[22% OFF] Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series (As of 08/11/2021)


08/11/2021 16:45 EST

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Throwback leather

Professional patterns

Ultra soft Pro palm liner

Roll welting

Right Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right Hand Glove

Quick break-in

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove Series Reviews

My whole, big review. Bought this glove for my 5’5 115lb 11 year old leftie. He is partial to Mizuno gloves. Up til now I have been purchasing him Mizuno gloves with Power Close option and that has made the break in period easy peasy. However at this point my son is growing both tall and strong and he is pitching back and forth with his coach and his old lower grade Mizuno was feeling small on his and more importantly was not mitigating the sting of a hard thrown ball. While we were not looking to purchase a $200 glove at this point his skill level and hand size dictated a change. This Mizuno is clearly a new level of quality. I worried about the break in period because my son can be impatient and this glove is more rigid than any other Mizuno we have had to date. I’m happy to report that after two outings and 3 days with a ball tucked in the web and placed under his bed for three days my son says his glove is 80% broken in. He is happy with the glove at this point which makes me happy with the glove. I expect he can use it on the Pitching mound as well as outfield. My only concern at this point is that an 11 year old may lose track of an expensive glove. I’m expecting this high quality glove will last multiple years and if it does it will be worth every penny. About the glove my 11 year old high skill player says “It feels really nice and I like it because it’s all leather and doesn’t really hurt when people throw the ball hard. It’s very high quality. It looks pretty cool. One down side is it takes a bit to break in. Once it does break in I think it will feel great. It’s just a bit weird to slide my hand in and use because it’s not completely broken in yet. I rate this glove a 4 and 1/2 now and think it might be a 5 star once I break it in.”Update: We took the glove to Dick’s Sporting Goods to be steamed and broken in. His glove is a 5 star now. He likes it so much now he forgot to use his actual first baseman’s glove which he loves in his first game.

Very good value. The leather is thick rich well-oiled and soft so almost no break-in is required. Very comfortable from the first day. Those who prefer a very firm glove or breaking in from a rock-hard condition from new may not like. Classic styling that looks even better than pictures. Really like the two-tone black/brown look. Forms a fairly deep pocket. Versatile glove that fits youth and adult players.

Glove is fantastic little stiff out of the box but playable. The leather and stitch work are amazing. Will be a very quick break in period. Can’t say how beautiful this glove is enough.

Not the same glove in the Amazon picture. But son likes it and I actually like it more than my A2000. It definitely heavier leather but still easy to break in. I think it is time for me to get a new Mizuno glove.

I like the glove but it was not the pocket or color I ordered mizuno you can never go wrong

Love the glove unfortunately it got stolen and had to purchase a second glove. Easy breakin period…

Great quality outfielders glove! Already had the classic prosoft 11.5 infielder glove with the opposite leather pattern to this one and loved it. Watch for when they go on sale. If you can get for under $150 it’s a great deal. Also suggest Mizuno Strong Oil for easier breaking in and care.

It is as advertised. Very fast shipping. Thank you.