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Hand-laid premium rubber over a 3.5mm neoprene core for flexible, waterproof, scent-free comfort

Multilayer rubber on the toe and heel plus a double-layer vamp of added support and durability

Rubber sole


Rubber, Neoprene

Embossed liner increases air circulation inside the boot, wicks moisture and is quick drying. Nylon Shank

Active Fit with adjustable neoprene gusset for easy on/off and a secure, comfortable fit on foot

Men's Alphaburly Pro 18" Hunting Boot Reviews

I am quite happy with my purchase of these boots. They are much easier to get on and off compared to a much older version of LaCrosse boots I have worn out, I don’t struggle at all. I have only worn these one time out deer hunting in rugged terrain I thought would be muddy and they worked great. I normally wear 10-10.5 in most footwear but these seem to run big and I probably should have returned for a size 9, they don’t come in 1/2 sizes. I have already recommended to friends and bought my wife a different pair of LaCrosee boots since my purchase.5 month Update – I have worn these on a weekly basis since purchasing. They are my go to boots while doing outside work in the winter; shoveling, snow blowing, walking the dogs in the country. I am very pleased with my purchase and the LaCrosse brand.

Have to start off by saying I was never a rubber boot fan but these defiantly were worth every dime I spent on them. Wore them six days straight driving deer in the swamps of Southern New Jersey feet stayed 100% dry and warm (weather was mid 30’s) probably logged a good 10-15 miles in them over the course of the week no blisters and the neoprene uppers were very comfortable & fit great on my legs and very easy to get off at the end of the day. Only thing keeping me from giving the boot 5 starts but absolutely would not stop me from buying them again was that the camo pattern did not hold up very well to 6 days of walking in the brush look at the pic I attached you can see clear difference between the upper portion of the boot that was protected by my bibs versus the toe and foot areas again this really isn’t a big deal (too me anyway) as they are a hunting boot & meant to take abuse

I got these because I have big calves. The description didn’t say a how big if the circumference was with or without the gusset being opened. I was very pleased that I could fit my fat calves and pants leg into the boots. The gusset is actually a collar at the top of the bootleg and you can tighten it it has more than enough room to accommodate big calves and pants leg. However you should get a boot puller it was hard getting them off. That’s a good thing because I wear the knee-high rubber boots when I’m on the side of the Hill brush cutting and it helps if they’re tight so that I don’t twist an ankle.

Comfortable, easy on and off, room for jeans inside -it takes some maneuvering to make that comfortable. They’re rated 0 to 70 degrees F which is partly why I choose this model so I can use them year round on the horse ranch. I think they’ll be great in the spring, summer and fall. Below about 20-25 F they aren’t warm enough, even with wool socks. I added Reflectix (foil covered bubble wrap) under the removable insole and that helped some -got the idea on youtube- but it won’t get me through a northern Minnesota winter so I bought another pair too- Alphaburly Pro 18" 1600G insulation. They arrived today so I haven’t worn them yet but there is a big difference in weight and the diameter around the toe – they’re a lot bigger which I hope translates into warmer. I have four pair of LaCrosse boots including a pair of Alpha muddy which are great and Ice Man -heavy and clunky but warm- I only use them when I don’t have to walk much like plowing snow or standing around for the farrier. I really like these Aphaburly Pro 18" boots. They’ll keep my feet comfortable and my pant legs dry.

Sooooo I searched and searched for a warm weather waterproof boot and finally decided to give these a try for my husband. We are in Hawaii and my husband is a hunter as well as a yard maintenance guy so we def needed something durable, safe, and waterproof. These so far have been great for him and he was super pleased. I sure hope they hold up and will try to update. It was hard for me to choose size since there were mixed reviews BUT he is an 11EE since they do t offer width in his size I went with the 12 and he is pleased with the fit.

I really like these boots. They are obviously not junk, and they look pretty good too! (Hey, even us Canucks have to make a bit of a fashion statement, even if it’s cold and nasty.) They fit true to size front to back, but are a little roomy vertically for me. No matter, they should actually have some air space — tight boots can make your feet colder, and hotter in warmer weather. Now for the rest of it. 1) This version (376001) does NOT have any thinsulate, only neoprene. However, I have been out hauling firewood in near-zero (Fahrneheit) weather and I found them comfortable. Not sure if I would want to be outside in this weather all day, though. 2) They are NOT 18″ tall. Apparently, the Chinese manufacturers are using a funny ruler, or perhaps their metric conversion is off. They are 16″ tall — shaft height is from the top of the sole, not overall. Even then, I can’t find a way to make these boots 18″ tall using my ruler no matter what. I found this disappointing, but not so much that I would return them. Be aware of these facts, because otherwise I recommend them!

Finally the rains have arrived and I can use my boots and offer a review. I bought these instead of replacing my "Dunlops" STSP PU Cold Weather and saved $100.00 can.First off- 4 out of 5 stars as I could not rate durability and wear. I will report back in a year or sooner if the boots fail in any way, or remain in good condition after the "working" I am about to put them through. I gave 4 stars for my initial impression (construction) and fit (perfect). I also love the "Realtree" design. The "Made in China" Lacrosse boot is definitely not the boot made in Europe last century, and its construction is not the same. Everything is glued (as one would expect on the bottom), including the cinch strap at the back of the calf. It will be interesting to see how the back holds up after taking the boots off 100+ times. I like the tread, good grip and it does not clog up after walking in mud. The rubber on the body of the boot seems pretty decent and reacts well when walking. The neoprene inner also seems pretty decent and is quite nice in the cooler weather ("wet coast" rain). The cinch strap at the back is glued into place on both sides and that will be one of the first places, along with the back of the heel, that I will look for wear and failure. The plastic tab on the cinch strap has a decent locking feature, and so far, holds the strap in place. I sure like the extra room offered by loosening the strap when tucking in the pant into the top of the boot. The ‘action’ (folding in front) when walking is OK and so far doesn’t rub or cause any concern. We will see if that holds up after walking many "klicks" during hunting season. I have used the boots in "the back 40", hiking (+crossing streams/creeks), and some basic homesteading, and so far I am pleasantly pleased. A very comfortable boot. I hope it lasts.

This Lacrosse boot fits extremely well, walks well on uneven ground and keeps your foot snug without rubbing. The only comment in a negative way is that being a “rubber” boot, my feet sweat when doing a lot of walking. None the less, an excellent buy and great product! Thanks Lacrosse

Fits well and very comfortable. After 14-15 days of hard hunting with a few hundred kilometres on ATV’s the finish is wearing off though. That’s the only downside.

The best rubber boot I have ever bought. Fits well, with enough room for wool sock. Has held up where other rubber boots have split and leaked on me. 1 year of daily use and going strong. Only complaint is if you dont do up the gussets they can and will clip your boots together on you.