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Fits 2015-21 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners – Black – 94041

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Our exclusive StayPut Cleats help keep your liners securely in place.

Fits F-150 SuperCrew models with factory carpeting only. SuperCrew models have 4 full size doors.

Our sporty liner material is rugged and can stand up to abuse like no other. Easy to install, remove, and clean

Our FormFit Design process perfectly forms each liner to the detailed contours of your specific ride.

Husky Liners Reviews

These arrived today and I installed them in my recently my recently purchased used 2017 Ford F-150 crew cab pickup. The wife and I currently have Weathertech liners in our 2015 & 2017 Honda Pilots, I decided to give the Husky Weatherbeaters a try instead since they are $100 less expensive. The Weathertech and Husky are the two most compared mats on the market so I figured there wasn’t much risk trying out the Husky brand.The fit and finish are very, very good, the Weathertechs may fit just a smidge better around a few small bumps but really it’s like splitting hairs. The other reviews I’ve read made the Huskys sound like they are rubber, they are in fact not and are of a very similar construction as the Weathertechs. Per the instruction sheet included I did need to trim about 1/4” inch off a small area of the rear mat around the center console. I could have made it fit but decided to just get it over before the kids got the mat filthy. The instruction state this may be necessary as Ford slightly changed the console over the course of the production period. The trimming literally took about 30 seconds with a pair of good house hold scissors.In conclusion I would definitely buy these again and would have bought them for my other two vehicles if I would have known that they are completely on par with the Weathertechs.

Ok, so the mats are nice. The rear seat mat fits amazing. I purchased the set brand new and there were two passenger side mats in the box and no driver side mat. Called the company who said they would be happy to fix, but I have to spend all this extra time packing up the two passenger mats (yes, they asked me to send back both passenger mats instead of keeping one and sending me a driver side one…), dropping off at FedEx, and then waiting for them to reship a driver side and a passenger side. A pain if you ask me. 5 stars for the product, 3 stars for the company and quality checks.

6/11 – Got the replacement mats. They fit my F-150 nicely. I have upgraded my review to 4 stars. They do not, however, work well with Vinyl floors. I used some Velcro hook and loop strips to secure them. They are fine now. Looks nice, and adds to the truck. Still don’t like the holes where the clips are supposed to latch the drivers mat, as Vinyl floors do not have the clips, but hey, I got a deal and it works.So, I am exchanging this at the moment for the same thing. this one came in missing the front passenger side mat. Also, no hole covers for the drivers side mount. If the replacement is all there, I will update this review. I tried what I got and they do look nice in the truck. Either way, depending on the replacement I receive, the review may go up nicely or down sourly. Again, good looking product, just not all there. Incidentally, Amazon’s first suggestion was to call Husky Liner. Husky will not assist with an Amazon order. Nothing bad on their part, I did buy from another source than them, just saying in case this happens to someone else.

I picked these up for my 2017 F-150 after I turned in my 2014 Explorer.When I bought the explorer, I bought the weather tech liners because they were the “best” brand. In reality, their liners didn’t fit correctly, the rubber bent and warped, and dirt/grime STILL got under them!Fast forward to my newer truck, I went with the Husky Liners. As soon as I opened the box, I could feel the quality difference. The rubber is just a better feel overall in the first place. When they’re installed, they have a tight fit to every curve of the front seats, and drain nicely out of the car…. Even better, is the rear floor liner – it is ENORMOUS, and covers every square inch of the back seat – even UNDER the back seat. I keep the bigger back seat folded up most of the time for tools & materials, and it love that I can just sweep it out. This product is definitely a win!

These mats are really nice. They fit great in my F150 supercrew and were really easy to install. I love how the rear mat covers under the seats as well, so you get a ton of floor coverage with this combination. They clean up really easily and will provide years of protection for the floor of my truck.Obviously the main comparison here is Weathertech. I feel that these are just as good of quality. Probably not better, but for the price, they are a much better value, since this whole set is similar priced to just the front in Weathertech. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to anyone.

I like the feel and durability of this product. However, the factory installed tabs that keep the mats in place do not line up properly on the front set. The back set does not contour to the shape of the floor as they should. They are also not as wide as the back floor, and they don’t allow for the cup holders to fold down properly for back seat passengers access.These should fit perfectly and allow for anything spilled to be captured or pushed out the doors instead of onto the carpet. Neither were achieved with this product.

I got the combo set for the front and back of my 2019 F150 SuperCrew. These liners get the job done. Husky customer service is also 5-Star. Go ahead and get these liners.

Have no idea if they are easy to clean or durable. But very easy to install. In order to clip in the drivers mat had to remove a small mat that came with the truck.Didn’t realize when I ordered these mats that my truck came with excellent rubber mats for the front and back. I would have not obviously thought I should order different mats.But I’m going to use the ones I ordered as I estimate in the front there is some 15 to 20% more coverage and in the back 5 to 10%.

Thought they come up higher on the sides compared to car models but looking at where all other liners sit for trucks this seems to be the norm…. very impressed with how easy and quick they where to put it…

I did some research before I purchase the liners and I don’t regret it!! Quality is Great, and looks Fantastic!! Super easy to clean and fits in my F150 2017 like a glove!!And the quality of the material is there!!100% Recommended!!

I’ve owned several weathertech products . The last rear seat mat from them curled up and customer service was horrible so I though I would try these ….. they fit great . They are a little more shallow on the sides than weathertech, but the back mat fits way better ….. I will update if anything comes up after some use , but so far so good …