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Turn your VIXIA camcorder into a high-quality webcam using its clean HDMI output

Video capture resolution: 1080p

Intelligent 5-axis Image Stabilization

Max focal length: 73.4

4K UHD 30p Recording

Genuine Canon 4K-compatible 20x Optical Zoom Lens and Wide 29.3mm Angle of View

Advanced Full HD

Canon VIXIA HF G50 4K30P Camcorder Reviews

I sold my 2013 Sony Camcorder to buy this one and I’m VERY glad I did. The image quality is amazing. It’s lightweight, easy to operate, the stabilization is very good, and on and on. I also bought the DM-100 mic and an extra battery and now I’m all set for the next vacation.UPDATED: 5/30/2019I took the camcorder on a recent 4 night cruise to Cuba. I noticed two problems.1. (Minor)You have to *really* push the record button to make sure you’re actually recording.I found a few occasions where I had the screen closed and hit the button thinking I was recording and then I’d check it a few minutes later and it didn’t actually record because I hadn’t pushed the button hard enough.2. (Major)In a practical setting such as walking around the ship while recording and aiming the camera at various scenes while walking around, I discovered later that it doesn’t really have built in stabilization. If you want rock solid footage, you’ll need to treat it like a regular DSLR camera that’s recording video; hold it firmly with both hands and keep the movements to minimum with slow and steady motion. The ironic thing was I recorded footage on the GoPro 7 with the hypersmooth on in the same manner while walking around the ship and the difference was staggering. Canon should figure out how to incorporate that type of stabilization into the camcorder; maybe license something from GoPro.

I picked this up as an upgrade to my HF G30, as I wanted to dip my toes in the 4K pool. I considered the Sony AX700, as I’ve had Sony camcorders in the past, but I valued 4K60 more than S-Log. Also, I was more familiar with the Canon menu system. Also, the Canon mic I had already purchased for the G30 works on the GX10.Anyway, I haven’t yet shot a lot of footage, but so far, so good. I played with the camera in a low-light situation. It was noisy, but I was pushing it to +38 dB. The daytime footage I shot looks nice. The battery lasted my entire day, although I wasn’t continuously filming.I had to upgrade the processor and graphics card in my editing PC (HP Z420) before I could work with the video files. (4K 60 @ 150 Mbps). The Wi-Fi remote has more features than the one on my G30. I like the improvements Canon has made. I’ve shot a little in Wide DR, I think for my purposes I won’t miss C-log, but I wish Canon had thrown that in. (As well as 10-bit 4:2:2. It’ll do 8-bit 4:2:2 externally.)I’m enjoying the built-in ND filters.I’ll probably post an update to this review later on when I have more time with the unit. So far, so good.

First, and foremost is the 4K video quality. Superb, really. Canon’s “Colour Science” comes through once again. Second: the value of this videocamera with the included features. High capture speed (per second) for 4K shoots assures quality. Use a U3 SDHC card ONLY for 4K shooting. I recommend the SanDisk ‘Extreme Pro” 128 GB cards. Yes, card(s), because this videocamera has two slots for cards. You can “relay” record for more capacity *or* choose to *simultaneously* use both “A” and “B” card slots to have “B” has an automatic backup. Amazon Canada’s pricing is actually very competitive with U.S. pricing. So, no need to shop south of the border. The lens hood is also a protector with a ‘switch’ to drop down the lens protector. Clever. Too many features and adjustments to mention. Go to Canon’s website for all the specs and details of features. *Highly recommended*. Dropped one star because I find the auto focus finicky at low light levels, but there are smart solutions and options for that. Again, go to Canon’s website for workarounds, including a couple of ways to manually focus if necessary. Out of the box, the “Auto” settings work very well in great to “reasonable” lighting situations. Enjoy! Again, 4K video resolution, colour and “depth” are amazing. Thanks, Canon!

I’ve been trying to record video presentations for church services using a point-and-shoot camera which was limited to 29 minutes per recording. This is much easier to work with and the recording quality is better. I’m still learning the finer points [how to use the white balance for example].