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ZIPPERED POCKETS: Built for your convenience, this bag has zippered pockets that are great for securing your essentials while keeping them ready and easily accessible.

GENEROUS STORAGE COMPARTMENTS: This practical bag is thoughtfully constructed with interior organization and multifunctional exterior pockets, helping you to carry all your personal belongings and essentials with ease.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATER RESISTANT: Our water-resistant bag is made of nylon and weighs 0.7 lbs. It measures 9.5” wide x 7.5” tall x 2.5” deep with a 52” removable, adjustable crossbody strap.

THE PERFECT EVERYDAY BAG: The Baggallini Small Everywhere Bag is lightweight and roomy, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. It’s a stylish bag that comes in a variety of colors and patterns that fit seamlessly into any wardrobe.

SAFE AND SECURE (RFID): The Baggallini Small Everywhere Bag is constructed with your personal security in mind, providing you with 10 RFID-protected card slots to keep all your cards organized and protected.

Small Everywhere Bag Reviews

I’ve enjoyed my large Baggallini for an all-around bag and traveling. I love this smaller version. I used it once and it’s perfect for when I want a small bag that still holds a lot but isn’t too heavy.

Trim compact bag packed with zippers, pockets, and slits for cards. Water resistant. Credit card protection.Perfect small Everywhere Bag for a petite woman. I plan to use it everyday and look for others to purchase in thefuture.

Well made and very functional

This review is for the Baggallini Hobo 9.5”x2.5”x7.5” inches bag. This is a medium-sized bag that is a great compromise between being compact and having adequate capacity.The front of the bag has 3 different compartments. Two are 4.5×4.5” pockets that close with a magnetic snap for quick access, and expand out about ½” in size. Then there is the larger zipped area behind the pockets that runs the length of the bag. The back has 2 additional pockets of similar size that remain open at the top, perfect for containing a cell phone or other object you may need to frequently access. The inside of the bag is a nice lavender color, and has 8 card slots, dual pen holders, zipped pocket area, a hook for your keys, and a good amount of space inside.The material is made of a water-resistant fabric, and the charcoal color is a nice neutral dark color that goes with pretty much any outfit in the fall/winter seasons. It is the perfect size that enables you to take several things with you, without being too large. Great every-day purse size.You can buy this one with confidence for both the quality and the functionality.

Truly adore this versatile bag! It is lightweight, has loads of open pockets, snap pockets, and zippered pockets (inside, on the back side, on the actual side), and the soft charcoal shade complements so many different outfits. I love the silver hardware and the zipper construction is very smooth. The vibrant, wild orchid purple shade that lines the interior is like an exotic surprise!I have carried this bag while traveling, and the comfortable shoulder strap makes length adjustment easily achievable, making the range of wearable positions easily convertible. Quality construction throughout. Highly recommend! 📿

After getting her two other bags from this brand and seeing how much she loved, I didn’t even ask if she wanted another one. When I saw the zipper on the end, I had high hopes that her carry gun would fit in it. It does fit!With all the high-end bags she has to choose from (which I think is too many) she has been carrying this brand and is very happy with all three!Check it out yourself. If you need a great bag that will carry a small firearm, this is it.I am always thrilled when I can find something for her that she loves. This brand sure makes her smile.I bet you will like it too. Give it a try.

Baggallini makes very good quality bags at a good price. This particular bag is very useful because it has so many different pockets. It has 10 RFID protected card slots, a few zippered pockets (One inside and one outside), a few large pockets on the front with magnetic closures, pen holders, and a hook for your keys inside. It is too small for a laptop or most iPads, but for everything else that you might need to carry during the day, this bag is perfect.