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Lens width: 54 millimeters

Acetate frame

Glass lens


UV Protection Coating coating



Persol Po3059s Square Sunglasses Reviews

The 3059 model is a re-release (or re-imagining?) of some classic designs, and it really shows. Pictures do not do these frames justice — they are a classic look that would’ve looked right at home 50 years ago.I’m a particular fan of the "Terra Di Siena" frames as they’re a bit more interesting and fun than the standard tortoise or black. I think this particular color looks wonderful on anyone with brown or blonde hair; I think it would clash too much if you have very dark hair or even gray hair. The color is quite rich and interesting, and each pair will be slightly different due to the manufacturing process. My only gripe (a small one) is that Persol continues to insist on using their patented "Meflecto" hinge system. C’mon guys, get with the times and move to spring hinges already — more comfortable, more reliable, and modern. The lack of a spring hinge isn’t a dealbreaker, but it does mean that you probably can’t wear these if your face is too big as the arms just don’t open up very far.The blue gradient lens is a bit on the lighter side but even during bright days I don’t find myself wishing it were darker. It is sufficiently dark at the top of the lens to keep squinting to a minimum, and the gradiation is gradual enough to make a cell phone or instrument cluster quite readable. I’m not sure this particular lens would be my first choice if I were out on the water or the beach, as the lighter tinting at the bottom would probably not be enough to cope with the water or sand (two things which will absolutely reflect a lot of light). Still, with polarization, these lenses are great for general use. The blue is actually quite pleasant to look through and doesn’t distort color too badly. They don’t appear very blue from the outside either.

I was looking for a pair of square/rectangular tortoise shell frames with polarized lenses. These Persols met that requirement AND add beautiful blue-gray gradient lenses. They also appear to be authentic as noted by the cleanly etched “Persol P” lettering in the right lens and the Persol logo, followed by ‘Hand Made in Italy’ and then the letters CE along the right temple arm interior.Additionally, these Persols are very nicely balanced with a noticeable, but not overbearing heft. Great pricing too, and cheaper than buying from the Persol online website!

These Persols are great. They are hand made and the fit is perfect. The polarization of the lenses reduces glare to practically nothing. The lens color helps give definition to my surroundings and things look very clear. They have a sturdy case that offers excellent protection and the price is excellent, compared to RayBans or Oakley.

Can describe these puppies with one word: FAST. Do you like being the man? Then buy these shades. Literally all my boys hit me up like “dude where did you get those.” I have to lie and say they don’t make them any more because three of my friends now own them and just jack my swag all the time. Not to mention the ladies absolutely lose control when they see you in these. High quality production, the lenses are insane. I feel like i can see things more clearly in these. In all seriousness they are dope. Lost a pair once, immediately ordered the same exact ones again. I have no desire to ever own a different pair of sunglasses. Ever.

Persol makes great quality sunglasses with a timeless style. I already owned this style in black and wanted a different version. Looks great and not as dark as the black. Highly recommended.

lost my previous Persol exact model use for 3 yrs, dont want other brand take chance on this one… seems OK, fits seems the sane but polarization seems different on my previous one.

This is my first pair of persol sunglasses. I love them! They are light weight and look and fit great.