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Juicer with Quiet Motor & Reverse Function – Cold Press Juicer with Brush – for High Nutrient Fruit & Vegetable Juice

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【Small Caliber Cold Press Masticating Juicer】: AMZCHEF slow juicer with small feeder chute allows you can remove the seeds when you cytting the fruit to reduce the bitter taste, ensure the ingredients are stoned and peeled for healthier juice It can make the juice tastes better. At the same time, juicer can prevent children from bring injured during juicing. This humanized design can let you and your whole family make each other’s favorite juice with AMZCHEF slow juicer together every moring.

【Higher and Purer Juice Yield and Richer Nutrition】: AMZCHEF cold press juicer uses a low speed motor and fine grinding which best retains the nutritional value of your fruits, veggies, and greens. Juicer extractor uses slow masticating can perfectly separate juice and pulp,extracting higher-purity juice and preserving higher nutritional value. With 7 segment spiral masticating system can fully squeeze the fruits and vegetables. Up to 90% more nutrition growth.

【Easy to Assemble and Intelligent Protection Chips】:Juicer Machines has reverse function to avoid stuck and helps you to clean.Cold press juicer equipped with intelligent protection chips, making it stop automatically for every 20 minutes’ operation.Safety lock design,helps you easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes.All detachable parts are made of high quality food grade anti-oxidation materials(BPAfree),easy cleaning with a bonus brush or can be safely cleaned in your dishwasher.

【AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Warranty and Service】: We want you to feel safe with your purchase, That’s why we stand behing our AMZCHEF cold press jucier by offering you lifelong technical support and customer service after-sale guarantee. If you have any issues about the juicer, please contact us first, we will give you the best solution as soon as possible. AMZCHEF slow masticating juicer is definitely your best choice and let us cheer for health!

Great Christmas Gift!!! 【Multi-purpose for Fruits & Veggies,Upgrade Spiral System】AMZCHEF slow juicer with 7 spiral masticating for maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation, reserved most nutrition.It can make various health foods for your family.No dirty hands and no splashing. Only a few seconds, you can drink a cup of juice with little pulp and foam.Easy to enjoy different flavor juices every day with AMZCHEF slow masticating juicer.

Slow Juicer,AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean Reviews

I’m new to juicing…just 3weeks down & my original purchase was a centrifugal juicer which has now broke. I learned that juicing celery really requires a masticating juicer & I don’t make a lot of money for they cost too much. Reading the reviews… I got a sense that I needed to try this one …as it rated great & was most affordable of all. Learned to cut up celery into small pieces to prolong health of the machine…so, I decided to use small processer to do the work for me before juicing. Wow! It says slow, but it’s actually quite fast & didn’t need to push celery down as auger pulls it in at it’s speed. As pulp discarded itself …it came out in very dry tubes. It does still release some foam (yucky) into juice, but small strainer/sieve will catch it if you use one. Juice taste of very high quality (very strong celery flavor) & is fresher than other juicer made & makes a lot more juice from same amount of celery. Next morning my husband was sleeping & my small processer is loud so, I skipped that step & just chopped celery small & it yielded same results as day before. I noticed that it says you can put pulp back through for dryer pulp & more juice…. I did try it both days & truly the pulp was so dry it really didn’t go through as easily & had to use pusher to get it to go down & it really only produced more foam which is dumped out anyway & not needed. Not an advantage to reuse the already very dry pulp. I only have had the one previous juicer to compare to. This machine is far Superior & yields a far Superior juice as well. Cleaning is a breeze as everything rinsed off easily & I have already recommended it to family. I’ve only used it for 2 days now…..but, it’s Superiority is obvious from first use & I will highly recommend this juicer to anyone wanting to juice & save money & receive a Superior result.Get This One Now!

I have owned several juicers, and this one is by far my favorite. It is the cheapest, and best juicer I’ve ever used. There is a minuscule difference in yield between this juicer, and my twin gear masticating that I paid $400 for. It is very easy to clean and reassemble compared to the twin gear and the centrifuge juicers I also own. I will never buy another over priced juicer. I’m very happy with this purchase.

This slower juicer is comparatively easier to clean than the others, without strong noise. However, it’s juicing yield is a little bit less than the other brands like hurom. I used three carrots but only got 1/3 cup of carrot juice. The juice in the end is pretty good though. Just need to cost more fruit but overall it’s a very good juicer.

This jucier looks amazing for the price I bought it for. I have not used it yet but, it wasn’t hard at all to put it together and I didn’t even needed to use instructions. A little update.This jucier is great but, its little hard to untwist the nose peice after you juiced you vegetables. So for older generations this is not ideal juicer it would be hard for you to take it apart. Other then that this jucier is great and juices well.

This juicer can be classified as one of those high-end products because unlike those cheaper juicers it can automatically separate the juice from the residue, makes it easy and safe even for babies.Cleaning for this product is extra easy because all the parts can be easily separated and assembled back.Although its name is a slow juicer, it actually is pretty efficient. A full cup (300ml) of cucumber juice can be made within a minute and you will be surprised by how much juice it can make out of one cucumber.

Love the machine and the yield of juice it makes. Just disappointed my box didn’t come with the plunger to push produce through. As well as the recipe booklet. If not for that, I would have gave it 5⭐️s*****UpdatedCustomer service was very prompt and professional and sent me the missing part very quickly. We love our juicer. We juice every week. We have been recommending this juicer to everyone.