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Sole: carbon composite 20 sole

Upper: made of microtech microfibre

Shoes Genius 10 Reviews

Sidi is a great and storied brand and I have owned earlier versions of the Genius before. But this is by far the most comfortable performance biking shoe I have owned. I suspect that has a lot to do with fit. The 42.5 (8 1/2) fit me like a glove with some welcome wiggle room in the toe box. I was new to the Double Techno-3 Push cable lacing mechanism. It does take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, there is no going back. The micro-adjusting is really nice. I use these shoes with Look Delta cleats on Look PP-396 pedals, which I swear by. The whole set up provides a very high level of performance and comfort. I buy new biking shoes roughly every 10 years. The Sidi Genius 10 are so worthy of the investment. I expect to get great use of them.

I’ve rode bikes for over 40 years now and have used many shoe brands and models over the years. First riding Sidi Genius models back in my Cat II/III racing days. Now that I’m long retired from racing I hesitated to spend the money, but have no reservations or regrets that I did. The latest model of the Sidi Genius is an excellent shoe. Light weight, super comfortable even after long hard, hot days in the saddle. Great power transfer with the foot bed and foot stability with the buckle system. It’s the best road cycling shoe I’ve ever used.

I like almost everything abut these cycling shoes. The adjusters work well and are easy to release. The hardware from my previous shoes were easy to install on these. These look nice and are comfortable. My only complaint is there’s a sewn strap that holds the adjuster that catches on my bike frame as I pedal. If it were stitched better this would not happen.

If you never had SiDi’s you should remember the sentence, “you get what you pay for” this is a replacement for my last pair of 5+years. Racing training indoors & out, in all temperatures year round in the MidAtlantic. They fit exactly like the last pair & take into account they should be snug,heel to toe box the strap isn’t a Boa, but it’s referred to as it’s similar with precision & will require you to become accustomed to. It’s a huge investment that I made before and happy to a second time.

I loved the value for such a great cycling shoe. However due to my own error I believe I ordered the wrong size. They are a little large with the 11.9 47 Was just wondering if there might be a possibility of getting an 11 1/2. This is my first pair of city shoes and usually I run a true 47 European.

This is the most comfortable, lightweight cycling show I have worn… The fit (I wear a “normal”, size 11) is perfect. Feet change a little from day to day and the ratcheting adjustment system keeps both shoes snug, but not too tight. This allows for a solid and noticeable transfer of power as I pedal. I’m very happy with my purchase and strongly recommend this product!

Great fit right out of the box but they’ve also stretched a bit during break in. Dual boa-like closure is secure and they snug up well. I expect these to last me many many miles.

The best of the best, 100% recommended, right size, color etc.

I have always bought Sidi shoes for road riding and mtb. They fit narrower feet better than others. Everything works well and they are comfortable.