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Gray – 1500-Watt

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Adjustable temperature control for grilling a variety of foods. “Ready to Grill” indicator light. Illuminated On/Off switch.

1500 watts of power: Ideal for searing steaks, hamburgers and more: Delicious seared flavor.

Aluminum Grill Plate: Double coated durable porcelain enamel non-stick finish. Lifts out for easy clean-up. Provides an even, consistent grilling temperature.

Grill plate surface 14-5/8″ x 9-5/8″ (141 square inches). Overall grill size 18-15/16″Lx 11-7/8″Dx4-1/2″H

Healthy cooking: Grease and oils drain away during grilling. Stainless steel drip tray, removes for in sink or dishwasher cleaning.

Chef'sChoice 878 Professional Indoor Electric Grill with Removable Nonstick Plate Stainless Steel Drip Tray and Features Adjustable Temperature Control Reviews

I’ve had this grill about 3 months and it has earned a permanent spot on my countertop. I use it all the time. I highly recommend getting the griddle top also. It turns this grill into a very versatile device.I love to grill outdoors but it’s not always practical if it’s raining or just too hot or cold out. Cleanup is easy, the grill/griddle tops and the drip pan fit in my sink, I use a brush with warm soapy water on them, then a quick wipe on the rest of the unit seems to keep it clean.Tip: I thought the grill was broken because it wouldn’t heat up any more. I eventually discovered that there is a safety switch for the drip tray. If the tray isn’t pushed in all the way the grill won’t heat up.

Have used the grille twice. Despite my husband’s fear that it wasn’t big enough, it has grilled two pork steaks and turkey burgers. Is much easier to clean than our old grille.

I like the grill (also separate purchase: griddle plate), but wish I knew what the temperature (degrees) the dial 1-10 represents. It seems that it could heat a little higher that it does. I have been using it and will continue doing so as it has been great for breakfast meals.

Sometimes I feel like eating steak, or maybe a hamburger, but just don’t want the bother of turning on the big patio grill and so end up frying in a pan on the stovetop. Well, this indoor grill is so much better than that. At 1500 watts it’s more powerful than a George Foreman indoor grill (although it doesn’t cook on two sides at the same time the way the Foreman does), has 10 heat settings (although the first 6 seem too low to me for doing much, but perhaps I just haven’t yet found the perfect food to cook at those low settings), a reliable on/off switch, and a "Ready to Grill" indicator light.The grill cooking surface is a good size: 14 5/8" X 9 5/8". You can cook 4-6 hamburgers, depending on their size, and several chops or steaks, again depending on size, and lots of hot dogs or sausages. A small family will find this very convenient for easy meals. And the flavor of the grilled meats is very good, not quite as good as when you fire up the big guns on the patio, but much better than what I get when I cook with the George Foreman grill. (Please don’t tell George I said that. I’d been faithful to him for so long.)And the best part of all for lazy me is the easy cleanup. The grill surface is non-stick ceramic coated. After use, let it cool down and just lift it out to remove and wash it. And the drip pan? Easiest cleanup ever. Since the drip pan is to be filled with water during grilling, no drippings stick in it. So just empty and wash. No scrubbing needed.This is quite the handy grill. Only problem for me is storage when not in use. It’s too large to leave on my kitchen counter and there is no space in my cabinets for it. However, since I live in Florida, I’m leaving it on a counter outside in an area of the patio which is under roof. Problem solved.

I tried this with some burgers and sausages and it worked very well. The drain worked well – I like that the cooking surface fits over and around the heating element so that the drips don’t get on them. I found the drain pan very easy to clean if you do it right away. The surface was harder. Because it wraps around the heating elements there are nooks that the grease fills up and makes it hard to clean on the bottom. The grease also gets all over the whole frame, inside and out, which makes it harder to clean.Two big drawbacks though:1. Power level. There isn’t a clear difference in the sliding heat dial. You can turn it up or down but I couldn’t find anywhere that the dial corresponded to a certain temperature. In the book, it says to heat to a certain degree but doesn’t say what the means for the dial. So I put it to full.2. Messiness. There really needs to be a grease screen or something for the splatter. This is made specifically for indoor use, but using it is incredibly messy. I’ll post some pictures to show you. grease was literally all over the place.In the end, this is a really great thing to have but it’s a lot of work to use.

I have grilled salmon, and chicken so far. Grilling has been very easy, and cleaning is also easy. All in all, a great indoor grill which will get lot’s of use.