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mens Fire Boot Reviews

This is not my first pair, they are great boots

Having bought SWAT boots and the usual mid range boots for EMS work I was hesitant to purchase these boots. Boy, am I glad that I did. Six years ago I bought my first set of Haix boots. The sales associate told me that they take about two weeks to "break in". During those two weeks I was very aware that I was wearing boots. After those two weeks it’s like I was wearing a pair of my favorite slippers. I don’t even think about the boots any more. Before it was always "feet too hot, feet too cold, feet uncomfortable. Now, it’s "did I put on my Haix or did I leave on my favorite pair of slippers again?" It has now been six years and I have only had to purchase one replacement set of boots (as opposed to every six months with the SWAT). Another great point is that Haix has an agreement with NuShoe to fix minor problems with the boots. I will never wear anything else. I am a Haix believer for life.

I’ve owned Haix for my whole ems career and these boots are incredible. Comfortable, last long,no foot fatigue, and great customer service. And when you kneel down they bend just rite with your foot. I live in florida and these boots keep your feet cool and dry