[29% OFF] Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board W SUP Accessories of Backpack (As of 08/21/2021)


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2 Bags – Leash – Fishing – Tour – Floating Paddles and Double Action Hand Pump All-Around Paddleboard Perfect for Yoga – 2 Fins

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Fins Never Fall off – Equipped with 3 fins1 large removable fin, 2 board-fixed ones, the paddle boards can do the best job in maneuverability, steering, and stability, providing a long-lost extraordinary surf for gliding and skimming over the water. The large fin is sturdy and perfectly attached to the rear, making it never fall off

Sport type: Outdoor Lifestyle

Upgraded Hand Pump – The double-action hand pump is equipped with an accurate gauge and an airtight hose, offering quick inflation & deflation. Note: The gauge may not read until 5 psi. Our paddle boards come with a package of 3-piece paddles, 2 removable fins, hand pump, 5L waterproof bag, cell phone bag, sturdier backpack, leash, repair kit. Fresh air not included

Reinforced Impervious Seam – Our all-around inflatable paddle board is made of military-grade triple-layer PVC with a core of ultra reinforced composite drop-stitched fibers connected to the outer skin, which provide excellent air-tightness and durability, avoid leaking air of all Seams. SUP Board is 10’5” long by 30” wide and 6”thick with its Max load of leading 330lbs

Release Souls from the Dilemma – Wanna go to nature to release souls from the dilemma? Jump on the Ciays paddle board to enjoy the long-awaited water scenery. Perfect SUP for youth, adults, and couples of all skill levels to experience fishing, yoga, snorkeling, touring, cruises, and sightseeing in open waters like rivers, lakes, and ocean

Floating Paddles & Non-Slip – The Thermo-sealed cushioned non-slip EVA pad can withstand 6-year pressure without deforming or bursting. The 3 adjustable paddles produced from premium aluminum alloy and nylon allowing perfect floatation on the water surface, and UNSINKABLE through the latest scientific technology and thousands of rigorous tests. Plus, these paddles are height adjustable with easy connectable parts

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