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The Package Length Of The Product Is 1 Inches

The Package Height Of The Product Is 1 Inches

Country Of Origin : Czech Republic

The Package Width Of The Product Is 1 Inches

Singing Rock Franklin Work Positioning Seat Reviews

I like this seat, but, the strap length adjustment clips could be better. When there is no weight on the clips they tend to loosen and the strap gets longer and you have to re-adjust the strap length. I’ll have to get it adjusted then use some black electrical tape to keep it in place and from getting loose. Let me say again, when the weight is removed from the strap adjustment clip it can slip. It does not seem to slip when the straps and clips are under a load. Other than the adjustment clip this seems to be a nice hanging seat that I will use a lot! There are not any reviews on this hanging seat so I’m sharing my experience with you. I also noted it’s only 2.5kn. So this seat will not handle much of a short drop. It is rated for 650 lbs so it’s fairly tough. The entire seat is rigid, like it has a curved steel plate inside. The ENTIRE bottom of the seat is Bright Yellow with the Singing Rock Logo. So anyone under you looking up when your using the seat will see this large bright yellow logo (not shown in any pictures) I’ll paint it black with some fabric paint. But there is not many choices for a seat like this in this price range so it will have to do.I’d like to thank Amazon and The Great Outdoors Store for offering this item for a reasonable price. Thanks and good climbing. By!

Arrived withing a couple of weeks from The good ol USA to Australia.Use it everyday, love my Singing Rock chair!

Extra D rings and Comfort. The price was great also. I’m using this for rope access work on the side of building.