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Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier with Laundry Dry – Dehumidifier with Drain Hose for Medium to Large Room

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3500 SQ FT DEHUMIDIFIER – Our dehumidifier can effectively removes up to 50 pint (under 95°F,90%RH condition) of moisture per day and adjust humidity from 30% to 80%, which makes it easy for you to maintain a healthy 45%-55% humidity range, fit for medium to large rooms in areas up to 3500 Sq Ft and perfect for use in basement, home, garage, bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, laundry room, storage room and RV.

THE HOGARLABS ASSURANCE – To guarantee customer experience, we extend customer’s product trial experience to 45 days, Every HOGARLABS product is covered with Two-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is any issue with your HOGARLABS product, HOGARLABS customer assurance team is here for you 24 hours every day!

INGENUITY APPEARANCE DESIGN – We added a top handle that can drive the dehumidifier to move and embedded handrails on both sides to facilitate flat movement and up and down handling. Four 360°universal wheel is already one of the necessary accessories for every HOGARLABS dehumidifier. The front digital humidity display can easily be used as a hygrometer to detect the humidity in different time periods, which allows you to control the room humidity at any time.

THREE MODE DEHUMIDIFIER – Three modes with one click to accurately meet your different needs. The DEHU mode keep the humidity level of your home in a healthy range or be used in wine cellars and storage rooms where there is a clear need for space humidity. The DRY mode can quickly dry wet clothes and cotton household items and protect clothes from moisture. The CONT mode is suitable for constantly damp spaces where continuous dehumidification is required.

TWO EASY DRAINAGE WAYS – Manual Drain: The dehumidifier features a more intuitive front water tank design that allows you to see the water collected. When the large 0.6 gallon water tank is full, the dehumidifier will automatically stops running and lights up the full water indicator to remind you to empty it; Continuous Drain: Our dehumidifier comes with a 2m (6.6 feet) drain hose that you can easily connect to the outlet of the dehumidifier for continuous drain without emptying the water tank.

HOGARLABS 3500 Sq Ft 50 Pint Dehumidifier for Home Basements Bathroom Bedroom Reviews

I just got this Hogarlabs dehumidifier (Mod. PD11C) and it looks like a nice enough product; works fine except for one thing. Well, maybe more than one. It would have been nice if the slick Instruction Manual had been written by an English speaker, but hey, we live in a modern world. Also it was kind of annoying to be informed when I eagerly took it out of the box that I had to let it sit for 24 hrs. before plugging it in to let the oil settle, but hey, better that than screw it up. The thing that’s got me going now is that after hooking up the drain hose to the back, a very simple “what could possibly go wrong” affair, and running it for a while, the water drains into the water tank and shuts the unit down until you empty the tank. Not a drop of water down the drain hose I so carefully installed. So after going to the website, nothing there, watching some YouTube videos about dehumidifier drain hoses (nothing there about this one), I emailed them at [email protected] as advised in the literature and the email bounced. No number to call, no nothing. If I don’t get some satisfaction from somewhere soon, this baby’s going back to Mama.Next day: okay, mystery solved and embarrassingly simple as suspected. Made one more trip to the basement last night to study it and (not sure why, maybe the Hogarlabs customer service angel made me do it) decided to tug on the hose washer on the drain port where the drain hose connects and Surprise!! Not a hose washer at all (ever tried to use a garden hose or washing machine supply line without the hose washer? Not good.) but the rim of a thimble-shaped plastic plug, inserted at the factory, which kept any water from draining out of the port and into the drain hose. Elegant trap for clueless consumer. Clueless because no mention of “the thing that looks like a washer on the drain port is a plug that must be removed for water to drain” in any of the literature.So now it’s working great. I’m changing the overall rating to 4 stars. I’d give the unit itself and the packaging and delivery 5 stars, they were great, but I’d give the instruction manual and customer support maybe 5 stars as well only with a minus-sign in front of it. They were abysmal to non-existent. At least now it’s working well and looks like it may be worth what I paid for it if I get over the mental anguish.Hogarlabs, if you’re still there, next time there’s a slow day at the factory maybe somebody could generate a word or two about “remove the plug that looks like a hose washer before connecting the hose to the drain port” in the instruction manual, or on a sticker on the back of the unit or on a slip of paper added to the literature packet.

It’s been a few weeks since we started using this device. I like two things about it. 1) the nice humidity indicator on the front panel, 2) the hanger at the top that makes it a lot easier to move it around.This dehumidifier is not very noisy; however, you may not put it in the same room you sleep. I can tell you it’s a lot less noisy compared to other dehumidifiers in the market. The fan has two speeds. If you run it on the low-speed mode, it’s going to be a lot more quiet. Also, you can run it w/o necessarily connecting it to a hose as there is a water tank at the bottom with a sensor. Once you hear a “beep” it means that the tank is full. The humidity sensor is pretty accurate because I compared it several times with the humidity that I read from Nest Thermostat App. Not the same, but very close.So far so good and I am happy with my purchase.

I just bought my home and immediately had a leak which caused damage to my basement. I did not purchase this when that occurred unfortunately but did after mold began to grow and the smell became obnoxious! This unit does what it says! I tried to elevate it so I could use the drain hose but the hose began to leak. I’m not sure how or where but I got nervous and just took it off. After having the Ridex bags in my basement and seeing the minimal amount of water those collect over weeks at a time, I saw with this unit just how much moisture is really there for I’m emptying it 3 times a day! Thats a lot of moisture! My basement is small but I’m thinking about getting another unit just as back up. When something works, get multiples I’ve learned!