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Solar, 6 month power reserve once fully charged, stopwatch, alarm, one-way rotating elapsed time bezel, LumiBrite hands and markers, screwdown crown, pushers & caseback

SNJ025 Prospex Men's Watch Black 47.8mm Stainless Steel Reviews

I can’t believe they brought back “the Arnie”. I bought this watch back in 1983 while stationed in Japan with the U.S. Air Force! This was well before it became the “Arnie”. It was my favorite watch for everything from performing radar solar bore sights to scuba diving, when I later moved to Hawaii. I recently had the original refurbished and amazingly, it still works. This remake of the original is solar powered and the fit and finish is as good or better than the original. I am so impressed that Seiko decided to remake the Arnie. This watch is awesome and truly one of the most handsome sport watches ever made. Way to go Seiko!

I don’t typically take the time to write a review on a product, but this is an exception. Thank you Seiko, for updating and reintroducing a timeless classic! In 1983 I received the H558 for graduation, and literally wore it everyday for close to 20 years. I went through 3 rubber wrist bands and several batteries during this time. I never really got on the “Arnie” bandwagon, because I already owned the watch before I saw it in the movies. I remember seeing it and thought, “hey, he’s got MY watch!” I remember the watch being pretty expensive, up around the $500 mark. Which back then, was quite a bit of money, especially for a high school kid.I don’t wear a watch as a fashion statement. To me a watch is an indispensable tool that I relied on and wore every day and night, no matter what I was doing. Rock climbing, diving, snorkeling, cave exploring, boating, biking, surveying, etc. For it’s 3rd or 4th battery change (I can’t remember), I sent it to Seiko to have them go through it, replace the seals and install a new battery sometime in the late 90’s. I’m glad I did, because apparently they stopped making that model in 2000. Once that battery died, I retired the watch because I was tired of dealing with the battery change every 3-4 years. I opted for their dive watch with the automatic jeweled movement. I was very happy with that model for many years, but it began losing quite a bit of time, like 2-3 minutes a day. I missed the accuracy of my old watch, but didn’t want to have to deal with the batteries.I discovered that Seiko brought out a new watch last year, with the same look, feel and operation as my old one… I bought it immediately! Knowing my history with the old watch, here is my take on the new one: I absolutely could not be more pleased with it. Size wise, the new watch is a small amount larger diameter than the old one. The screw down push buttons and crown are a little more obtrusive than the old one, which makes it look even bigger. However, they are very user friendly and function well. I like the screw locks on the buttons, because it protects them from being accidently pushed and changing the mode the watch is in. The LCD screen works just as well as the old one, but the new watch has a much brighter LED light in it. The functions are the same as the original, with multiple time settings, day/date, stopwatch and alarm. The new silicon band is much more comfortable and forgiving over the old band material. My wrists are kind of small, but the new watch, being even larger than the old one, wears well and is very comfortable. I think the thing that I am most excited about is the fact that it is solar powered. In the pictures (old watch on the left), you can kind of see the face of the new one being a little off black, or brownish, so that is apparently the solar panel. I find that it charges quickly, even under office lights, and has a readout that tells you the battery level. So if it is running low, go outside and do something! It has the accuracy of a fine quartz movement, without ever having to change the battery, ever again.In closing, there are many brand names with flashier watches, and more expensive automatic jeweled, solar or kinetic movements, but I consider this to be a durable “working” tool with a long heritage. Seiko is the only brand watch that I will buy, and only time will tell if this one can withstand the daily abuse I plan to put it through. But if it is anywhere near the quality of the old one, I have confidence it will last me a lifetime. Thank you Seiko!

Love this “Arnie” solar remake from Seiko! Always been a fan of the analog/digital watch. Alarm lasts about 10 seconds. Military time. Only 1 alarm. Light illuminates digital section. Lume on watch hands is great. Band is comfy. Great remake of an iconic watch.

I bought three of these I like it so much. Watches are very personal, so it comes down to whether this watch will work for you aesthetically. Functionally it’s a home run. It has a clean, RELATIVELY uncluttered dial making it very legible. It keeps very good time as all quartz movements should. The digital functions are the ones used most by me. No extra stuff, like “zip code detector” or whatever (the Casio “60” function watches….). It’s definitely on the larger side of things. The pushers are so so, perhaps my only complaint if there is one. But overall, this watch does everything I need and want, with no need for batteries (just grab it and go), and looks good too. The Arnie connection is just an unexpected plus I guess. Would I prefer sapphire crystal? Sure, but Hardlex is pretty good, and you get fairly easily retrofit a sapphire crystal. The crystal sits ever so slightly below the rotating bezel that offers just a slight bit of additional scratch protection. The one thing I really don’t like is the metal keeper, and yet the stock strap is extremely comfortable. Very flexible. I live in two locations, so I bought two to always have one at the ready for outdoor needs. But even indoors, the watch is great and has VERY nice lume that will still be readable at 5 am. The digital window is small but still very legible in pretty much all lighting conditions, indoors and out. That’s without the use of the supplemental light. You don’t need to go to youtube to get a refresher course every time you need to set the time or operate the functions (like some Casio analog/digitals I own). So this is another home run by Seiko. Fabulous watch. Again, if I had to find some fault it would be the pushers that seem a little “cheap” but function fine, the cost is a little higher than I would expect, lack of a sapphire crystal, and lastly the metal keeper. But those are easily overlooked (or modded) by all the great functions of this watch.

Legit product. Never in a million years thought I’d own this. I’m 40yrs old. A kid who loves the 80’s movies. Commando started my affinity towards diving watches. This model just has THAT LOOK!!!! I own the SKX007 as well, but when this baby was released I knew I had to have it. This is a legit product. I’ve checked the serial number to seiko’s website.Anyway, seiko made this old 80’s kid super happy.

I have a small Citizen collection for everyday wear and a casio DW for work. I’ve always wanted to add a Seiko but witch one?I went with the stunning Seiko prospex famously known from Predator. An absolute gem. Fits every style.Solid build, confy, solar powered, rotating/push crowns, digital display with lighting and easy to set up. The watch goes into sleeping mode in a dark environment to save on energy.The watch itself is not as bulky as it seems. Bracelet is smooth but slightly long. Fits my small wrist perfectly. Love that watch!