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Cow Hide Leather

Let’s talk smalls: the Kinley small crossbody is your mini bag that packs a (pretty) punch. Its eye-catching exterior pocket makes it one of our favorite bags to carry.

Exterior Details: 1 Back Slide Pocket, 1 Front Slide Pocket; Interior Details: 1 Slide Pocket, 1 Zipper Pocket

Fossil is inspired by American creativity and ingenuity. Bringing new life into the watch and leathers industry by making quality, fashionable accessories that are both fun and accessible

Measurements: 8.63L x 2.5″W x 7″H; 1 Adjustable Crossbody Strap

Fabric Crossbody Bag; Zipper Closure with Hidden Magnetic Snap; imported

Fossil Women's Kinley Small Crossbody Purse Handbag Reviews

I have to say I love this little handbag. It is small so be prepared to not carry a lot of stuff in it. That fit my needs great because I was looking for a minimalist handbag. I got the brown leather one. The leather feels and smells great. This would have been a perfect five star bag for me if it wasn’t for the large slip pocket inside the bag. It bulged out and really got in the way of putting items in the main compartment. I solved this by removing it with a seam ripper. Now I have a nice open space within the bag to easily place my items. That is a great option if you don’t mind modifying the bag.These are my usual everyday carry items in this bag:Front slip pocket: Apple AirPods and chapstickMain zippered compartment: Wallet keys phone charger lotion Moleskine pocket notebook and pen.Inside back wall zipper pocket: Glasses cleaning wipes floss sticks mints small medicine holder Apple headphone adaptor.Back pocket: iPhone 7 Plus

The bag is gorgeous. Only complaint is that my normal sized wallet doesn’t fit inside it if there is ANYTHING else in it. Like car keys. Or a chapstick. I’m not kidding. I have to remove everything to get my wallet in.That being said I love the bag so much I’m just going to buy a smaller wallet haha!

I am in love with this purse. It is gorgeous and practical. Oh and the best part is that IT GOES WITH ANYTHING! Oh and a big perk it is deceptively large. Everything firs and I was worried it wouldn’t because it seems small.

I love the look of this purse and watched it for a long time on Amazon until it got down to its lowest price before buying it. The problem is the description was not clear enough for me to realize that the black and white stripes on this purse are a soft delicate fabric and not leather. I read in some reviews that it will easily get dirty but it wasn’t clear to me at the time why. The striped fabric is delicate thin and stretchy which is not the best fabric for the outside and bottom of a purse. I know it will rub up against my jeans and turn blue I know I will soon spill something on it or get it dirty as I carry it around throw it in my car have it laying around my house. And I’m not sure it’s all that easy to clean. Why purse Gods why would you create this purse to be so beautiful but not very practical??? For the price it’s not worth keeping. I’m returning it and perhaps getting a different color that is all leather.I actually bought this purse to use on weekends and when traveling as my day-to-day large purse is getting too heavy for such excursions. This is not a large purse but big enough for a phone keys glasses and a very small wallet. I’m 5’2" so I have difficulty finding purses that are in proportion to me and this one is a nice size for my height.

It’s a cute purse. It holds a wallet cell phone lip stick and a few other small items. The wallet cannot be a larger one it must be on the smaller side. The real down fall for this purse is there is a pocket on the front interior of the purse that catches your phone or wallet preventing it from going into the main compartment (see photo). My phone fell out and slid about 20 feet in a parking lot scratching it up. I ended up using double sided tape to close the pocket making it unusable but it’s better than loosing your phone or wallet. I would buy it again but I would not use the front interior pocket on this purse.

Really cute. Wish it was just a tad bigger. Enough room for iPhone a very slim wallet and that’s about it!!Update: after using this purse of 3 months i have to downgrade to 3 stars because part of the purse that comes down in the front with the magnetic closure has come undone and while I can still use this purse I am not happy about the quality for how much it cost. My window for a return has closed (30 days) and has me wishing i had spent my money at Nordstrom where I know that if the quality of the purchase is not good they will return or exchange no matter how long it’s been. Huge bummer.

Cute!! And big enough to be purposeful. I can fit a slim wallet full size hard eyeglass case inhaler prescription bottle lotion bottle lip glosses iPhone 8 with room to spare. There is a zipper pocket inside a slim pocket on the back and an extended pocket in the front. There is another pocket on the inside that I agree with other reviewers needs to not be there or fasten shut. Your stuff does catch on it when trying to use the purse. One reviewer said she took it out with a seam ripper which I agree you could totally do without damaging the lining as it is not sewn into a seam of the linking. I kept it and put a piece of self adhesive Velcro to hold it closed and use it for receipts. I could fit a larger wallet if I used a slimmer soft side eyeglass case but I like just a card wallet with a cash zipper since I don’t need to access cash that often. Who uses cash?!!

I love love love this purse! I’d wanted to purchase it for a while but couldnt get myself to spend over $100 at the time and I couldnt believe it when I found it on amazon for $70 and I knew it was meant to be. I use this purse every day and it fits everything I need perfectly….and I’m a lipstick hoarder in my purse haha

Love this bag!!! Small wallet phone lipstick is about all it will hold. Keys in front pocket. It is on the small size although I didn’t want a large cross body bag. Length of the strap adjusts perfectly I’m 5’3” and like a lower drop to my purses. The material and craftsman ship is excellent very pleased with this purchase. I have received many compliments on this beautiful purse!!

This is a beautifully crafted classic purse. I love that it matches everything and I’m sure I’ll be using it for years to come. The crossbody style and the zippered closure makes this a secure bag that would be great for travelling as it would be very difficult to pickpocket. The downside is that I wash it was just a tad bigger. My wallet takes up most of the room and this is even after finding a smaller wallet to use. Also there is an interior pocket that I wish wasn’t part of the design because when you try to put your wallet away quickly it catches on the pocket. Overall it’s a nice bag but if you need to carry a lot of items or if you would get frustrated that you can’t take your wallet out quickly or put it away quickly then I would opt for a larger bag without the flap and zipper combo.

I had my eyes on this bag for the past few months and after doing a lot of research I finally decided to purchase it! My biggest concern was the size as many reviews suggested that it didn’t fit very much. I generally tend to carry smaller bags but fill them up as much as I can. With this Kinley it is definitely on the smaller side but to my pleasure fits everything I need when I’m on the go! The bag is a beautiful color and I love the brassy hardware it matches well with my Fossil cardholder! Also the strap is very useful in that it’s easily adjustable I’m on the shorter side so it’s most comfortable for me when it’s right above my hip. I’m looking forward to using my Fossil Kinley hoping it holds up for a long time!