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Resin frame


UV Protection Coating coating

Polycarbonate lens

Offers 100-percent UVA and UVB protection

Stylish, sport-focused sunglasses with 20.3 polycarbonate lenses


Bollé ANACONDA Reviews

This is my second pair of these glasses which are a great buy for the money. I wear them everyday and keep them in the case when not using them. I only replaced them because I lost them after TWO years of daily use- if not, I would still be using them. The lenses are great and do not scratch!

I previously had a pair of Bolle sunglasses, and I really liked them. Unfortunately I payed no attention to the name of the sunglasses, only the brand. Those glasses were destroyed by a lawn mower, so I decided I wanted another pair of Bolle sunglasses since I liked my late glasses so much. I purchased these in an attempt to find the exact replacement for my old glasses, and for the most part these Anaconda glasses met my expectations. The only reason I do not give them a full five stars is that the nose piece is somewhat hard and leaves a mark on my nose if I wear them for more than an hour. So long road trips can become a little uncomfortable and sometimes I take them off on a trip just for this reason. The previous pair I had somehow did not bother my nose or leave a mark, and I wish I had paid attention to which glasses those were! Oh well. These are really nice and I’ll stick with them.

the instructions say not to leave on the dash board of a hot car. I’ve had Bolle glasses before and that was never an issue, so I left them in the storage compartment underneath my stereo head unit. After a month or two, micro bubbles formed in the finish on the frame (lenses are OK). These have not gotten worse in the months that followed. Other than the bubbles, these are awesome sunglasses.

I love these sunglasses as this is my second pair. I have worn a lot of sunglasses over the years and these are my favorite because of the polarization of the lens, the way these fit and stay on no matter what. I had bought my first ones back in 2007 and still wear them today even though the rubber grips on the nose and frame had wore off back in 2010. That didn’t stop them from staying on my face either. Needless to say I was excited to receive my second pair so I can finally retire my first pair.

I needed a pair of driving glasses and I was fed up of rite aid cheapies. This pair appealed to me and the good reviews convinced me to get them. I’ve been using them for the last couple days in my truck and they lightly shade your eyes, removing the need for squinting and getting rid of road glare. These glasses are crystal sharp and I love that. I personally like a neutral gray shade and this what I was looking for. It also includes a case and cleaning cloth. The case is fantastic. I am able to keep it on my dashboard and it’s easy to put the glasses away into a scratch-free cocoon.I highly recommend these glasses!

Even in looking at the picture of these sunglasses when I am writing this review two things stick out to me, one is that the glasses appear rounder in the picture than they actually are and second, bigger than they actually are. Nevertheless I still love these glasses. I work in an office environment with lots of security and people often mistake me for a bodyguard with these. I would buy again

I looked and looked to find a pair of shades comparable to Serengeti Pisa that I have had for years. Pair after pair and no luck.I finally found the Bolle Anaconda, after trying almost all the sport sunglasses Bolle has on the market. These are comparable in size to the Pisa, lightweight, and fit my face perfectly. The polarizing in these glasses is great and they fit snugly to your head.I use these for golf, cycling, and any outdoor activity because they stay on your face. Highly recommended. BTW – I ordered another pair with the polarized amber lens.

Fabulous glasses! I have had pairs of these for years but sadly they no longer want to deliver to Hungary so they lost my order and I bought others just as good but cheaper!😆

I bought it for everyday wear and sailing. I like very much the grippy rubber pads on the bridge of the nose and on the stems behind the ears, they really help these sunglasses to stay in place. I even dived into the sea once still wearing them and they did not come off.They are on the tight side, but absolutely not uncomfortable.

These are great sunglasses, comfortable to wear and look good. My only gripe is that, in their case, they are too big to fit comfortably in a jacket pocket. So I tend to leave the case at home.

I find these sunglasses dark and comfortable. It is always a gamble buying specs on line but they were a great price! Oh, and they look good too!