[56% OFF] Prada TRIANGLE PR11RV Eyeglass Frames ROJ1O1-52 (As of 08/21/2021)


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Pink Havana PR11RV-ROJ1O1-52

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Prada TRIANGLE PR11RV Eyeglass Frames ROJ1O1-52 Reviews

FAVORITE purchase in a long time! Make sure you get width measurement before ordering (I took to Costco for lenses but I think they do lenses here also) It worked out well and I get compliments everywhere I go!

Wow, these frames are so pretty! They fit well, it was packaged nicely, and it was delivered sooner then expected. Oh, and the price is awesome! I first eyed these frames at Lens Crafters, which cost 280, not including taxes. I paid way less, the price was an absolute steal!

These frames are so adorable. I haven’t seen anything like them where I live and I was excited to get them and they met my expectations.

I don’t care of authenticity, because it is hard to say whether it’s real or fake these days. The CE is the original European mark as well as Made in Italy 🙂 It is beautiful, stylish frame and I am very please with the look. Also, even it it is not original, $118 is the great price for the quality and style.

These are my favorite glasses but couldn’t get new prescription in my old pair because my cat bent the frame by sitting on it. I was so happy to find these on Amazon! The color isn’t identical to my original pair, these have a rose color which is actually nice than the tortoiseshell style I had before