[6% OFF] 12 Cup Programmable Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker Machines Built in Hot Preservation Board Coffee Pot with Glass Carafe Permanent Filter Basket 60 Oz-Light Model-NEW CM8903 (As of 09/01/2021)


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☕Fully automatic with 24-hour Programmability: You set up time option before sleeping that you can enjoy the hot coffee immediately when you wake up. Brew strength control feature that you can select bold or regualer coffee flavor, meet your different style.

☕BPA-Free Plastic & SUS 304 Stainless Steel: Material safety with handle achieve easy and economical operation; perfect size for household use and easy-view water window

☕Keep Coffee Maker Clean: You can use the automatic self cleaning function to clean the inside of the electric coffee machine. Keep the machine clean, stay your healthy.

☕User-Friendly Design: The smart coffee maker built in LCD light screen, you can brew your coffee in dark place. Features an auto-off function, allowing the drip coffee maker to turn off after 1 minute inactivity to preserve battery life.

☕Keep Your Coffee Hot: Hotter brewing design ensure your coffee hot when brewing. Also The Hot Preservation function keep your coffee hot all the day for coffee lover. You can enjoy a hot cup of coffee whenever you want. The adjustable hot plate(temperature option) allow your coffee keep a temperature you like.

12 Cup Programmable Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Maker Machines Built in Hot Preservation Board Coffee Pot with Glass Carafe Permanent Filter Basket 60 Oz-Light Model-NEW CM8903 Reviews

It was time to upgrade our coffee maker, and we definitely made the right choice with this one. My favorite features are the permanent filter and timed brewing. I have to get up really early for work, so I just load it the night before, and it’s one less thing to think about. Really nice sleek appearance as well. It’s not bulky, which is good because we don’t have a lot of counter space. It would be suitable for apartment people! Great value for the price.

Perfect for my morning cup of coffee.Pros:- Sleek and stylish- Keeps coffee hot for up to 3 hours with the “Auto off” setting- Makes up to 12 cups of coffee- Reusable filter, so no need for disposable filters- Compact, small footprint- Very easy to cleanCons:- None as of yet, I guess. It just makes my coffee and I’m happy!This coffee maker also has a delayed start setting, but I haven’t tested that feature yet.

I have always purchased Cuisinart but thought I would try this brand as it looked comparable but not as expensive. Been using it for 3 days and really like it. It has various options for strength and carafe temp, also very important to me is auto on in the morning. The only “quirk” I don’t care for is it goes into “sleep mode” (energy saving?) and it always requires two button pushes to turn it on/off. One push to “wake it up” and then the actual function button you’re looking to use.

I have purchased Cuisinart coffee makers for years, but decided to give this brand a try as I needed a new coffee maker. I have had this now for one week.This coffee maker looks great, and the price was right. The instructions are horrible as the translation does not make sense, but after some playing around with the buttons I figured it out.It makes great tasting coffee on the bold setting. The warmer keeps the coffee piping hot. There is no setting for 1 to 4 cups like on my old Cuisinart, but that was not a deal breaker. I have yet to try the self clean setting, so I can not rate that function.Overall 4 stars because of poorly translated instructions. Would reccommend this machine.

Ok so like many have said, the manual is hard to read. It is SERIOUSLY poorly translated.However, the time function is great and even 2 hours after brewing (warming time is adjustable), the coffee is still PIPING hot.

We have had this coffee pot for about a week and we have no complaints about. Easy to use. Coffee is hot and not just warm and it stays hot and it makes great tasting coffee. Programmable to have hot coffee when i get up in the morning

I’ll start with what I love about this coffee pot. It’s hot! Yay! I hate cold coffee. There is this feature where you can push a button for bold flavor and that works amazingly well. Wow! I love that feature. I had Cuisinart for 12-13 years. It was a sturdy machine except it had one design flaw that in the end was what made the coffee pot fail. The lid broke… Anyway, if I was to compare this new coffee pot with my old Cuisinart, I would have to say this one feels fragile. The glass pot is thin, and the whole thing seems fragile. It’s good quality, but delicate. I recently was able to see a brand new Cuisinart and it seemed fragile too. So…IDK? But in saying all that, it definitely makes a better cup of coffee than the Cuisinart.What I find I don’t like is that you cannot put the pot or the filter in the dishwasher. Every day you have to wash it out and dry it. The lid doesn’t separate from the carafe so there’s no other option but to wash it and dry it by hand. The instructions were comical and confusing. It’s Chinese translated into English and a lot gets lost in the translation. I still don’t know how to do a lot of things with it. I figured out the basics, but the one main thing to know it’s DOUBLE click for on and DOUBLE click for off.So far, I like this machine pretty good. It’s a matter of getting used to it, I think.