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Portable Freezer 15L -4℉~68℉ for Camping – Travel – Vehicle – Fishing Outdoor — 12/24V DC and 100/240V AC – RV – Van – Boat

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FUNCTIONAL DESIGNS: LED display panel helps to check and set the temperature in dim areas.USB Charging Port charges your phone when needed. UL Listed car cigarette lighter extension cord with built-in ceramic fuse provides first-class protection from overloaded and short circuits.

MULTI-USE: With 12/24V DC and 100V to 240V AC adapter, you can cool stuff with this fridge at home or in your car. You even can use it outdoors with a portable power bank.

FAST COOLING: With a powerful compressor, the car freezer in an empty can cool up the maximum 95℉within 30 minutes, and reach the lowest -4℉(-20°C) about an hour. And you would choose max mode for fast cooling or ECO mode for energy saving. (The operating temperature does not exceed 131℉)

BATTERY PROTECTION: With three-levels of battery protection mechanism- Low, Medium, and High, the car fridge can protect your vehicle battery from running out. It saves your time to re-set with memory function for next time.

LARGE CAPACITY: With 15L large capacity, interior dimension 13.8″(L)x 9.6″(W) x 7.1″(H), it could be a fridge or freezer to keep stuff cool at varying temperatures, such as Beverages, Fruits, Ice Cream, Vegetables, Seafood, Meats, Skin Care, and Breast Milk. Best for Picnic, Barbecue, Camping, Home Party, Travel. Ideal gifts for women and men.

AstroAI Portable Freezer 12 Volt Car Refrigerator 16 Quart Fridge for Car Reviews

!!!! UPDATE 10-2-2020!!!! We returned from our 10 day overland car camping trip here are my results. It has been plugged in and working as a beer fridge set at 34 degrees since August 14th. A few days before departure I set the temp to 15 degrees and used it as a freezer for food and to make ice, it performed flawlessly. We used a combination of power sources, our Jackery 1000 power station, cigarette lighter, and AC power during our trip. (NOTE – turn off the AstroAI when changing power sources, and REMEMBER to turn it back on, our meal plans rapidly changed from not remembering to turn it back on.) This AstroAI fridge freezer performed excellent, even while being subjected to off-road travel, and the countless times it was transferred in and out of the vehicle. The only challenge was, making sure it had its required 5″ airspace around it, since our Jeep was pretty packed for this trip. !!!!END OF UPDATE 10-2-2020!!!!!!! ORIGINAL REVIEW!!!! I’m testing it out now before we take it on a multi day trip overland car camping.All temperatures are in Farenheit I plugged into my Jackery 1000 to see what kind of watt draw it has and how long it takes to drain the Jackery before having to recharge it. So far I started the AstroAI on full power with the Jackery at 98 percent full. The ambient temperature was 74 degrees, the internal AstroAI fridge/freezer temp was 89 degrees. It took 30 minutes for the internal temp to go down to 4 degrees, ( note I didn’t put any contents in the AstroAI). I then adjusted the temp to 34 degrees and loaded it with 22 twelve ounce cans. The next day I switched the AstroAI over to ECO mode.While on FULL power it draws: When running the compressor and cooling down 40-45 WATTS and an occasional 2 second spike to 48 watts. Once cooled, it pulls 1-5 watts.While on ECO power it draws: When running the compressor and cooling down 30-38 WATTS. Once cooled, it pulls 1-5 watts. I used the 110 outlet plug on the Jackery, not the 12 volt plug. In total it ran for 76 hours on the Jackery 1000 without charging. This included having it opened to figure out the best way to load maximum amount of cans, letting them cool from room temperature, and opening the lid 12 more times for removal of 12 cans. It’s been plugged into 110 and running since August 13th, I have it on ECO power, and set at 34 degrees, it fluctuates 4 degrees plus or minus. Doing well. So far, my observation and experience:THE GOOD- cools rapidly- lightweight and compact- great pricing- excellent customer service- quiet operation- 3 options for battery protectionTHE NOT SO GOOD- black may be the current trend, but is a terrible heat attracting, heat retention color for an item intended to keep things cold.- internal dimensions could be a bit wider/ taller to accommodate standard 12oz beer/soda cans without wasted space. My plan is to use it as a 12oz standard beer/soda/ water fridge, and occasional designated freezer for longer trips. The AstroAi will get used more in the coming weeks, we have a 2 day local trip, and a 2 week trip both on and off road. I will report back how it does late September.!!!!END OF ORIGINAL REVIEW!!!

Didn’t last a week. Both hinges which are plastic broke of. Runs constantly not energy efficient. Going back. Update. Return april 5. Still have not gotten a refund as of april 18. Stay away from this seller as they don’t stand behind the junk they are selling.

So far so good. I have been looking for a small freezer since the Covid. Finally, I bought this portable one because of the shortage of small sized chest freezer. Now, I am happy with this decision!PROS: This portable freezer is convenient to use either indoor or outdoor. It can be charged with 110 volt household outlet, and worked efficiency and quietly. During the covid, I am working from home and use it to store more frozen food.You can adjust the temperature to switch the freezer to a fridge, which is favorable for outdoor using.Easy to use. It has only four buttons. I can even handle it without reading the brochure.Fast cooling. Before using, I tried it indoor with a can of beverage. It was cooling down from 75 degrees to 37 degrees within 15 mins, and used additional 20 mins to -4 degrees.Excellent customer service. I received a email from the seller at the day of delivery. They noticed me that the fridge is not recommended to run while the engine is off. Long time using without engine on will make the vehicle cannot start. I will probably make this mistake, if they don’t stress it.CONS: It cannot be used with GPS in same car outlet. My car outlet was broken.

I did not know these little freezers existed. I tried a few over the years, types of heat exchangers and they were able to get the temperature down to somewhere in yhe 50’s. This little freezer easily got below “0” ZERO, negative 4 degrees. Too cold for a fridge, but I can also set it to 39 degrees for when I stay overnight ina motel that has no fridge. It runs quietly. I go grocery shopping , I put ice cream in it so I don’t have to run home before the ice cream melts. Deciding on what size to buy, I wanted a large capacity but to be practical, the smaller one is more manageable for me at 20 pounds,and holds plenty. I had an issue registering this fridge, spoke to Patrick at their customer service. Extremely patient, I have Parkinson’s and Though I seem slow, I think fast, ofter Customer service have little patience and hang up on me, Patrick was great and fixed registration problems. Highly recommend this fridge/freezer.

Works perfect as quiet as any Compressor fridge, Cools down FastJust the right size, Not heavy,Handles on side for lifting Not sticking outWell impressed

Ideal size for use in our camper an. Keeps food really cool

I’m a truck driver so need a fridge to keep food fresh ,I was amazed that this cools drinks down to -3 in 15 minutes and can go as low as -20 .Highly recommended.