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Gray/Ivory – French Inspired Perfect for All Home Décor – 2' 0 x 6' 7 Runner

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Size in FT: 2′ 0 x 6′ 7 – Size in CM: 61 x 201 – Pile Height & Thickness: 1/3 – Colors: Gray Ivory Dark Gray

In case of creases – roll the rug in the opposite direction while applying pressure to the rug – take the edge flip it where there is a crease and slowly pull the rug back while applying a downward pressure on the crease

Easy to clean just follow these instructions: As long as it’s a short-pile indoor rug we recommend spot cleaning with resolve and regular vacuuming is recommended – you can use a carpet cleaner (shampooer) but it should be dried immediately and evenly

Pile: Polypropylene – Backing: Jute – Weave: Machine Woven (Power Loomed) – Made In: Turkey

Easy-to-clean stain resistant and does not shed – underlay (rug pad) recommended to prevent slipping and sliding


Unique Loom Sofia Collection Area Traditional Vintage Rug Reviews

Overall impression: I like/love it. Obviously I ordered 4 of them in total. You can’t beat the price and overall the rug looks really nice. It’s a pain to flatten and to get all the folds and kinks out but if you work it enough it’ll happen. I’d recommend giving this rug a shot if you’re thinking about it.Pro’s:- The price is nearly unbeatable especially for the size. I ordered (2) 8×10’s and (2) 6×9’s and to get a quality 8×10 rug for under $100 is nearly unheard of.- Nice image quality. From a distance the rug looks great. Beautiful pattern giving it a nice worn-vintage look.- Arrived quickly. Every rug I ordered said it would take four business days and it always took two. Bonus!- Low odor. Not bothersome but aired out quickly enough.Cons:- A pain to flatten out. 3/4 carpets came with FOLDS in them which is kind of a pain to work out. Lots of “kneading out” and use of weights and other heavy objects but eventually it does the trick.- Up close the design looks very “pixilated.” You can probably see from a few of my close-up shots. This doesn’t really bother me because even though I’m a stickler for details I’m not going to be staring at my rug up-close but it might bother some people.- One of my rugs came with what looked like bird poop on it. I noticed some other reviewers mentioned this too so at least I’m not going crazy. It’s disappointing but returnable so not a huge issue but quite inconvenient to have to send something so big back.Other note: I drove myself crazy looking at images of the rugs trying to get a sense of true color. This rug has a sort of “light/dark effect” depending on which way you are looking at the rug (photo example #2 and #3). From one direction the rug has a lighter softer gray coloring but if you walk to the other side and look at it it’s a darker charcoal-ish gray look so quite literally- the rug looks lighter or darker depending on how you look at it. This might be helpful to know before you buy.Hope this helps someone!

Love love love my rug! Looks exactly as described. It’s thin but super soft! Only thing I think they should change is to use a tube of some kind in the center to roll the rug up instead of folding the rug then rolling it. It ended up causing a long crease at the end of the rug on one side and made it harder to flatten it out. Other then that it is excellent and you can’t beat the price!!

Okay guys. I searched and read the reviews for a variety of rugs on amazon and I chose this large 9×12 even though there were some reviews stating that the wrinkles don’t come out or that there’s a misprint on the rug. Yes the way they ship the rugs isn’t ideal for us but it makes sense why they do it. When I opened it up a very informative piece of paper literally tells you to unfold the rug then immediately RE ROLL it on its back side for a “few minutes”. I let it sit for like half hour but couldn’t contain my excitement and guess what! Within two days all wrinkles were completely gone. So yeah… there’s that. Also. It’s very thin but you can always purchase a felt mat for underneath the especially if you have tile like me. I have two young kids and a boxer so this was not only budget friendly it was also family friendly. My onlY disappointment is the slight smell it came with… but I vacuumed it every day for a few days and it was gone. All in all I’d purchase another one. Thanks for reading!

It is thin but soft. I would have felt it was great (especially for the money) but it is folded up so tightly that after over two weeks the carpet still has big indents/folds and it still won’t sit flat. I wish I could take it back but it isn’t worth the hassle. I waited a few weeks for it to straighten up because I read the other reviews and I thought the kinks would probably come out but now I wish I took the advice of the other reviewers. I hope this review encourages the sellers to change the way they repackage it.

I LOVE this rug! Beautiful amazing price and hides all the dirt my messy boys track into the house! Win. Win. Win.

the rug is NOT worn like the picture on Amazon. Looks digitally reproduced! I guess you get what you pay for. Arrived 5 days early so that was good but looks nothing like the picture 🙁

Doesn’t really look much like the pictures pattern is a bit off/ lines that should be straight aren’t straight.A lot thinner than expected. Paid less for an Ikea area rug that is far thicker and better quality.

Very pleased with carpet it arrived when they said it would.

Excellent value for money