had no problems of that kind since.LIMITATIONS:For multi-monitor use, the bandwidth limitations on the two DisplayPort ports on the dock allow only 3840×[email protected] each. This can be troublesome if your monitors use more bandwidth than that. Both monitors I have hooked up are that way: one is 3840×[email protected] and the other is [email protected] This means that with both plugged into the dock, sometimes only one will show up or give any output, but this can be worked around. Additionally, each DisplayPort port is paired with another video port of a different type, and only one of each pair can be used together. So it supports only two monitors. I have had no success daisy-chaining standalone MST hubs to try to add a third monitor, but I have only tried with one so far.LINUX QUIRKSYou will need a recent Linux kernel for this to work. I’m running Linux 5.3 on NixOS.Additionally, sometimes a monitor will not show up in the KDE graphical display management tools, even though it is visible in the output of `xrandr -q`. Even when the graphical display is broken, however, VTs pretty much always work. So I have gotten my monitors to behave by instructing xrandr to set the resolutions and refresh rates from the virtual terminal, then quickly switching back. My shell is Fish, so the command in my specific case is this:sleep 10s; xrandr –output DP2-1 –mode 2560×1440 -r 60; xrandr –output DP2-2 -m 2560×1440 -r 60and then switching back to the VT of the display server.OTHER NOTES:The laptop runs really hot most of the time when it’s closed and pushing as many pixels as it can on the two external monitors.

I really bought this to support the extra (3rd) monitor. I have a T440p with Intel HD Graphics 4600 and saw that this docking station can support 2 external 4k monitors in addition to the laptop screen. It was a bit tricky to get set up because the Display Settings under Control Panel (Win10) would not recognize the 3rd monitor. I had to go into the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel under the Multiple Displays page to enable the 3rd one. Once that was done I could access all 3 monitors through the Control Panel.There were a couple of posts on the internet about not being able to use both display ports at the same time so I am using one display port connection and one HDMI connection. (Never tested using both display ports so I can’t say for sure).The displays are a bit slower but it is only a laptop and it is driving a heck of a lot of pixels. The refresh rate is only 29p Hz for the 4k monitors which might not be good enough for gaming but is fine for office work.

Bought this for a T540p and it fits/works fine. One complaint would be that Lenovo seems to make one model of dock for 250 models of computers, so the exact fit of the T540p on this is a bit goofy. Case in point: there is a push tab on the back right side of the dock that simply rests on the battery, meaning the back of the computer doesn’t get a solid "weld" against the dock and moreso just sits awkwardly atop this button thing.

I have a T570. This came retail packaged and new with the Lenovo tape across the outside of the package. I was hoping to get more ports and I kinda did but not as much as I had hoped. There is only 1 HDMI port in the dock. There are 2 D-HDMI ports which for me is basically useless. The dock hides the upper left most port which is a USB 3.0 so I lose that port. The USB C port fortunately is not blocked which I use for a monitor. So I still have to plug that cable into the PC as the dock does not have a USB C. If the cable is plugged into the PC before booting, the laptop screen is blank and the monitor hooked up to the USB is the main screen. When looking at the settings, only the 2 external monitors are recognized. I found that if you plug the cable in AFTER you boot, then everything is recognized properly. Minor inconveniences that could be overlooked given the ultra low price.

I’ve bought several of these for laptops in the office – these have extra video ports which are needed if you want to run 3 monitors simultaneously (note: the digital video ports are paired up so you have to use every-other port on the back. The VGA is independent). My only advice is to make sure these are compatible with your laptop – pull up your laptop on Lenovo’s website, go to the accessories page, and see what docks they are willing to sell you. If this is in that list you should be good to go!

Two years ago I bought a used Pro dock for twice the price of this one. It serves me well and will continue to be used to give me docking capability in another location. This item is a steal of a price. If you have a compatible ThinkPad, this is a must have tool.Edit Update: After updating system device drivers via lenovo vantage” I had both USB2 and 2USBv3 ports die. One USBv3 port still worked. Fix is: Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers > USB Root Hub (USB 3.0) right click Disable and then Enable returns USB port ops. Doesn’t take much time but a definite gut punch from lenovo.

This dock is great it works pretty much as expected. My two complaints are that the laptop seems to sit very far forward comparedto my old T420 and mini dock 3. There’s a 1cm ( ~0.5" ) gap between the back of my laptop and the back of the dock.My other complaint is that the headphone jack through the dock is a lot quieter that the jack on my laptop. With the dock I have thevolume at 100% but plugged into the laptop 60% is comfortable.

I never realized how much I would love having a docking station for my laptop. When I get home the laptop comes out of the backpack and onto the dock. It’s immediately connected to a second monitor bigger keyboard and all the usual array of USB accessories one typically finds on a student’s desk. When I want to take the laptop to the living room nothing needs to be unplugged just a quick tap on the eject button and it’s ready to go.

My wife has one at work but they would not suply a second one for when she’s at home. Great price point and works great just like the one she has at home. Got it just in time as she ended up working from home because of Covid-19 and has two monitors mouse and keybord pluged in.

Exactly as I expected it. Worked on my Lenovo T470s perfectly. I currently have two monitors hooked up via display port but could hook up a third via VGA if I wanted.Also love the ability to lock the laptop to the dock.I bought this one used and other than some dust it looks and feels brand new. Would buy again!