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9 Heating Levels,Auto Switch Off – 1800W with Timer & Safety Lock – ETL Certificate,Residual Heat Incorrect or Missing Pot Indicator I2V-13

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Child lock for induction cooker. This function locks the controls to prevent accidental switching on of the double induction cooktop. To activate the child lock function, switch on the electric cooktop and hold button for three seconds; the timer shows Lo. Then the control panel is locked. To deactivate the control panel lock, repeat the activation procedure.The Lo goes off and the induction burner is active again.

This electric built-in two burner induction stove is suitable for 208V-240 V~ 50/60 Hz, max power is 3600W ,so we suggest voltage is 240V , not 120V .And it has one year’s warranty , if has any quality problem during warranty period, please contact with us by email.

Timer of induction hob. The timer can be used to set cooking time for a maximum of 99 minutes for all cooking zones.Select the cooking zone to be used with the timer, press the button with the clock symbol then set the desired cooking time using and after a few seconds, the timer begins the countdown.Once the set time has elapsed, three acoustic sounds will be heard and the cooktop electric portable switches off automatically.

Switching on and adjusting cooking level for 2 burner electric cooktop .Once the countertop burner is switched on and the pan is positioned on the chosen cooking zone, the corresponding button will show level 0 .Each cooking zone has various power levels, adjustable with the and from level 1 to level 9.

Switching the hob On/Off induction hot plate .To switch the 2 burner cooktop on, press the button and the cooking zone displays light up. If the electric burner has been in use, the residual heat indicator “H” remains lit until the cooking zones have cooled down.If within 120 seconds of switching on, no heating zone is selected, the double burner cooktop switches off automatically. Incorrect or missing portable induction cooktop indicator.

WISECONN 2 Burners Electric Induction Cooktop 240V Reviews

Good product. Easy to clean. Good safety features.When you take the pot it skillet off it will turn off. A big plus.