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The Fortnite fleet force bundle with special Joy-Con will be launching June 4, so stay tuned for more information.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Fortnite fleet force bundle includes a uniquely Designed blue Joy-Con (L) and a yellow Joy-Con (R) Emblazoned with Fortnite imagery inspired by the game’s character, peely.

It also includes 500 v-bucks and a download code for an in-game Pack with cosmetic items, such as a unique glider and electric-claw pickaxe.

Nintendo Joy-Con L/R Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle Reviews

Way too expensive for what they are, and plagued with software and hardware bugs. Recalibrating them from the main menu sometimes works, but sometimes they just quit working correctly. I bought these to replace the stock ones that got stuck with one of the sticks always pushing "up". It’s also annoying not having a proper d-pad. I understand why they had to do it this way, but it makes certain games really difficult.

They’re joy-con. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re exactly as advertised. It could be my imagination, or maybe the fact that I played with my original ones for hundreds of hours before getting a second set, but these seem to be even more well-made and slightly more hefty than the ones that came with my Switch. I don’t know if there have been any hardware changes to the Joy-con since I bought my Switch last March, and it very well could just be in my head, but they feel nice and it’s great to have an extra pair around when I have friends over to play ARMS. I bought a charging base that charges two joycon and one pro controller, and I rotate out which joy-con are attached to my Switch and which ones are loose so they’re being used evenly to hopefully increase their lifespan. It’s really nice to be able to keep a pair connected to the Switch and have another pair to use when in docked mode, since some games feel really nice with the joy-con rather than the pro controller, and I can still just pull my Switch out of its dock with the other pair already attached. It’s a great way to keep all four charged too, since they charge on the Switch in its dock as well as on the separate base.

Works great especially with a Comfort Grip!(The one in the photo is my usb Charging Comfort Grip that I purchased along with the Joy-Con’s)Nice, matte finish with a retro color scheme. Probably my favorite colors for Joy-Con’s so far, and great little joysticks with great deadzone/responsiveness. The HD Rumble is by far the best in the business in the universe of gamepads in my opinion.I know some people have complained about the d-pad, but I personally like the singular buttons when playing with a full controller. I also have read positive reviews of the overall toughness of the controllers(along with the actual Switch), and I wasn’t sure until I actually dropped my old Blue/Red setup with absolutely no problem whatsoever. =)Overall, the Switch is the next N64, and I’ll probably be using these little guys for a long time. Way to go, Nintendo!

Love the yellow! If you’re into bright, fun neon colors, this is definitely the controller for you! Don’t take my word for it – check out the pictures I posted. Looks and feels just like my neon red/blue controllers that came with the system.Honestly, no clue what the other reviewers are talking about with respect to shorter travel distance of the L/R buttons – I really don’t see it, and I’m comparing directly against my neon red/blue controllers. I think maybe they’ve just broken in the red/blue controllers a bit more. I literally tried my red/blue and yellow side-by-side and they feel exactly the same for all the buttons with respect to travel distance, click-feel, etc.Also, the yellow color on the box really doesn’t do the controllers justice. They’re far more bright/neon than how they look on the box.

It looks super nice on my switch, arrived fine and shipped in time.Color collectors, be aware that they, for some reason, reversed the color combination from the EU/JPN versions. Those ones are left green, right pink, whereas the NA version is left pink, right green.

– Works as expected- Colors almost as expected (orange is not as bright as I thought and looks a little too yellowish for my taste)- Nice mix n match with the other controllers