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Shaft measures approximately 10″ from arch

100% Embroidered Leather

Synthetic sole

Air-cushioned, synthetic sole

14-eye boot


Boot opening measures approximately 12″ around

Women's 14-Eye Vonda Casual Boot Reviews

I purchased these in Oct. 2016. I have worn them almost everyday to work. I have worn them in the snow, rain, and hiking 3 miles up a mountain (6 miles round trip). They have been nothing but comfortable. I have not slipped or fallen at all while wearing them even on ice or car oil. The picture I am submitting was taken today March 7th 2017, to show you after several wears that the boot still looks very nice. I use neutral/clear polish on the boots once a month to help keep them looking nice and to protect them.I highly recommend this boot if you are looking for something that will last and you won’t have to replace for years to come.

This is my first time purchasing Dr. Martins. I purchased it a half size bigger in an 8. My shoe size is a 7 1/2. In any shoe, especially for running shoes, I needed to allow 1/2 inch of toe space for foot expansion and thicker socks. Since I have medium size calves, it fit just enough to allow long socks and stockings to pull the look together for a tall boot. Low and behold, the comfortable snug was perfect. The key is to break in the shoe gradually at home for a week or two to conform the shoes to feet contours. I bought Superfeet insoles and apply foot powder on feet and ankles to stop the chafing. Nevermind the bulky size or bigness of the shoe because that is how Docs are supposed to fit because they are meant for workshoes. I will take future before and after pictures to show the style and explain in “Laymen terms” how a short 5 1/2 foot Tom boy can withstand Rose patterned Doc Martens on her feet all day long in rain, mud, sleet, and snow.

These boots are amazing, truly beautiful and unique. The applique is really nice, seems high quality and still looks very nice after months of use. I love that they zip up the sides. It makes them so much quicker to take on/off than the old style of boot. I bought these over the summer and when I tried them on, I thought, ” There is no way these are going to work for me,” because they felt so tight and stiff on my feet. Following advice on breaking in Doc Martens on the internet, I took the insoles out of the boots and wore them around the house as much as I could. As they stretched out, I started going for walks in them. Then I wore them to a late summer festival where it rained every day. My feet stayed happy, dry and warm through the whole event. At home, I wiped all the mud off and applied the Doc Marten shoe conditioner, made with lanolin, beeswax and coconut oil. I even rubbed the conditioner over the applique design. The boots became even more supple and beautiful. Then I put the insoles back into the shoes, and they fit me perfectly. They are very comfortable to wear now, even though they are still in the “breaking in” period. I recommend a thin merino hiking sock (like Smartwool makes) to protect your foot from the leather rubbing on your ankles.It is interesting to be back in the “Docs” club again after so many years. I had a few pairs as a teen and in my 20s that I wore out until they literally had holes in the soles and the eyelets had fallen out. I am in my 40s now and I am noticing how evocative the boots are. People who wore docs at any point in their lives feel like they have a kinship with you. They will float right into nostalgia about the boots they wore, or they will tell you all about the ones they are wearing. I have never experienced this with any other shoe, even the quality ones. Something about docs is magical and personal for people. It is a shoe that you develop a relationship with. You walk differently, stand differently. It changes you in a subtle ways. What is that?

I absolutely LOVE these boots! These are my first pair of Dr. Martens boots! Ever since I was a teenager in the 90s, I have always wanted a pair!I was told by a friend that I would need to break them in, but I have found that is not the case with these boots. They were so comfortable as soon as I put them on! I love the zippers on the side. It makes them easy to put on and remove after you tighten the laces to fit just right. The toes are roomy but not big. I did buy a half size up from what I normally wear because boots have always seemed to need that little extra, especially if are going to wear thicker socks.These boots have a quality feel to them. The soles but are thick but not heavy. The outside has a sturdy leather feel. The embroidery is beautiful. The calf part of the boots are not lined but, in my opinion, that does not take away from the overall worth.All in all I am beyond happy with this purchase and I am actually saving up for another pair of Dr. Martens that I have had sitting in my cart for a while. 😊

Bought these for my wife. She loves Dr.Marten shoes. She says they are so comfortable. Only thing she wish on these boots, is that it doesn’t have soft lining inside because the rose patch work is visible on the inside. Knee socks are a must or leggings. But great boots.

Boot are surprisingly comfy, I thought it would be a while to break them in but no, I put them on and went out, without a blister in sight, I have put a little oil on them but I didn’t need to as the leather is softer than the older pair I had. They are very stylish although at 62 I feel I may be a little to old but what the hell, you’re only here once.

I had been thinking about buying these for a while, and finally just bought them, and I am so glad I did, they are one of my favourite boots. I was worried that they would rub because of some of the reviews, but this isn’t the case, they are super comfortable, it feels like I am not wearing anything! Best buy ever!!! Definitely recommend these Dr. Martens!!!

Softer than other models. Really bouncy sole. Needs no breaking in. Wore it for the first time for a 12hr shift at work. My feet were perfectly fine. Recommended with socks as the embroidered roses are scratchy on the inside. Love the zipper! No more lacing up!I have a slightly wider foot. I wear new look wide fit in uk5/eu38. The only Iron fist shoes I can wear are boots and peep toe size 5 but with stretching and they still hurt. Vonda size 5 fit like a glove.Hope this info helps someone else!

I wore the fake knock-off versions of these boots and loved them until they burst (11 months after purchase). Having owned DMs in the past, I know they last forever, so I did a mental calculation and decided that I could pay £40 a year for the fake ones or £140 once for the real thing. I’m so glad I went for the real thing. They were easier to break in than I’m used to – my previous DMs blistered up my heels a dozen times before they settled, these ones didn’t, and after only a few weeks, they’d turned into the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had. I get loads of compliments about them, and they’re really versatile, being both utilitarian and feminine. They also make me an inch taller, which is nice. I have balance problems, so I can’t wear heels, so these are a sneaky way for me to tower over people a little more than I would normally be able to.