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CUSIMAX Stainless Steel Toaster – Bread Toasters 4 Extra Wide Slot with Bagel/Defrost/Cancle Function,6 Shade Settings with Removable Crumb Tray

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√ Convenient 4 slice Toaster—The 4-slice Toasters offer a variety of functions for everyday use for you. Toast or thaw 4 slice of bread at the same time, let you enjoy a healthy breakfast quickly. Ideal for various kinds of bread like whole meal bread, white bread, bagels, frozen waffles, buns,burger and etc.

√ Easy to Use—Place the bread into the slots of this toaster(ATTN: The default setting for this toaster is double-sided heating, it means that you just need to place the bread slices into the slots of it, then it’ll start working automatically, you don’t need to press down any buttons(cancel/ bagel/defrost)). Then press down the lifting rod and select the level of shade that you want- from 1(the lightest) to 6(the darkest), the bread will pop up automatically once done.

√ Smart Toaster—Dual independent cancel, defrost and bagel buttons with LED indicators. 6-settings brown shade from 1 (light) to 6(dark). High lift lever automatically pop up and shut-off allowing easy remove of all kind of bread. Cancel function allows you to end toasting at any time. Bagel function toasts cut side of bagels. Defrost function efficiently thaws and toasts frozen bread.

√ 4 Wide Slots—5.5 inches long slots design and 1.4 inches extra wide slots are accommodating for a variety of shapes and sizes of bread from sliced bread to hamburger buns. Removable crumb tray clean easily and keep fresh smelling for your bread.

Toaster 4 Slice Reviews

Looks good, like the blue light. Toasts evenly. Does bagels great on setting 3. Like the fact that the toast pops up and is easy to remove.

New year, New toaster!!!. I LOVE the 4 big slots, stainless and shiny. I really really like the emovable crumb tray for each 2 slices of bread. I do not have to shake my toaster anymore.The options for bagel and defrost is an added benefit.

I have probably bought and returned at least 12 toasters in the last 5 years. Primary reason was inconsistent toasting. Most partially toast, leaving a 1/4-1/2″ border margin or toast well on one side, but not the other. NOT this toaster.This toaster actually consistently toasts the ENTIRE BREAD or BAGEL EVENLY. I was beginning to think getting consistent, even toasting was a dream that would never be realized. No more. If you want a great toaster, this one is for you.

This is a great toaster. Bought as a replacement for one we had for years, which basically just gave us warm bread. This actually provides evenly browned toast which is crisp. The cancellation button is a great feature, allows to shot off without forcing the handle up during operation. Haven’t tried a bagel yet but I am confident it will be great. The slots are good size without being too big.The shape and size is perfect for my storage area and it was a good price. Totally happy with this purchase.

It toasts to light brown in about 3.5 minutes. Bagel setting works well but you need to adjust the timer higher for bagels. Heating elements light up red so you can see which ones are on, unlike our B&D that we donated to Goodwill after purchasing this one. The knobs light up in a nice blue so you can see which options are being used. Cancel button works great, all toasters should have this! Haven’t tried the defrost setting yet so I can’t comment on that.

We just received our order for the Cusimax toster. As you can see, we can’t wait to use it on our freshly baked bread.. yummy..So far the Cusimax toster looks amazing In the kitchen. It blends well with the rest of the appliances.. it looks very easy to use.. we are going to love the defrost option. Also the cancellation option is a big plus..More to follow after we use it a few times.. Update, we’ve used this toster and it works great.

Pros:Smooth operation.Even toasting.Bagel setting works great, just know which side turns off before use so you toast the cut side of your bagel not the outside.Cord is longer than our last toaster.Great value for the $.Crumb trays are easy to pull out and clean.Cons:None

the wide slot feature is great ,the controls are easy to read and maneuver with for toasting I see that there is a redeemable card for a gift which is a nice way of saying we appreciate your business if this is the spot to redeem a gift we would like your knife sharpener I’m sorry I could not provide a picture as my computer is not allowing me to do so

Ordered this toaster and arrived 2 days later. Just in time for weekend toasting. Set the toasting level at half on both sides and popped in 4 slices of bread. It toasted very quickly and browned evenly on both sides. So far it has exceeded my expectations and would definitely recommend this.