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12-Cup – Black,SS-15BKSP1

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Gold-tone Coffee filter lets only pure Coffee flavor flow through

Includes Cuisinart home Barista reusable filter cup which lets you use your own Coffee, K-Cup Pod compatible as well

Brew strength control – select bold for stronger Coffee flavor

12-Cup glass carafe with BPA free and stainless steel handle

Single-serve serving sizes: 6, 8, 10 oz; Fully automatic – 24 hour brew start, self-clean, adjustable auto-off, ready alert

Cuisinart SS-15BKS Coffee Center Maker Reviews

My wife and I have been using this for about a month now. I usually make one 10oz cup thru the k-cup feature every day and my wife makes a cup every other day thru the mini basket. By that I mean she also uses the k-cup feature however puts her own coffee grounds in the removable mini basket. I have made a pot of coffee once and there are no complaints. There is only one hiccup. To insert the mini basket you first need to take the k-cup insert out, no problem. You then insert the mini basket with your coffee and start the brewing cycle, no problem. Usually I would think most people not in a hurry would remove the mini basket and clean out the grounds, no problem. My wife, bless her heart, then replaces the k-cup insert so it’s ready for me. Here is where there is a problem. There are two white arrows inside the k-cup side of the machine. One is on the k-cup insert and the other is on the machine it self. These two arrows NEED to be lined up. The manufacturer decided to place these two white arrows toward the back of the coffee maker, thus making it a little difficult to see. If you don’t line up these two white arrows, the machine will allow you to put it in backwards, close the lid and fire it up. The result is your k-cup foil lid punctured incorrectly and there are coffee grounds or tea or hot chocolate all over the inside of the machine. It’s not something you can ignore and use it again right away, you must clean up the mess first. This happened twice now. It’s frustrating getting out the Q-tips to clean out the pockets of coffee stuck in the machine. So, unless you enjoy telling someone they made a mistake again, look twice at the "White Arrows" before passing go. P.S. This is my first review ever, all in all I would definitely recommend this product. 🙂

Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer, Stainless Steel

So I read all of the reviews before I bought this, and a number of them weren’t good… I really wanted the coffeemaker and have been happy with cuisinarts before, so I went for it… I have to say that after reading and following the instructions and trying every option for brewing it offers, this is the best and most versatile coffeemaker I have ever owned in my life… it does it all,… does it perfectly,… and makes great coffee and works perfectly… definitively worth the price.

I’ve read several reviews on here and I’m disagreeing with the haters!The k cup works great if you use grounds instead of pods u must clean it. To prevent clogging.Read the manual it states to clean the POD piercer with a small paper clip to prevent it from cloggingYou do need to have a taller mug to avoid the splashing but remember it’s an open cup water pouring into it will splash its miniscual drops.I’ve used mine daily it’s great quality ive had NO issues and it def hasn’t broke!!The coffee is hot and the ability to set the carafe temp is awesome!!!The K cup side has a silver top it’s actually s release lever you gently lift up on. It’s a wee stiff at first as most new things are. So be gentle your first few uses.Make sure you use the grounds pod if using your own coffee DO NOT PUT GROUNDS INTO K CUP PIERCER IT WILL CLOGIT COMES WITH A BASKET FOR GROUNDS FOR SINGLE CUPSI LOVE IT!!!!!!Cuisinart did well this timeI’ve compared to other brands ranging in price from 60-160.00 most are flimsy and cheaply madeBut this one is the BESTI’m not sure how some of these reviews match this pot I want to say they posted incorrectlyBut this is a great product10 STARS

This replaced my other Cuisinart that I have had for a very long time and still works great (in my basement kitchen) I removed a star for only 1 reason. Other 1-cup machines offer inserts that fit perfectly to raise your typically sized smaller cups to a level where it won’t splatter and make a mess on your counter. Cuisinart should do the same. If you want a small cup you will end up with coffee splashing. My wife keeps a small cat food can (full) close by so she can lift the cup up. This looks very lame and is sketchy for the cup seating. It should instead be a color matched piece that fits in perfectly for this purpose. There are 3 selections of coffee sizes but if you don’t use a super tall cup you will have a mess to clean up. I have not seen where this is an optional separate item either. I’m considering making one out of wood and paint it to match the machine color.. but should I really have to do that for a brand new coffeemaker?

Best feature is that the coffee pot is much sturdier than cheaper models which to me is a safety feature as it is less looking likely to break when it is being washed out. Keurig part works fine. Switches, dials and indicator lights have the look and feel of quality. Stainless is staying stain free. Worth the higher cost.

The color is excellent, the only reason I did not rate it five star is because filling the water in the coffee pot tank is a bit of a pain and the splatter from the keurig when you are making a regular cup size rather than travel size. But it works very well.