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10.1 inch Android Tablet – 2GB RAM 32GB ROM Storage – 800×1280 IPS HD Display – Metal Body – USB Type C Port – Quad Core Processor Android 10.0 – WiFi – 2+8MP Dual Camera

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【Latest Android Operating System】 This android Tablet has the latest 10.0 operating system and is GMS certified. Get rid of unexpected ads and have full access to Google Play where you can download your favourite apps, such as Skype, Netflix, YouTube, Kids apps and more!

【Lasting Battery】 The 10 inch Tablet has a built-in 5000mAh battery, which can achieve long standby time, allowing you to enjoy your favorite activities and applications for a long time. You can use the 2MP front camera for video or take pictures, or record your day on the 5MP rear camera, and share to social media via ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi.

【Amazing Widescreen Experience】 The M10 tablet is equipped with a 10.1-inch 800*1280 resolution full HD IPS display, which presents a vivid and bright display from all angles with richer colors and more refined picture quality. The 10 inch tablet also has an “eye care” mode that automatically adjusts and optimizes the backlight making it comfortable to read at night.

【Sturdy Design & Large Storage Space】 This tablet 10 inch has a simple, stylish, and clear metal body. It has a built-in 2GB RAM+32GB ROM storage space and supports up to a 128GB micro-SD card to expand the storage space. You can download and keep your favourite videos, games, music, pictures, games and more on your Android tablet.

【High-Performance Tablet】 The MARVUE M10 tablet does exactly what you want and does it fast. It is equipped with a powerful 64-bit quad-core processor, clocked at 1.3GHz and packs 2GB RAM+32GB ROM, providing faster application startup speed and a smoother video and gaming experience.

MARVUE M10 Tablet Reviews

I don’t like to buy expensive things because my children are destroyers of all things… My last tablet was crushed when my toddler stepped on it a few weeks ago. It was less than a year old. I was on the hunt for a new tablet that was still inexpensive, but functional. This fits the bill. It has an updated drive so I had no issue downloading any apps. They all function well and a quick enough. At first I thought the Bluetooth wasn’t working, but it was really my headphones that weren’t connecting. I was able to connected two other things with no issue. The picture quality is great. It doesn’t go as fast as an iPad, but I have no issues streaming or playing games. If you are in the market for an inexpensive tablet for steaming, reading, listening to music, etc. this is a great option. It was just what I was looking for.

My 80 year old mom has been using her cell phone to watch a lot of YouTube videos at home. With the pandemic, she has been glued to YouTube even more. I know it’s often hard for her to see all the details in the videos that she watches because the cell phone’s screen is just too small. I wanted to get her a tablet that can give her a better media consumption experience while at the same time won’t break the bank. Enter the Marvue M10 Tablet. The price is pretty inexpensive for a 10.1 inch tablet. Yes, it’s only 720p with only 2GB of ram. But this is actually very sufficient for an older person who is only wanting to watch YouTube and use various media apps. If you’re wanting a tablet to do data analysis and other graphic intensive tasks, then look elsewhere. For my mother, this was the perfect tablet. I was pleasantly surprised that it at least comes with Android 10.1 which should provide good enough security. But then again, if you’re buying this mostly for media consumption, security may not be the most important purchasing factor. And with the 5,000 mAh battery, she is able to watch media for hours without charging. The 32GB ROM storage is ample for streaming media. Even if she wants to download certain videos, 32GB should be good enough. There is an option to add a micro sd card for additional storage space. All in all, I’m very happy with this purchase. More importantly, I have a very happy and satisfied mother.

I bought this tablet to play games on since playing on my phone is hard for me to see (sucks getting older lol). It’s an ok tablet for the price, but I have three complaints: 1) the tablet disconnects from wifi frequently, which is frustrating especially when you u’re in the middle of something. 2) if the tablet goes into sleep mode, it will not be able to return to the app that was in use last (will not be able to connect to wifi and resume where I left off). I have to close the app and then begin again. 3) I cannot have more than two tabs open at a time or it will drop wifi. So, my recommendation is don’t buy this tablet if you’re easily frustrated or the above mentioned complaints concern you. If you play games that don’t require a wifi connection, this may be the right choice for you. I’m not returning it due to the return policy, but my honest advice is, spend a little more money and buy a better quality tablet.

This Marvue 10inche tablet, that is officially a 10.1-inch android tablet with 2gb of ram and a nice size 32gb storage. This made the best present for my son, and it was awesome. It has, 2+8mp dual cameras, and with the really 800×1280 IPS HD display quad-core processor making it great for gaming and all his videos.This android 10.0, WIFI, USB type c port with a cool metal body considered a high-performance tablet. This Marvue m10 tablet does exactly what you want and does it fast, as it is equipped with a powerful 64-bit quad-core processor, clocked at 1.3ghz, and packs 2gb ram+32gb rom, providing faster application startup speed and a smoother video and gaming experience.Well, that is just amazing exactly what my son wants, with the amazing widescreen experience these 10 tablets are perfectly equipped

Arrived yesterday and is working great right out of the box. The instructions were included on the screen but we were able to use before charging – I plugged it in right away though while setting it up. My son snagged it before I finished and is using it. He’s been playing games on it ever since. We’ve always used iPads so I wasn’t sure how well the adjustment would be…. but so far we like it really well.

Very easy to use, came semi charged, but charged all the way fairly quickly. Has clear picture and audio as well as HD quality video. Takes amazing photos and videos as well. Highly Recommend!

This isn’t a high end tablet, but it’s a great starter tablet.I’ve been able to get all the applications I typically use on it, even though it has Android Go. Does get slow occasionally, but it’s been working well so far.I like the style of the tablet, looks like the more expensive models.The cameras could be better, but I don’t typically use a tablet for pictures anyway.Battery life is good and charging via USB-C is nice. The screen comes with a screen protector which is a nice added bonus.Overall, it’s a good tablet for the price.

This is a nice tablet and good quality for little money. It does all the things that I need a tablet to do, its larger size makes it really good for watching movies or YouTube. It arrived nicely packaged and complete with an instruction manual and charger. The set up was really quick and easy, everything was simple to understand. The picture quality is good and you can load any app from the playstore that you could need. Mine arrived fully charged right out of the box, which was nice since I was eager to play with it. I use mine mostly for entertainment, but it would be good for a student or anyone.