[26% OFF] Samlex Solar EVO-2212-12A Evolution Series Inverter/Charger (As of 08/28/2021)


08/28/2021 14:45 EST

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Two separate AC inputs for grid & generator

Synchronized transfer at zero crossing

Input for solar charge controller

High surge inverter with active power boost

Adaptive battery charger

Samlex Solar EVO-2212-12A Evolution Series Inverter/Charger Reviews

This thing is the backbone of my 5th Wheel Camper’s electrical system now. I will have a review video up soon enough, since there isn’t a whole lot of action on this on Youtube.The remote control panel you can get separately is definitely worth it, and is required to change any of the settings. I hooked up my solar charge controller through the "external battery charger" terminals and love watching how many amps the solar panels are bringing in. One click away on the remote control panel, you can see how many amps are being drawn out of the batteries, so it’s very easy to see the in/out ratios.My AC breaker box is at the rear of the 5th wheel camper, but the batteries are up front. I had a lot of work (relatively speaking, for an upcoming handyman such as myself) ahead of me to run 8/2 Romex, heavy duty stuff for carrying 50 amps, all the way from the rear to the front. I ended up just going through the belly pan and it was quite a bit easier than I was originally thinking. I had to run a line to carry the shore power up to the inverter, and another 8/2 line to carry the inverter power back to the existing breaker box to power the system. I split the air conditioner out and made a new breaker box to protect the inverter from shore power, as well as a breaker for letting shore power run the air conditioner.The changeover from shore power to batteries is fun, and from batteries to shore power is flawless. This would work great in a home-based OR RV project. The changeover time from each power source isn’t as important to us RVers. You come in, hook up to shore power, and you’re going to be on shore power/charger. You go boondock and you know you’re going to be on batteries/inverter.All in all, I need more batteries. My wife loves running the microwave, hair dryer, curling iron. We had the microwave and hair dryer going at the same time the other day (for testing purposes). Amazing.Obviously, I haven’t had time to test this thing for very long, but I will try to get back here and update. And obviously come back and post my Youtube video (somehow Amazon always mangles my videos when I try to attach them to the review) after I have a full overview of operation of it (not a full review, per se).

Great inverter!! Was a nice purchase after having nothing but problems with Aims inverters and their customer service!!

I installed in my motorhome after installing regular inverter how much simpler so now when power is cut from street my inverter automatically takes over with no need for additional hardwire for fridge etc.

Product landed yesterday, intact in 73 lbs carton. Installed, and review to learn system.Samlex tech support , with questions top notch, the best.Reseller thru Amazon , responsive and great support.Used Samlex EVO 3012 today, during a one hour poweroutage in Florida.Worked perfectly with Reliance manual transfer switch.This product is a Real GemI made the right Choice

Ive been using now for about 4 months. Runs AC without a problem. Is being used with 400 watt solar panel system and so far very happy with performance and quality.

Love it we live off grid have for 16 years. was delivered as they said it would date wise.