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Synthetic sole

Non-marking outsole

Flexible sole


100% Nubuck

Women's Gratis Going Places Fashion Sneaker Reviews

I love these. They don’t require socks and let your feet breathe. The memory gel insole is awesome. My feet are no longer sore after hours of standing. One caveat though — DO NOT GET THEM SOAKED IN WATER. The smell will knock you out. I looked it up and apparently there is some weird issue with the insole that makes it smell if it gets really wet. I thought I had terrible foot odor (which I have never had in my life) but it was the shoes. I ended up washing them in my washing machine with detergent and vinegar, and some oxyclean powder inside each sneaker. When they air dried (two days later), they were fine. I am using my first pair as knockaround shoes and saving the new pair for when I want perfectly white, clean shoes and know I won’t be walking through puddles.

I LOVE these shoes. I like white tennies that are comfortable. I like bungee shoe strings. I like memory foam soles. I like aerated shoes. I am very happy to tell you these are my second pair. I wore out the first.Only dislike is my big toe tends to wear a hole in the top of the shoe. Would like straighter toes or tougher material there.But what I really don’t like is the fact that Skechers has very few white tennies. I don’t need psychedelic colored shoes. Or every color of the kids crayon box tennies. I happen to think white tennis are very attractive. I know they sell well because you are running out of them. So Skechers if you want me to buy a third pair you better learn that some women don’t need attention so badly that they would buy psychedelic colored sneakers. I prefer people looking at my legs not my shoes.

Finally I found a pair of sneakers that are comfortable. It took me awhile to decide if I should wear my normal size, a 7.5M or a 7M. After trying each one on, I went with the my usual size and I am glad I did. I get a lot of support from the Going Places Sketchers. I LOVE the slip on and slip off. No tying laces. They hold up well and the memory form is awesome. For someone with chronic back pain these sneakers are a lifesaver. I wear them all the time and my back and my feet are not killing me at the end of the day or night. I tried other types of Sketchers sneakers but these seemed to be the most helpful to me. I ordered another pair.

I walk a lot, and have trouble finding walking shoes that don’t cause blisters. This is my 3rd pair of these shoes, and they work perfect for me. I normally wear a size 7 shoe, but in athletic shoes (including these) I wear a 71/2, thus my fit rating of "somewhat small" as I think these may be small for someone who is a true 71/2.

Purchased these for a trip to Italy where I knew there was to be considerable walking. Honestly – the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They were lightweight, cool and not a bit uncomfortable – EVEN RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! Will be using this as my go-to sneaker brand from here on out. Crazy good shoes at a ridiculously low price ($25.00). Thanks Amazon and thanks Sketchers

I think these look lower profile than the description. Also, I have wide feet and a high instep and these fit great. I am excited to wear these with shorts and capris this summer. I normally wear an 8.5 but I usually order 9 in Skechers. They are perfect.

I am a huge sketches fan have been for a long time. I bought this shoe for work, I’m a nurse. They are super comfortable feel like you are walking on air, very cute design and I love how I can is it toss them in the washer when they need cleaning. I will give this shoe an overall rating of 4.5 stars, I took half a star away because I do think these skechers run a tad bit smaller than normal, I’m an 8.5 in all the other skechers I’ve owned but these are snugger than usual, they don’t squeeze or anything but they could be a little bigger I’m hoping that they open up with regular use, at this point I wouldn’t recommend going up a half size because if they do open over time then they will be a perfect fit. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and as usual skechers has delivered with style, comfort and versatility. I highly recommend this product.UPDATE:I’ve been using this shoe almost daily and it has become more comfortable, it has opened up and now fits perfectly. They have held up pretty well in the washer and under a scrubbing brush. I highly recommend.

I have plantar fasciitis so I am usually stuck in clunky athletic tennies. I was thrilled when I got these slimmer profile shoe and was able to wear them long extended periods of time without much pain. The padding in the shoe is very cushiony and the mesh top allows your feet to breathe better. I ordered a 2nd pair immediately and am considering ordering a third pair for future use. The price jumped from $38 to $49 however so I will wait and see.

I walk miles each day on a cruise ship for work, and cannot over state how comfortable these shoes are

I bought these for my mom. She said she forgot she was wearing shoes while at work. Being on her feet as a psw all day, light shoes that are comfortable are important.

So i got these for my wife, I got a size larger then she usually wears and they fit her JUST right. She loves them, They feel nice and look good. The only problem with them is there is no laces so if your wearing a certain type of sock they can kind of slip off. Any way good buy for the price!

These are the most comfortable walking shoes . I’m on my 3rd pair and would not hesitate to buy again. True to size. Highly recommend