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CUSTOMIZED FIT – Take the guesswork out of purchasing sandals online. The Siena walking sandals have adjustable straps to get the perfect fit for your unique foot. These womens sandals even accommodate wide widths for those who need the extra room. If you are between sizes, we do recommend you size DOWN to the next hole size.

SO CUTE! – The Siena sandals for women will get you endless complements with our trendy and fashionable colors that provide you with the perfect look. Ok, just remember that we did try to warn you. LOL.

OUR GAURANTEE – The footwear that you put on your feet is your trusted ‘vehicle’ to your outdoor adventures. So, we feel an unwavering commitment to only sell high quality, dependable sandals. We are confident that once you try our footwear, you will be a customer for life. However, should decide that these are not the most comfortable shoes you’ve owned, we’ll gladly accept your return. Our return policy is simple and straightforward, making it an easy decision to try us out.

SUPERIOR ARCH SUPPORT – Viakix uses a proprietary arch stabilizer technology to provide an ergonomically designed insole with contoured arch support. sole

LUXURIOUS COMFORT – Our Sienas are made with soft, stretchy webbing that conforms to the curves of your foot. All our Viakix sandals are designed to provide that cozy, comfortable, satisfying fit.

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY – With Viakix, you can always expect quality outdoor sandals and shoes. The Siena sandles are crafted by hand using the best quality materials, that provide superior heel and toe, all-day comfort. We reject expensive marketing campaigns so that we can deliver exceptional quality at affordable price points.

Walking Sandals for Women – Ultra Comfortable Athletic Sandals with Arch Support Reviews

I was wary to purchase these shoes, because reviews were limited and difficult to find on the internet, even on the main website for the shoe brand. Based on reviews for other sandals by the brand, I made the choice to try these and hope that they would work for my upcoming vacation. I was not disappointed! I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis within the last year and have been using inserts in my shoes for a while. This was my first time venturing into sandals to help plantar fasciitis without the use of inserts, because I wanted a nice sturdy shoe for walking around and for comfort during long drives on the trip. I have worn them for two days now to get them broken in before the trip, and here is what I observed.Pros: The support on these shoes is amazing for plantar fasciitis, and I actually feel a bounce in my step when I walk. The fabric straps are more sturdy than appears in the picture, and hold your foot in the shoe surprisingly well. I even tried running with the shoes and my feet did not slip out in any way. BTW, the straps are adjustable, which is a bonus. The strap on the back of the foot is soft and does not rub me in any way, which is something I am picky about. Also, the strap that goes between your toes is really comfortable.Cons: Although these shoes are supportive and great for walking around town or maybe even a light trail, I don’t know if I would use these for hardcore trails due to lack of ankle support and how open they are on top of the shoe. It is just fabric straps crossed over each other. I have not tried them on the trip yet, so using them in water and walking long distances has yet to be truly tested. I have only used them in daily activities so far. The fabric straps, although soft and comfortable, take a little getting used to at first, but I already feel that they are stretching to my foot. I do notice slight pressure on my small toes at first when I put them on, but then again I have sensitive feet. However, I have no rub marks or blisters as of yet anywhere on my foot, which is a good sign. The shoes are not super easy to slip on and off, because you have to adjust the straps slightly each time you put them on and it has a good grip on your big toe. This may be a hindrance if you are planning on wearing these to the airport and have to throw them on quickly after going through the checkpoint. Perhaps this is a good thing though, because you can be sure it is not falling off your foot anytime soon.I can’t say for sure how they would fit a wide foot, because I’m average, but the straps are stretchy, so that’s a good thing. I can attest that they are true to size. I am normally a size 9 and 9 fit perfectly without my foot hanging over or having extra room. I hope this review helps someone looking for arch support. I would definitely consider trying some other shoes by this brand in the future as well. 🙂

I just received my pair. My initial reaction is complete satisfaction. They are so comfortable! I’d say they run a smidge small though. I typically buy a 8.5 but ordered a 9 and they are a perfect fit. My mom is a size 9 (sometimes 9W) and I will order her a size up. I was worried about ordering a size 9 and planned on giving them to her if they didn’t fit me but they fit wonderfully. I can’t wait to test them out over the next couple of weeks and give a review on how they wear.Update: Y’all I LOVE these sandals. I wore them any chance I got this summer and they’ve held up great. Also, some reviews for these and similar sandals said they got stinky after getting wet/wearing them. Mine haven’t and I’ve put them through the ringer. They are supportive, comfy and durable. I have feet and lower back problems and these sandles didn’t aggravate either and actually seemed to help. I already have my eyes on some other pairs for next summer.

Purpose: I purchased these for a kayak and tour trip to Ecuador. Due to issues of size and color, after 2 returns, I received the correct ones just in time to throw them in my bag and hope for the best! We kayaked into the Amazon rainforest jungle for 5 days, then toured the capital city of Quito for 4 days. They endured many miles of walking, wading, and hiking.I usually wear a 7.5 – 8 and first purchased an 8. Too big. Returned for a 7, since they didn’t have 1/2 sizes. Perfect fit, BUT THEY SENT THE WRONG COLOR! I returned AGAIN, and received the correct sandals the day before we left (thank you Amazon for quick and eas returns!). No time to break them in!I am a very active 55 year old with heel spurs on both feet. I NEED a good shoe. I bought these based on reviews of good support, and they did not disappoint! Did SO WELL in the jungle! Good traction, great support, quick drying, and if muddy, clean by just rinsing them in the river! With success in the jungle, I decided to wear them “on the road” during a full day of touring the city. Wonderful! We walked 10 miles, and though feet were a little achy, I did not have severe heel pain like I get with other sandals. I usually buy Vionics, but these were MUCH cuter and less expensive than anything Vionics makes.Pictures: One is taken in kayak on Tiputini river in Amazon rainforest. These shoes are EXCELLENT for hopping out of the kayak onto muddy terrain to pee! Other photos are a view of Quito, Ecuador after long walk uphill, and one of me straddling the equator.I WILL buy this brand again!

LOVE these sandals. I have a high arch and have had plantar fasciitis several times in the past yet I love flip flops in the summer. I came to Amazon looking at another type of sandal that looks very much like these. Being that I teach school and can only wear sandals like this on the weekends or in the summer, I was hesitant to spend so much on them. However, these caught my eye and I decided to try them. I absolutely love them. No more flip-flops for me! The arch support is great, the straps are sturdy yet soft, and there’s great tread. I will be wearing these all over this summer !

I love the so much! Zo comfy great quality and perfect for with out being it right. But the strap that goes over ur foot towards the pinky toe is quite uncomfortable. But otherwise I love them.