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2K] Hiseeu All in one with 12" LCD Monitor 3TB Hard Drive – Home Business 8CH 1296P NVR Kit 4pcs 3MP Outdoor Bullet IP Cameras Night Vision Waterproof – Wireless Security Camera System

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【Expandable to 8 Cameras】This 8ch wireless camera system up to work with 8pcs cameras, supported original kits’ one way audio camera (B07JQZQRVG), two-way audio camera(B07FVSK6BY, B08HRPQMY3), PTZ camera(B08JYMYPCM, B081PRVDJ3, B08PY58W2M, B08RHM6VF2) and battery camera (B08HN4QXBY, B08TWG2N5D). Meet all your need.

【3TB HDD Storage, Remote Playback】 With pre-installed 3TB HDD, it can keep around 60 days of 24/7 videos for 4 cameras simultaneously without overwriting. With FREE Eseecloud APP, for android and iPhone, all videos in the HDD can be playback remotely in your hand anywhere anytime. 8 channel NVR comes with advanced H.265+ compression ensures more stable and clearer viewing experience, saves 50% hard drive capacity.

【Stunning 2K Ultra-HD video, one Way Audio】 3.0MP presents 2304*1296 Mega Pixels about 1.5 times clearer than 1080P. Camera with 3 array Infrared LED allows you to see up to 65ft night vision even in darkness. Employing IP66 Waterproof metal material housing, cameras can be used indoor and outdoor. Outdoor security camera system also allows you to see and listen to people on your property remotely.

【High Quality Service】One year free replacement warranty and efficient support offered! We have lifetime well-experienced engineers and technical support, if you have any question pls feel free to contact us anytime, we also provide Free 10FT Antenna Extension Cable, customers may request 8% discount code toward Camera system by connecting us.

【All-in-one 12inch LCD Monitor, Easy Setup】 The wireless security camera recorder equipped with 12 inch screen monitor(Not touch screen), 1080P full HD display clear image which view angle will be more widely. The cameras and NVR monitor are auto-paired during the factory setting. Just need to connect the wireless cameras and NVR with power supply provided for 24/ 7 surveillance purposes. Wireless means camera and NVR is wireless connection, camera and NVR still need work with power cable.

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We purchased this to give us security while living in a rural area. This has it’s own wifi system that communicates from the monitor to the cameras. So if you have no wifi, it will still work. If you want to view from your phone, then you would need to plug the monitor into the router. It was very easy to set up. We just plugged in the cameras to power, and it communicated with the monitor. The cameras came up on the monitor. We bought a 4 camera system, but will probably add 4 more cameras. It was an excellent choice!

This is my first home video security system. I researched many systems before purchasing it. The features that I insisted upon were good video definition, night vision, significant storage capacity, and wireless connectivity between the cameras and the NVR (network video recorder). A good friend of mine showed me his system which was wireless but the cameras ran on batteries which he had to replace frequently. I knew I did not want a system that ran on batteries; this one requires a physical connection to house wiring for power. It comes with plug-in transformers for each camera and one for the NVR. There is also an antenna with a 10 foot cable for one camera if it is installed in an area that cannot penetrate through too many walls. This antenna allows you to place it in an area that is less obstructed. It works great! I bought the system with the 12 inch monitor which I think is the best combination. It eliminates the need to incorporate a laptop or television to view images from the cameras. (My system came with 4 cameras.) The monitor is a self-contained unit which includes a 3 Terrabyte hard drive and the electronics which run the system. It provides storage for 30 days of high definition video from all 4 cameras. It comes with a two-button mouse which works with the monitor and system just like a desktop or laptop computer system. I purchased 2 Vanxsecctv 10m(30 ft) 2.1×5.5mm CC 12volt Power Extension Cables for CCTV Security Cameras. These let me run power to 2 of my cameras that were not near power supplies. Also, I took advantage of the 8% Hiseeu discount offer just by sending an email to [email protected] and requesting it. They replied within a few hours with the discount code which I successfully used. I am amazed at the night-vision capability of this system. The specifications say it has a 65 foot limitation but that is not the case. I have one camera aimed straight down our driveway which is about 120 feet long and it “sees” that far in total darkness. The detail is surprising! I bought the 3-year extended warranty (just in case). I can highly recommend this system.Update on June 5, 2020 If I could rate this system with more than 5 stars, I would. I am continuously impressed with the quality of this system. My wife, who is not technically gifted, loves to use the system to keep watch on our outdoor cats. We have observed several night critters meandering around our property that we would not have had any notion of their presence without this system. The company has contacted me by email to ask me how the system is working. If you are unsure of which home security system to buy I don’t think you could go wrong with this one!Update on Dec 15, 2020One disappointing aspect of this system that I just found out is that it will only record 4 channels at a time. I added a 5th camera to the system and could view it just fine. I could not figure out how to record the new camera so I contacted the company. They responded within hours and told me it only records 4 channels. You can choose which 4 channels but if you have more than 4 they will not record. I am OK with that but the information in the system description is misleading. I’m sorry if my endorsement of this system has caused anyone else to be mislead too.

After a bit of a learning curve, this security system is a wonderful system. Great picture quality and with the 3TB hard drive, it records continuously for nearly 30 days. We’ve only had it for a little over a month and have recorded one suspicious person walking around our home while we were at work. We also purchased an audio camera that we have inside our home to keep an eye on our pets while we’re away. the cameras may require some work, depending on where you want them located around your home. I installed one by the garage, drilled a hole through the exterior wall and made sure that an outlet was nearby on the inside. The cameras have a great picture and the night vision is very clear as well. I have not had an issue with bad reception either. Our cameras are all within 30-40 feet of the wifi base unit.

one month ago I bought the 8 channel system than came with 4 cameras and a 3 TB monitor DVR. I added 2 additional Hiseeu cameras. Everything has been working well. The pictures are clear for a long distance in daylight and a good distance even at night. I even saved an accident that happened a half block away to a flash drive for one of the vehicle drivers.

What I like most about this Surveillance System is the upmost quality merchandise you can purchase for your money’s worth value.In addition you get top of the line 12″ Monitor included, 8 Channel Expandable 3TB Hard drive, 2MB 1080P IP Cut Day/Night Vision Cameras’ and all the accessories such as Adapters, etc.Also you have a lifetime technical support team available 24 hours 7 days a week. PS: I would like to personally thank and give a thumb’s up to Mr. Johnny with Hiseeu Corporation in Technical Support. I am very pleased with this system and I would strongly Recommend this product for anyone looking for the best investment for your monies worth.

We purchased this product about 4 months ago and set it up for our outdoor business. We were really happy with the results so we purchased additional cameras to add to the system. The image quality on the LCD screen is very clear and the night vision is exceptional. We even purchased a wire to connect the LCD to an additional monitor that we can view in additional rooms in the office. In addition to the monitors we were able to easily download a app to view the cameras on our phones. Another thing to note is the exceptional customer service. Twice we contacted them to ask about extending the reception and they were quick to reply with lots of helpful advise. Definitely recommend this camera system.