[37% OFF] Men's PRO TREK Stainless Steel Japanese-Quartz Watch with Resin Strap (As of 08/31/2021)


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Black – 23.77 Model: PRG-600-1CR

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Case / Bezel Material: Resin / Stainless Steel

Screw Lock Crown / 100 M Water Resistance

Water resistant to 100m (330ft): in general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving

Silicon Band / Mineral Glass / NeoBrite

Case Diameter: 51.5mm

Compass & Triple Sensor: Altimeter / Barometer / Thermometer

World Time (29-Time Zones) / 1/100-Second Stop Watch / Countdown Timer

Men's PRO TREK Stainless Steel Japanese-Quartz Watch with Resin Strap Reviews

This watch is amazing. I’m not a typical “sensor” or multi function guy. I like style, form, and finish, usually Citizen or Seiko. I travel to China for work and I wanted something cheap and simple to display China time and home time in one glance. This fit the bill and I liked it’s look better than other variants of the same model. Now that I have the watch, wow! It’s rugged, light weight, solar, easy to read, and stylish enough for the office and after hours. After some minor calibrations I find myself checking the weather outlook with the barometer, checking temp, and just love all the features. After perusing the manual, it is quite easy to set up and calibrate. For the price this is an insane bargain! Buy this watch, you will not be disappointed!

I really liked the looks of the PROG 600 1CR as pictured in all on of the videos and Amazon ads. But I had a few reservations. I figured I would buy it and then make my decision when I had it in my hand. Here were my concerns. First I was really concerned about the size. Secondly I wasn’t real crazy about the silver bezel. The best I can figure out is there are a lot of guys out there with tiny wrists. My wrists aren’t big, 7.25 inches, and let me say this watch looks great on my wrist. Funny thing, under normal lighting and not the scrutiny of the lens and flash of a product shot and the bezel seems to reflect darker shades of light causing it to drop back out of noticeable sight thereby reducing the what might seam to be a larger footprint . So my initial concerns vanished in the first few seconds out for the box. I have 20 watches, I think this is my new EDC, (every day carry).Things to know. There is no Sunrise Sunset. It will not save a bearing while in compass mode. Good news, I really don’t use those functions much. I like those functions on my 9400 Rangeman and the bearing saver on my Mudmaster GG1000, but they are not that important, as long as the compass points north and indicates a bearing then Im just fine with the PRG 600 1CR . Which brings me to a very important point. The 1CR is a positive digital display. I will never buy a negative display again, you just can’t read them when you need to. Keep in mind the Hand Sto feature makes up for the lack of the two I mentioned.To wrap it up I ordered this watch a total of 3 times. Two times I cancelled the order because of the first two reasons I opened with in addition to the fact that who in their right mind needs 20 watches??? I’m glad I ordered it a third time and did not cancel the order. This is one nice watch. If you think you want it, trust me, get it. You will not look back.

Been looking for along time. Was going to get the SUUNTO Core, actually purchased it. I did not want GPS, I was more interested in a watch with ABC and a long battery life. The Core was great, but right after I purchased it I saw the Pro Trek in this color. REI had a blue and a green version I did not like. I took a chance and ordered this. I had it side-by-side with the Core. It is MUCH better looking in my opinion. The Core looks good, but then started looking outdated with the display. I love actual hands and how they move depending on your function. Plus with the stainless bezel, I think this will age nicely. And for long trips (I like to camp and backpack), I don’t have to worry about the watch needing a charge or a battery dying. The Core battery lasts 12 months, this one should be years before a replacement is needed. So I returned the Core and now have the Pro Trek for daily wear. It goes with everything! Note – I don’t like the look of most of the other Pro Treks. This one really stood out with the colors, minimalist style, and placement/size of buttons.

TBH I’ve been looking for a watch that would replace my previous diver’s watch which served me very well for over 20 years. It was a self winding but started to show it’s age by not holding a charge for a few hours. So I came across a solar powered watch that I could use in the shower, gym, work etc. A watch I would not ever need to charge or have to wind or if I took it off not have to worry if it’s going to tell the right time when I next pick it up. Well let me tell you my research paid off, However I could’ve gone down the rabbit hole with the many versions and levels Casio has to offer (don’t get me started on the G-shock upper level stuff) anyways this is the proper fit for me. The look, feel, functionality of this watch is superb. Everytime I happen to glance at this watch I smile. It was such a smart purchase the quality is beautiful and thoroughly satisfying ❤️.Dean S.

This watch is brilliant, it has every thing I need and more.It not only looks lovely but it’s comfortable and really quite simple to use after reading through the instructions. It has to be my favourite watch of all time and a big thumbs up to Casio as they’ve really nailed it with this one. I recommend this to anyone who is thinking of buying it and I really can’t praise Casio enough 10 out of10 🙂

I wanted a watch with an analogue face and compass feature (this has a compass “arm”, not just dots to point north) that still looks good. This fits the bill. It does have a lot of features and you still have to dig through menus to access some of those features, but the compass and altimeter have their own dedicated buttons and the barometer is easy to access.I have small wrists, but the watch has a huge range of adjustment to fit various wrist sizes including mine. It is not the thickest watch, but it’s still thick, so if you are wearing multiple layers of clothing with snug wrists (it’s currently bug season where I am), rolling up your sleeve to check the time or use a feature will require more effort than slim watches.I have multiple watches and this is my first solar charged watch and I’m hoping that keeping it charged won’t require a lot of effort in the long run.

I have many (!) watches, the Pro Trek just beats them all. Next to the good look, it’s very comfortable to wear and easy to read in all light situations. It’s tough like a G-Shock, classy like a Seiko, and with it’s functions useful like a Smartwatch – but solar-powered it never needs a thought about battery life! If I could only have one watch – this is the one. The strap can be easily changed, I am extremely happy with my purchase!

This is a great product for everyday use. I wanted something easy to read, looks decent, multiple alarms and this fits the bill.My only dislike is that I do not lead an overly aggressive lifestyle. I am close to pension age, do regular outside chores, swim etc. I have scratched the glass face twice and not sure how! For a watch that appears to promote itself as suitable for the younger, flat stomach, tough mudder traveling lifestyle, I am surprised and disappointed.Honestly a great looking, well-performing product for the price point with this as the only flaw I have experienced.